100% Software Giveaway on FORTE 11 Basic – Simple Music Notation Software – for Windows

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Deal Score+7
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Write simple melodies for up to four instruments. Get FORTE 11 Basic with an activation key for FREE. Only until Sept. 6th. 2020.


Get the full version of FORTE 10 Basic music notation software. No strings attached whatsoever.

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100% Software Giveaway on FORTE 11 Basic – Simple Music Notation Software – for Windows

Forte Review at a Glance

Forte is a unique and easy to use score writing software for everyday musicians, teachers and choir leaders. If you are looking for a tool that fits your needs, is easy to use and affordable, this music notation tool is perfect for you! Start writing scores today!

Why is FORTE notation software such easy?

FORTE has been developed over several years with a strong focus on usability and abandons thus the prejudice that “musical notation on a computer is drawn-out and complicated”. You do not need time-consuming tutorials to get started. In fact, you will be able to reach your first score within 10 minutes. Used by people and institutions from more than 40 countries, This music notation tool is surely what you have always been looking for!


One of the most powerful features of this mnusic notation is its well-designed user interface. From a purely visual viewpoint FORTE appears clearly structured and easily accessible. There are three main tools with which the user can handle almost all tasks. No time-consuming digging around – the intelligent menu navigation performs many operations on its own or adapts to the task at hand.

Inserting notes via Music Ruler – exclusively at FORTE!

The ruler provides a way of specifying which beat or sub-beat in the measure the symbol is to be entered. The ruler is divided into a series of different sized marks that correspond to strong beats (the longest), weak beats (slightly shorter), and sub-beats (the shortest). The music ruler allows you to enter notes anywhere in the measure without first having to enter rests.

Audio Sequencer

The audio sequencer enables recording and importing audio data. You can play those audio tracks together with your score. The common properties of a sequencer like panning, soloing or muting tracks, as well as a pitch shift function to transpose WAVE or MP3 tracks are provided.

Creating complex scores

FORTE Premium provides virtually unlimited music notation possibilities. Even large orchestral works are no problem due to up to 32 staves per system. Elaborate piano pieces can be managed for up to eight independent voices are available. You can even divide them into left and right hand. 16 possible verses within your score round off the whole.

Inserting notes via MIDI keyboard

Probably inserting notes per MIDI keyboard is the fastest way to create notes – no problem for FORTE Premium. There are several ways provided to insert notes per MIDI: Step recording – you’re not bound to the tempo of your score; loop recording – you can record multiple takes in a row; punch function – short passages can be recorded or replaced.

Print-ready Layout

The score layout of FORTE Premium is particularly high-quality. There are miscellaneous texture templates and layout settings. Further more, the surface of the program is a WYSIWYG-surface (“What you see is what you get”): Everything on your desktop is printed exactly the way you see it.

Exporting audio data within seconds

Export your score to MP3 or WAVE format within seconds to burn your works onto CD or copy them onto your USB stick. From now on beside your printed score you will as well have the audio version at hand at your next rehearsal.

Comfortable lyric function

The lyric function can be used straightforward. Free navigation via arrow keys and space bar is provided. Text alignment and layout (bold, italic, underlined) can be adjusted as well.

Intuitively usable pickup measure function

FORTE Premium features a pickup measure function which allows you to insert pickup measures of any length – even uncommon meters are possible. Different from many other common music notation programs you will understand immediately how it works.

Forte Edition

Choose one FORTE edition and see how well the program adapts to your expertise. If you’re just beginning to use notation software, it’s best to start with the bronze edition, FORTE Basic. If you’re an advanced user or a professional musician, FORTE Home and FORTE Premium will work perfectly for you. Both these editions have extended layout options and offer a vast variety of notation elements.

