57% Off Live Home 3D Pro for Mac – It’s time to start that home design project!

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The powerful yet intuitive home design software that lets you build the house of your dreams right on your Mac.

Considering a new kitchen? Revamping a living room? Overhauling a man cave? This week’s awesomeness showcases one of the slickest apps on the market ~ Live Home 3D Pro for Mac. Here’s the best part…we’ve discounted this software 57% off the normal price! Get your copy today.

Feature-packed and incredibly intuitive, this home design software is suitable for homeowners and professional designers alike. You will be blown away at how simple a home redesign project can actually be!

Back by popular demand, this week’s showcase product is Live Home 3D Pro for the Mac. We were overwhelmed by the interest of this software a few months ago (hundreds were sold) so we were able to negotiate a second run with the developer.

Build your new house or redesign an existing room…all on your Mac. Don’t have design skills? Don’t worry, Live Home 3D Pro is super simple and intuitive that it almost does the work for you!

What’s you get with Live Home 3D Pro

  • Length of access: lifetime
  • Redemption deadline: redeem your code within 30 days of purchase
  • Access options: desktop
  • Software version: 3.6.4
  • Updates included
  • Available in English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian & Japanese languages
  • 2,000 3D objects
  • 2,100 materials
  • 2D elevation view
  • Additional tools (building block, custom roof)
  • Integrated furniture editing in SketchUp Pro (requires separate purchase of SketchUp Pro)
  • Advanced material editor
  • What’s New
    • Dark Mode option
    • Supports USDZ file format
    • Revamped house & interior templates
    • 500 new objects added to the built-in Library
    • Sweet Home 3D models & projects import
    • Import of 3D objects in Wavefront .OBJ file format,
    • Export to HEVC, highly efficient encoding for high quality videos
    • Full compatibility with Live Home 3D for iOS ensures continuity between Mac & iOS versions
9.5 Total Score

You're looking to redesign or renovate your home, but you just don't have the most intuitive eye when it comes to "seeing change" so to speak. You are far from alone here, which is why Live Home 3D Pro was created. This powerful Mac app helps you build from the ground up, from something as simple as a shed or living room to a complete skyscraper. Whether you're just a homeowner looking to change things up, or a contractor with some major clients lined up, Live Home can help you envision a finished product.

  • Design advanced 2D floor plans using intuitive, point & click drafting tools
  • Explore the 2D side view of a design using the elevation view to see walls, adjust doors & windows, or arrange furniture
  • Create more complex custom materials w/ reflective & glossy surfaces for interior design projects
  • Add a custom light source to any object & take full control over light attenuation, glow, & direction
  • Owners of SketchUp Pro may edit objects and seamlessly send changes back to Live Home 3D Pro app
  • Render your movie tracks to high-quality, ultra HD video files
  • Build an unlimited amount of stories for each project
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57% Off Live Home 3D Pro for Mac – It’s time to start that home design project!
57% Off Live Home 3D Pro for Mac – It’s time to start that home design project!
$29.99 $69.99
User Rating: Be the first one!
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