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Deal Score+6
$449 $499 BUY NOW

A truly powerful and reliable solution with automated import, automated data filling, detailed stats and features that help you easily build and grow sites. Get Kernel Video Sharing Software now with $100 Off Coupon for a limited time!


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Kernel Video Sharing Review at a Glance

Kernel Video Sharing (KVS) is one of the leading video site backend scripts and video content managers. KVS was initially built with handling large amounts of visitors in mind. Built-in site performance monitoring lets us tackle all arising load issues in a full and timely manner. When needed, we optimize the performance on the fly.

Unlike other products, Kernel Video Sharing is not really limited to just a few site types. You will enjoy using KVS to build all sorts of sites, CJ tubes, paysite review sites, tube sites, premium access sites, social sites, DVD stores, and more. KVS offers wider customization options than other products. It’s not just about setting up the way your site looks, which is standard now. You can easily build a unique site, which nobody has ever built before and which will stand out from all competition.

Not a single other script offers more content conversion and storage features. Kernel Video Sharing lets you localize the entire site and all your content. With this, you can build a fully multi-language site where all content can be translated to multiple languages, including database items. KVS is built with open source PHP code. You can be sure you have the independence you need to run your business and add custom features.

  • Kernel Video Sharing Theme PC Desktop Mobile phone
  • Kernel Video Sharing Theme Tablet


Key Features of Kernel Video Sharing:

  • Web Content Manager
    • Multiformat video supporting different quality: 360p, 480p, 720p, etc.
    • You can create separate mini-preview formats for lists
    • Multiple groups of video formats for supporting different video types
    • Watermarks or ads in video files, including animation
    • Multiformat screenshots with different sizes and resize settings
    • Timeline video screenshots for the player
    • Flexible settings for restricting access and speed of access to video files
    • Multiple options for bulk content import, also export and bulk editing
    • Checking all content files, search for data errors
    • Limited access to the panel, flexible access permission settings, activity monitoring
    • Multilingual text data
    • Additional fields for data customization
  • Conversion Engine
    • External conversion servers and parallel processing
    • You can save video files “as is” to increase processing speed
    • Logging of the whole conversion process divided by phases and operations
    • Any content re-processing possible
    • Additional post-processing of any content at any time
    • Conversion by schedule, LA limit, and manual conversion control
  • Content Storage System
    • Any storage infrastructure
    • Unlimited data volume
    • Grouping servers for load balancing and cost reduction
    • Reliable content protection from hotlink and unauthorized access
    • Easy content flow control at any time
    • Support of any CDN services with FTP data transfer protocol
    • Constant server monitoring and error detection
  • Advertising Module
    • Unlimited advertising spots and their use throughout the website
    • Income maximization: different ads for different device types
    • Income maximization: different ads for different categories
    • Income maximization: different ads for different countries
    • Income maximization: different ads for different time of day
    • Scheduled advertising campaigns accurate to the minute
    • Close integration with the player
  • KVS Video Player
    • Fully featured HTML5 + CSS3 player where you can create customized skins
    • Displaying multiformat video with switchable quality
    • Any HTML ads upon any player events
    • Support for VAST feeds from multiple providers
    • Close integration with the KVS ad module
    • Close integration with KVS access restrictions
    • Your own branding: logo and text in the player controlbar
    • Support for related videos in the player
    • Support for timeline screenshots and named episodes
    • Protection against grabbers and DMCA bots: obfuscating links to video files
    • Anti-adblock solution
  • Content Import and Grabbers
    • Bulk multithreaded content import with a huge set of options
    • Grabbers of popular tube websites with an option to download or use embed codes
    • Multiformat downloading in grabbers – no conversion on your servers
    • Manual content import, or autopilot through grabbers
    • Importing entire lists of content through grabbers with pagination support
    • Writing your own grabbers and integrate them into KVS
    • Bulk video import through uploading files to FTP
    • Support for customized import feeds from any CSV format
  • Categorization
    • Static categorization using categories with the grouping option
    • Dynamic categorization using tags
    • Categorization by content source/origin
    • Models (actors) supporting biography data and additional fields
    • All categorization items support 2 types of photos with different sizes and options
    • Plugins for auto-categorization by content title and description
    • Content filtering by different categorization criteria and complex filter sets
  • Member Zone and Restrictions
    • Integration with major billing systems: CCBill, Segpay, Epoch, Paypal, and Yandex
    • Integration with NATS and MPA3 affiliate programs
    • Premium access with time restriction and rebills
    • Premium access to the selected content with/without time-limitation (VOD)
    • Trial access to a limited content amount
    • Free and guest access
    • Any combination of multiple access levels within a single project
    • Reliable content protection from unauthorized access in case of any storage system
    • Relative dates of the content publishing with a gradual visibility after the registration date
    • Different ads for different user types, an option to hide ads for premium users
    • Different speed limitations for different user types
    • Paid subscriptions to certain users or channels with rebilling option
    • You can act on behalf of models and communicate with fans
  • KVS Tokenomics
    • Purchasing tokens via billing systems
    • Purchasing content, subscriptions to users and channels, premium access for tokens
    • Gifts and likes via tokens
    • Earning tokens for website activity
    • Earning tokens for the sale of your content and subscriptions
    • Earning tokens for attracting visitors to your content
    • Payouts of earned tokens via Paypal or manual payouts
    • You can earn interest on tokenomics for project maintenance
    • Motivation of user activity through tokenomics
  • Website Engine and Performance
    • You can create unique website pages with any content
    • More than 50 design construction blocks, more than 1,000 parameters
    • Close integration with the KVS ad module
    • High performance due to two-tier caching
    • Flexible caching settings for pages and individual blocks
    • Gathering performance statistics for all pages and blocks
    • Overload protection in automatic mode changes the engine functioning parameters
    • Website and content multi-language support, an interface for translators
  • Building Website Networks
    • Embed codes taken from KVS support all the engine features
    • Individual profiles of embed code settings for different domains
    • Manual content export and export feeds to other projects
    • Satellites to improve SEO coverage and create unique websites on shared data
    • ВозможностьYou can give unique titles and descriptions to the content and categorize it
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    • Correct use of 301 redirects and 404 errors
    • Google Sitemap with generation on the fly
    • You can specify SEO texts for any page
    • You can specify individual SEO texts for any categorization items
    • Displaying users’ search queries
    • Some themes have 100% Google Performance Index for all devices
    • A plugin for text synonymizing
  • For Developers
    • You can get 100% open PHP source code
    • 95% customization requirements falls on the standard engine features
    • You can expand functionality by using of Smarty modifiers
    • You can expand functionality by creating custom blocks
  • Reliability and Fault-Tolerance
    • Full logging of all background processes and conversion
    • Optional logging to identify problems on the fly
    • Audit plugin with countless verifications
    • Checking availability of each content file in any storage system
    • Checking integrity of the script installation
    • Automatic verification of critical project aspects
    • Content action log
    • Version control for website template changes
  • Long-Term and Successful Story
    • A history of development and updates of more than 10 years
    • More than 50 updates, more than 1,000 improvements for all time
    • Maintaining update option for all projects
    • A confident look into the future