  • FORTE Basic is the low-priced entry-level version of FORTE and addresses mainly pupils and beginners. FORTE 11 Basic is ample for simple music scoring tasks. It fits perfectly for everyone who wants to explore the world of digital music notation without a long training period. The typical key tools are included already.
  • FORTE Home addresses home users like hobby musicians, choirmasters or students, who are looking for an advanced music notation program. The Home Edition is easy to understand and provides all functions you will need in your all-day life. Many helpful features you do not find in the Basic version are integrated. The perfect solution for choir leaders, hobby musicians, and music students.
  • FORTE Premium is the flagship in the range of FORTE products. The full version provides all features the ambitious hobby musician as well as the pro musician need for their works. FORTE Premium is a high-quality music notation software that combines full functionality with intuitive usability.
  • Forte Basic Screenshot


Key Features of Forte:


FORTE Premium
The Ultimate Scorewriting Experience for those that want it all.The Comprehensive Edition with the essential notation features.Basic, but everything you need to fuel your passion!Limited functionality, perfect for the novice musician.
Build-in scan module
Step-time and real-time entry from MIDI device or keyboard
(step-time entry only)
32 staves/tracks max.
♪ ​

16 staves
4 staves
1 stave
4 voices per stave/ track max.
2 voices
2 voices
2 voices
16 lyric verses per stave/ track max.
6 max.
2 lyric verses
1 lyric verse
Compound meter
(5/4, 6/8, 12/8 only)
(5/4, 6/8, 12/8 only)
Pickup measure
Part extraction
Playback quality
FORTE Player
optimized Soundfont
optimized Soundfont
System sound
FORTE Player
Save as MP3 or as WAVE
(as WAVE only)
Swing feeling adjustable
Import of MusicXML
Export of MusicXML

What’s new

What’s new in FORTE 11

  • ScanScore 2 – transpose scores and single tracks. It is also able to process lyrics.
  • Input and playback of chords. – Writing chords is easier and there are more ways to do so, too.
  • Separate and mute voices – Several voices written into one track – this is common in choir and piano literature – can now be separated.
  • Usability: Simple selection – A single mouse click selects the complete measure.
  • Manual line break – Select a measure and click ENTER to break the measure to the next line.
  • Overview: New playhead and attachable windows – The new green playhead is bigger and runs through all tracks of the score when the score is being played back.
  • The new setup takes FORTE 11 only seconds to install.
  • Import PDF – Open ScanScore to import the file, if ScanScore is installed at all.


To run #THE SOFTWARE with optimum reliability and performance, your system should match the following requirements:

  • Recommende
  • Minimum

  • Windows® Vista™ / 7 / 8 / 10
  • 32 or 64 bit system
  • Pentium® 4 or higher, or equivalent processor
  • DirectX™ compatible sound card

  • Windows® Vista™
  • Intel Pentium® III or equivalent processor
  • 16-bit sound card

Important Information: FORTE is not yet available for MacOsx! We are trying to bring the software to the Apple Plattform and hope to release it next year.

Forte Downloads

Not sure if #THE SOFTWARE does what you need? Try it out now. Please feel free to download Forte for Windows here. This music notation software by Lugert Verlag GmbH & Co. KG has been tested professionally and we are assured that no viruses, Trojans, adware or malware contained.

Premium  Home Basic Free Edition


Forte retails for $24 for Basic Edition, But, through our website, THE Software Shop, you can Forte 11 Basic Full version with an activation key for free in the Giveaway tab . This offer is available for a limited time!

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Forte 11 Basic Activation Key Giveaway is available now free today until Spetember 6th, 2020!

Forte Basic Review download free activation key giveaway

Forte 11 Basic Review download free activation key giveaway

Please note that once you signed in, do not close this page. You will be shown how to get this offer for free.

Also, check out the latest software giveaways that are available here on the software giveaway page.

Forte 11 Basic - Giveaway</p><p>
Forte 11 Basic - Giveaway

Get the full version of FORTE 11 Basic music notation software. No strings attached whatsoever.

    • In this offering box, click on the BUY NOW button
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    • Open the confirmation email on your inbox and click on the confirmation link
    • Once confirmed, the license key will be sent to your email address again.
    • Download the installation file from our deal page above (on the download section, choose the BASIC edition)
    • Install it & run the program after installation
    • Use the activation key you've got to activate the software
    • Enjoy the full features of the Basic Edition

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