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Deal Score+1631
$10.39 $109.93 BUY NOW

Protect Windows PC from any external threats & optimize the system in one click for a safer and cleaner PC. Get IObit Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 16 license key and save up to 90% off on your purchase with Gift Pack with our exclusive discount offer!


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IObit Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 16 Review at a Glance

IObit Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 16 is a powerful and full-scale software for PC security and performance. Based on the new Bitdefender antivirus engine, as well as the privacy protection and PC optimization utility Advanced SystemCare 15 Pro, IObit Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 16 offers ultimate protection against security threats and provides the 1-click approach to achieve top PC performance.

Antivirus - Dark Theme

The new Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 16 has diversified its software database and users can update their software with just a single click, making software updating fast and easy so as to avoid threats brought by such security holes. Moreover, Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 16 supports unignoring the ignored items and managing more startup items for faster boot time. Together with the enhanced Registry Clean will bring a cleaner PC with greater speed and more memory.

Protection Details
Protection Details

With the much bigger antivirus database, IObit Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 16 helps you remove more security threats. The FaceID and Surfing Protection & Ads- Removal in Protection take PC security to a higher level. What’s more, Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 16 rebuilds and improves useful tools and features, such as Startup Optimization, Hardware Accelerate, Resource Manager, MyWin10, Large Files Finder, etc. to explore the PC’s full potential and make it run faster as a new one.

Anti Ransomware
Anti Ransomware

Armed with the anti-ransomware engine, IObit Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 16 is able to detect and remove any threats to protect important system files. The 150% larger database added to Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 16 will scan and eliminate more viruses and malware. In addition, IObit enhanced Browser Protection which helps to remove ads on the webpage and prevent the homepage from being changed randomly. The FaceID function can analyze any intruders’ facial features and automatically capture unauthorized access to the computer.

IObit Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 16 Quick Settings
Quick Settings

Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 16 can detect all secret accesses to your sensitive data and automatically block the accesses from untrusted programs with the brand-new Sensitive Data Protection and Untrusted Program Blocker in the Privacy Shield module. Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 16 also can automatically prevent websites from stealing your digital fingerprint with Digital Fingerprint Protection. Besides, Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 16 optimizes and enhances several important protections like Surfing Protection & Ads Removal, FaceID, and Homepage Advisor to better secure your privacy and provide you with an ads-free online surfing experience.


With a faster optimization engine, IObit Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 16 improved the scanning speed by 55% compared with the former version, which saves nearly half time on junk files cleaning and privacy sweeping. The System Reinforce utility can diagnose and fix system weaknesses and vulnerabilities such as RDP, UAC, and Windows Updates and will improve the security of the system to prevent it from being hacked online. The Homepage Advisor helps to monitor and notify users of any unwanted changes in the homepage or search engine.

To avoid that the system will slow down when useless files accumulate, Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 16 will help to detect and remove these unwanted files in one click with the enhanced optimization engine. The Performance Monitor helps to monitor programs that are slowing down your PC in the background and provides quick solutions to release more free space.

Top Anti-Virus Technology

Protection Details
Protection Details

Once your computer is infected with the virus, it will steal your hard disk space or CPU time, access your confidential information, and even corrupt your computer. IObit Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 16, with its top anti-virus capabilities, is essential protection to guarantee you a healthy and safe PC by detecting, blocking, and removing all kinds of viruses and malware.

Real-time Protection

IObit Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 16 Realtime Protection
Realtime Protection Setting

With Real-time Protection, IObit Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 16 will immediately prevent the virus & malware from running on your computer before they harm your PC, by notifying you if any malicious program is trying to install on your computer.

Safer Browsing & Better Privacy Protection

IObit Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 16 Surfing Protection
Surfing Protection

Malicious browser add-ons will track your online activities and steal your personal information, such as bank accounts, emails, or other social accounts. With the Surfing Protection, Browser Anti-tracking, and Homepage Protection, IObit Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 16 will keep your privacy confidential by cleaning your surfing traces and restore your hijacked browser.

Up to 300% Faster PC

Optimizing PC
Care Scanning

Incorporated the comprehensive PC tune-up ability, IObit Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 16 supplies protection against system slowdown, freeze and crash without slowing down your system, and makes your PC run like a new one, by boosting startup speed, optimizing registry, as well as removing unwanted applications and other useless files which make your computer slower.