To run Kernel Video Sharing with optimum reliability and performance, your system should match the following requirements:

Minimum server requirements

  • Unix-like OS (Windows is not supported)
  • PHP 5.3, 5.4, 5.5, 5.6 without suhosin
  • IonCube Loader 4.6.1 or above
  • Mysql 5.0 or above and its support in PHP
  • FFmpeg 1.0 or above with libx264, libavfilter and AAC codec (libfaac, libfdk_aac or native ffmpeg aac codec)
  • ImageMagick
  • cURL and its support in PHP
  • Apache + mod_rewrite + (MultiViews option disabled)
  • Non-cyrillic domain name

Minimum PHP requirements

  • Zlib library
  • XML extension
  • GD2 with true type font (required!)
  • Ability to exec PHP from CLI using exec() command
  • Multibyte String (mbstring)
  • PHP register_globals off
  • PHP magic_quotes_gpc off
  • PHP safe_mode off
  • PHP file_uploads on
  • PHP allow_url_fopen on

Recommended configuration (very desired)

  • Memcache and its support in PHP
  • Nginx (configured with options: –with-http_flv_module –with-http_mp4_module) + Apache (via reverse proxy)
  • Using eAccelerator or XCache is NOT recommended

Nginx usage

We recommend using Nginx as a reverse proxy over Apache. First, Nginx performs much better than Apache. Second, you will not be able to configure pseudo-streaming using Apache. And finally, KVS is integrated with Nginx to protect your content from hotlinking and auto-grabbing.

