ExpiredUp to 90% Discount Offer on Photomizer 3 Premium – NEW, Even More, Powerful Successor

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Up to 90% Discount Offer on Photomizer 3 Premium - NEW, Even More, Powerful Successor Including all packages: Optimize, Repair, Resize, Retro , Tilt-Shift.

we hope you have a lot of fun with the photo software giveaway: Simply Good Pictures and have had the opportunity to take a look at the impressive image optimization to convince you. Did you already know that there is a NEW, even more, powerful Successor? Photomizer 3 Premium can do even more!

90% Discount Offer on  Photomizer 3 Premium

Today, you can get now the photo optimization of the software Photomizer 3 Premium for up to 90% Discount! This Premium Program contains even more functions, and you can even batch hundreds of or optimize thousands of pictures in one go!

Enlarge/reduce your images without loss of quality with Photomizer 3 Premium like Spline or Lanczos, convert your photos into retro or black and white images create Tilt Shift artwork or set our new innovative process for the removal of image noise.

This procedure can also remove small wrinkles or skin blemishes and thus make people appear younger!

If you don’t want to make any compromises and want to get the full functionality immediately of Photomizer 3 Premium, you can now purchase Photomizer 3 Premium with discount coupon up to 90% Off.

9.5 Total Score

You are interested in photo optimization? Then you will love Photomizer 3! Its predecessor set milestones in the field of digital image processing; the successor proceeds on this path, adopting the revised and improved basics of the multiple test winner: the fully automatic optimization of digital images and the easy application. Photomizer 3 puts new functions on top, of which we are sure that they will soon find numerous new friends among the enthusiasts of digital pictures.

  • Optimize: The innovative object recognition finds exactly the areas of your image where there is a need for optimization. You do not need any selection or extraction tools.
  • Optimization filter 1: Color and tone values are corrected fully automatically, incorrect exposures compensated, shadows brightened, contrasts improved and much more.
  • Optimization filter 2: Red eyes are recognized and effectively retouched, artefacts and image impurities are adjusted, image noise is removed, halo effects are eliminated and much more.
  • Repair: You can scan old damaged photos (on paper, with cracks, creases and veils) and renew them with a specific filter.
  • Artistic photo renewal: Many different filters allow you to create sensational photo art.
  • Art filters: In addition to numerous retro filters and the classic black-and-white filter, tilt shift filters, for example, transform your motifs taken from a bird's eye view into adventurous toy worlds.
  • All formats: JPG, BMP, TIFF, GIF and RAW formats (raw, crw, orf, 3fr, nef, raf, mrw, nrw, dng, cr2, arw, x3f, rw2).
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Up to 90% Discount Offer on  Photomizer 3 Premium – NEW, Even More, Powerful Successor
Up to 90% Discount Offer on Photomizer 3 Premium – NEW, Even More, Powerful Successor
$33.00 $349.95
User Rating: Be the first one!
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