The Browser Protection section integrates Surfing Protection, Email Protection, Ads Removal, Anti-Tracking, and Homepage Advisor enabling a tough shield against ads, phishing scams, invasive tracking, and other browser-based threats. For example, the Surfing Protection Extensions has been improved to block a larger number of newly merged and dangerous websites that distribute malware. It is known that cyber attackers usually exploit security flaws and bugs in popular software because they know people tend not to update them often.


Below are the key features of IObit Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 16


Antivirus - Dark Theme

The antivirus module provides three types of scans and nine practical protections to ensure your PC’s security.

  • Quick Scan: Scan your computer for viruses quickly.
  • Full Scan: Scan your computer thoroughly and completely.
  • Custom Scan: Only scan the drive(s) or folder(s) you selected. Your inserted external drives will be displayed here by default.
  • It also provides Antivirus Right-click Scan. This option is ticked by default.



It provides 12 modules to clean and optimize your PC for top performance in a comprehensive way.

  1. Startup Optimization – Optimize startup items to shorten PC boot time.
  2. Privacy Sweep – Erase your activity history and surfing traces on your computer to keep your PC clean and safe.
  3. Junk Files Clean – Clean up junk files to recover free disk space.
  4. Shortcuts Fix – Help you scan and repair invalid shortcuts on your computer. After a scan is finished, you can check the problems in detail.
    You also have the right-click menu for the scan result like Jump to the location to see where the shortcut is located and decide if you want to fix it.
  5. Registry Clean – Clean up the registry in-depth, remove registry junk safely, and compact registry bloat to improve PC performance significantly.
  6. Spyware Removal – Detect and remove spyware and other security threats thoroughly. After a scan is finished, you can check the problems found in detail.
  7. Internet Boost – Help you test and accelerate Internet speed.
  8. System Optimization – Fully optimize system performance and accelerate Internet speed by unleashing the built-in power of your system, based on how you use your PC and configure your network.
  9. Registry Defrag – Improve your PC performance by compacting and optimizing the registry.
  10. Disk Scan – Analyze and fix disk errors to keep your PC stable and efficient.
  11. Vulnerability Fix – Scan for Windows vulnerabilities in your computer, download hot-patches directly from the Microsoft server and then install them on your computer automatically.
  12. Disk Optimization – Defragment your HDD and trim your SSD for top disk performance.

Speed Up

Speed Up
Speed Up

There are 4 helpful modules: Turbo Boost, Hardware Accelerate, Startup Optimizer, and App/Toolbar Cleaner are provided in Speed Up to further boost your system and browsers for top PC performance.

  1. Turbo Boost – Optimize and speed up your computer by switching off the unnecessary services and disabling unnecessary background apps.
  2. Hardware Accelerate – Update outdated drivers, install missing drivers, and fix incorrect drivers to speed up PC and increase system stability. It is accomplished by our other great program Driver Booster. Click Update All to install Driver Booster.
  3. Startup Optimizer – Boost your PC Startup performance by disabling program startup, optimizing hard disk, network, and system in Registry.
  4. App/Toolbar Cleaner – Accelerates your browsers and boosts web browsing by removing the malicious apps, plugins, and toolbars.



It provides 26 useful tools including the new IObit Uninstaller. These tools are classified into 4 groups: IObit Products, Security & Repair, System Optimize, and System Clean. The tools marked with Pro are only available for paid customers. And some tools need to be downloaded before you can use them for the first time.

IObit Products

Unlike those built-in tools in Security & Repair, System Optimize, and System Clean, the programs in IObit Products are independent products that are listed here just for users’ convenience. You need to download them first before using them.

  • IObit Uninstaller – Remove unwanted programs, toolbars, and browser plug-ins thoroughly and easily.
  • Driver Booster – Update outdated drivers, install missing drivers, and fix faulty drivers, keeping your PC away from problems like system crash, BSOD, device error, bad resolution, no sound, network failure, and etc.
  • Smart Defrag –  Not only helps you defragment your HDD but also trim your SSD to improve your PC performance.
  • IObit Malware Fighter – An advanced malware removal and browser secure utility that detects and removes infections and users’ most concerned online threats, and protects the browser from potential malicious behavior in real-time.