Nginx sample config contains options to protect local video storage directories:

  • location ~ /contents/videos/.*\.mp4
  • location ~ /contents/videos/.*\.flv
  • location ^~ /contents/videos_sources/

The client_max_body_size value should be specified according to your requirements depending on the maximum amount of video files you will upload from the local disk or expect your users to upload.

If you are going to allow embed codes for your videos, you should make sure that Nginx does not intercept requests to swf files.

Recommended PHP options

  • PHP upload_max_filesize 2000M (the maximum allowed size for uploaded files)
  • PHP post_max_size 2000M (the maximum allowed size for uploaded files)
  • PHP memory_limit 128M
  • PHP session.gc_maxlifetime 21600

Requirements for multiserver scenario

All the requirements above are related to the simplest configuration, which only utilizes 1 single physical server. KVS supports separate physical servers for content storage or CPU-hungry conversion operations. If you are going to use separate servers, they will have different requirements:

  • Content server: PHP, Nginx recommended
  • Conversion server: PHP, FFmpeg, ImageMagick

Trial & Demo

Not sure if Kernel Video Sharing does what you need? Try it out now. Please feel free to try live demo of Kernel Video Sharing here. This Kerlnel Video Sharing Script by KernelCO Ltd has been tested professionally and we are assured that no viruses, Trojans, adware or malware contained.

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Kernel Video Sharing (KVS) retails for start from $99.00/lifetime But, on our website, THE Software Shop, you can save on your purchase of its license key with discount coupon code up to $50 Off. This offer is available for a limited time!

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Package Comparison

KVS Coupon up to $50 Off

KVS Ultimate Package</p>
KVS Ultimate Package

The most featured Kernel Video Sharing package, which contains all community functionality: albums, internal messaging, friendship, private photos/videos for friends, walls, activity tracking and channels.

  • Free KVS installation on your server
  • Free access to future updates for 1 Year
  • Free lifetime support

*The discount coupon & your local VAT (Value added tax - if available, vary by country) will be applied at checkout automatically including your local currency will be converted.

$449 $499.00
Last day

KVS Advanced Package</p>
KVS Advanced Package

Advanced package does not have full-featured community, but in addition to basic package it allows free / premium memberzone with video bookmarks. Models and video multiformats support are available starting from this package. So you can consider advanced package as a low-end solution for paysites and premium memberzones.

  • KVS installation on your server
  • Free access to future updates for 6 month
  • Free lifetime support
  • Can be upgraded to ultimate

*The discount coupon & your local VAT (Value added tax - if available, vary by country) will be applied at checkout automatically including your local currency will be converted.

$269 $299.00
Last day

KVS Basic Package</p>
KVS Basic Package

Basic package is mainly designed for pseudo-tubes. It contains video rotator, video importing feeds, multiserver support for video storage, multiformats support for video screenshots and full range of advertising capabilities. Basic package does not have any community, but provides ability to post anonymous comments and rate / flag videos.

  • Free KVS installation on your server
  • Free access to future updates for 6 month
  • Free lifetime support
  • Can be upgraded to advanced or ultimate

*The discount coupon & your local VAT (Value added tax - if available, vary by country) will be applied at checkout automatically including your local currency will be converted.

$89 $99.00
Last day

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User & Media Reviews

What are their users saying about Kernel Video Sharing? Why they loved it?

KVS meets all the modern requirements in today’s dynamic market. It will suit any business models as new versions are released frequently with new features added all the time.

On top of this, the script is amazingly flexible and lets you reconfigure it as needed.

KVS support is timely and extremely helpful to say the least. They seem to be there for every issue no matter how little or large it may be.

Alex Bravo - Media GroupAlex Bravo - Media Group
KVS offers a great combo of features, content processing and site administration options, and a very easy to use template engine.Add the highly professional support team and you get one of the leading products on the market today. Our recommendations!
SP Support - Serious PartnersSP Support - Serious Partners
We use KVS on several successful sites with more than 1 million pageviews per day and it has always been a stable and efficient script.It can handle big sites with ease. Their support staff is fast and exceptionally helpful and it’s one of the many reasons why we keep turning back to KVS for our new sites.I give it my highest recommendation for building your tube site.
Croco - Croc NetworkCroco - Croc Network

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