System Optimize

  • IObit Startup Manager – Optimize your computer startups by one click to speed up your computer’s boot time.
  • IObit Smart RAM – Monitors memory usage and recycles unused memory blocks to increase available physical memory for Pro users.
  • IObit Internet Booster – Optimizes your TCP/IP, IE, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, and Opera settings to dramatically speed up your Internet connection.
  • IObit Auto Shutdown – Set a scheduled time to shut down, restart, sleep, or hibernate your PC automatically.
  • IObit Program Deactivator – Disable the temporarily unwanted or unnecessary programs’ services, startup items, and scheduled tasks to enjoy ultimate computer performance.
  • IObit Registry Defrag – Compacts and optimizes the Windows Registry by removing unnecessary gaps and wasted space.
  • IObit System Information – This shows you detailed information about your computer. You can export the information to a .txt file or .html file.

Security & Repair

  • IObit Win Fix – Analyzes your Windows operating system and helps you fix problems. It is only available in the Pro version.
  • PC transfer – Backup important files and transfer them to your new operating system easily.
  • IObit Disk Doctor – Searches for errors in your drives and file system.
  • IObit Undelete – Recover the deleted files even after the Recycle Bin is emptied.
  • IObit File Shredder – Delete unwanted files permanently and prevents them from being recovered by any kind of recovery tool.
  • IObit Default Program – Set the default programs for your browser, email client, image viewer, audio player, video player, compression software, and PDF reader easily and conveniently.
  • IObit IE Helper – Manage Internet Explorer add-ons and system context menu.
  • IObit System Control – Change and customize the operating system settings.
  • IObit MyWin10 – Specifically designed for Windows 10 computers to help fix Windows 10 common problems and configure Windows 10 settings.

System Clean

  • IObit Registry Cleaner – Removes unnecessary files and other data generated during the installation, uninstallation, and running process of the programs installed on your computer.
  • IObit Disk Cleaner – Select disks you wish to analyze and clean up.
  • IObit Large Files Finder – Find the large files that occupy most space in your system.
  • IObit Empty Folder Scanner – Find empty folders, and then delete them.
  • IObit Shortcut Fixer – Searches for invalid shortcuts and references, and helps you fix them.
  • IObit Cloned Files Scanner – Finds files that have the same name and size on your computer (cloned files) and then you can decide whether to delete them or not.
  • IObit Process Manager – Helps you manage running processes and services, and it will display the performance of your system.

Action Center

  • Security & Performance recommends other well-known software for better PC security and performance.
  • Software Updater helps you get your important programs up to date easily and efficiently to avoid potential issues.


It automatically catches intruders who are secretly accessing your PC and prying into your privacy with new facial recognition technology.

  • Setup your face model with your camera
  • Capture intruder’s photo automatically in the background
  • Find out who secretly accessed your PC in intruders

Access Protection

IObit Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 16 Access Protection
Access Protection

Access Protection is a module in Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 16, introducing Sensitive Data Protection and Untrusted Program Blocker. It detects secret access to your sensitive data and automatically blocks access from untrusted programs.

Browser Anti-Tracking

With Digital Fingerprint Protection and Browsing Data Clean, Browser Anti-Tracking can not only help you clear your browsing data, but also prevent web pages from stealing your digital fingerprint. Currently, both Digital Fingerprint Protection and Browsing Data Clean support Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Edge, while Browsing Data Clean also supports Opera.

Surfing Protection & Ads Removal

It protects you against various online threats to secure your surfing experience and keeps you undisturbed from annoying ads on webpages. Currently, it supports Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Firefox.

What’s New?

The new edition 16 brings new and enhanced features to protect users’ computers and privacy against all kinds of cyber threats and boost PC performance.

+ Antivirus with a much larger database can remove more threats to better protect your system
+ Privacy Sweep strengthens the cleanup for 30+ software and adds cleaning for popular software: Adobe Reader, AOL Instant Messenger, Snagit, etc.
+ Junk File Clean newly supports Avira System Speedup and enhances the cleanup for Chrome, Amazon Kindle, Spotify, etc.
+ Surfing Protection revamps the database to make you surf safely and not be bombarded with annoying ads
+ Startup Optimizer with expanded database newly supports managing Windows apps to make your PC boot faster
+ Software Updater newly supports updating more popular software, such as NoMachine, WizFile, LogMeIn Hamachi, SumatraPDF, oCam, Krita, and FlashBoot
+ Performance Monitor adopts the latest world-renowned temperature acquisition technology for more accurate temperatures
+ Anti-Tracking enhances the automatic privacy cleanup to remove privacy traces more timely
+ Supports 37 languages


  • Antivirus - Dark Theme
  • Light Skin
  • Protection Details
  • Scanning
  • Care
  • Optimizing PC
  • Speed Up
  • IObit Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 16 Software Updater
  • Tools
  • IObit Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 16 Side Menu
  • IObit Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 16 Quick Settings
  • IObit Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 16 Realtime Protection
  • IObit Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 16 Surfing Protection
  • Anti Ransomware
  • IObit Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 16 Startup manager
  • IObit Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 16 Access Protection
  • IObit Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 16 Boost Mode


System Requirements for IObit Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 16

  • Windows XP SP3/Vista/7/8/8.1/10/11
  • 500 MB of free disk space
  • 1024*768 screen resolution and above

Download IObit Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 16

Not sure if IObit Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 16 does what you need? Try it out now. Please feel free to download IObit Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 16 for Windows here. This ultimate PC Performance & Security by IObit has been tested professionally and we are assured that no viruses, Trojans, adware, or malware contained.


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IObit Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 16 is available for $49.99, but today you can get the software includes free software updates & technical support by IObit with an 81% discount coupon.

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  • Mac OS X
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IObit Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 16 with Gift Pack (90% Off)</p><p>
IObit Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 16 with Gift Pack (90% Off)

All-in-one Utility Combined Antivirus with Optimizer and Gift Pack

  • What You Get:
    • Advanced SystemCare Ultimate (1 year subscription / 3 PCs) - $49.99
    • IObit Uninstaller PRO (1 year subscription, 1 PC) - $19.99
    • Smart Defrag PRO (1 year subscription, 1PC) - $19.99
    • Protected Folder (1 year subscription) - $19.95
  • Antivirus with Bitdefender Engines
  • Top PC Cleaning and Optimization
  • Over 20 Extra Tools for PC Performance
  • Free Software Updates & Support
  • 60-day Money-back Guarantee

Platform: Windows

$10.39 $12.99 $109.92
Last day

IObit Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 16 - 1 Year Subscription / 3 PCs (81% Off)</p><p><em>3-PC License/1 Year</em></p><p>
IObit Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 16 - 1 Year Subscription / 3 PCs (81% Off)

3-PC License/1 Year

All-in-one Utility Combined Antivirus with Optimizer

  • License can be used on 3 PCs / 1 year
  • Antivirus with Bitdefender Engines
  • Top PC Cleaning and Optimization
  • Over 20 Extra Tools for PC Performance
  • 60-day Money-back Guarantee

Platform: Windows

$9.09 $12.99 $49.99
Last day

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User & Media Reviews

“Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 8 is a powerful anti-virus and system optimization tool. Apart from protecting your PC from malware, viruses and similar threats, it can also boost your PC’s performance by applying various registry and shortcut fixes, removing junk files, scanning local disk volumes for system vulnerabilities, etc.”

“I have used various versions of Advanced SystemCare for several years. When I looked at the features of Advanced SystemCare Ultimate I knew I had to have it. It has not disappointed me. One of the simplest yet effective programs I have found to keep all three of my computers healthy.”
Russell PeckRussell Peck
“I have had a past problem of always messing with my computer. Then I got my first copy of Advanced Systemcare. There is no need to mess around any longer. Now that I have antivirus, included in the product, my need for secondary software is none existent. Advanced System Care Ultimate is the new mother load. The big winner! My computer is always up to date and runs like deer. Unlike other products; there has not been a constant stream of conflicts.”
Rod GarnettRod Garnett

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User Rating: 5 (538 votes)
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