Expired80% Off – All In One InstaComposer 2 Presets: Progressive Trance, Hip Hop, Festival House

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Get your hands on this ultimate preset collection for InstaComposer 2, tailored for genres including Trap, Trance, Pop, Hip Hop, and Techno, all at a discounted price of $19.90 – originally $99.90!

All In One InstaComposer 2 Presets by WA Production

Greetings, fellow music makers and sonic explorers! Today, I have the distinct pleasure of introducing a treasure that’s been long-awaited by the music production community – the “All In One: InstaComposer 2 Presets”. This marvel is brought to you by the visionaries at W. A. Production, famously known for empowering musicians with innovative and intuitive digital tools.

The Revolution: InstaComposer 2

Before we dive into the core of this ultimate collection, let’s take a brief moment to appreciate the groundbreaking platform that is InstaComposer 2. This ingenious MIDI generation software has not only revolutionized workflows for seasoned producers but has also flung open the gates of musical creation for those just beginning their journey. With its deep understanding of music theory and its dynamic compositional algorithms, InstaComposer 2 has swiftly become the smart studio companion of choice.

A Boundless Palette: “All In One: InstaComposer 2 Presets”

Now, imagine having access to an arsenal of sounds and melodies that span the length and breadth of the music spectrum—this is the promise of the “All In One: InstaComposer 2 Presets” bundle. This comprehensive pack is essentially a universe of sound, meticulously designed to push your creative boundaries and spark inspiration.

The Progressive Trance Expedition

Embark on a voyage with the “Progressive Trance for InstaComposer 2” set, comprising 40 expertly designed presets that channel the essence of trance luminaries like Above & Beyond and Armin van Buuren. Each preset is a key to unlock euphoric soundscapes, with pulsating rhythms and celestial synths that will elevate your tracks to new heights of sonic bliss.

The Hip Hop Odyssey

Hip Hop is the language of the streets, a sonic canvas painted with the stories and aspirations of urban life. The “Hip Hop for InstaComposer 2” presets are crafted with the essence of the genre’s moguls in mind, empowering you to create beats with an authentic edge that would resonate with fans of Kendrick Lamar and J. Cole. From gritty basslines to soulful hooks, this collection is your toolbox for beats that pulse with life.

The Festival House Carnival

Experience the awe of a massive crowd moving in unison to your anthemic creations with “Festival House for InstaComposer 2”. This set is curated to mimic the memorable energy of festival giants like Martin Garrix and Hardwell. These presets are your gateway to producing tracks with massive drops, electrifying build-ups, and melodies that could become the anthems of tomorrow’s festivals.

The Sound of Infinity

With “All In One: InstaComposer 2 Presets”, you’re not just acquiring a wealth of presets; you’re investing in an evolutionary step in music production. The true value lies in the unbounded potential that comes with this collection. It’s more than a set of sounds—it’s an invitation to explore, to experiment, and to excel.

As creators, we understand that inspiration can be as elusive as it is magical. But with this all-encompassing bundle, inspiration becomes a constant companion. Each preset is a guiding star, leading you to uncharted musical realms. Whether you’re crafting a cinematic score that tells a story without words or laying down a beat that captivates the dance floor, the “All In One: InstaComposer 2 Presets” is your ticket to a world where your musical visions can become vibrant realities.

So, embark on your journey with this treasure trove of creativity at your fingertips. Let each preset inspire you, challenge you, and guide you to discovering your unique voice in the vast cosmos of music.

Happy producing, and may your tracks echo in the hearts and souls of listeners around the world!

Please note: InstaComposer 2 MIDI processor is required to run these presets.

80% Off – All In One  InstaComposer 2 Presets: Progressive Trance, Hip Hop, Festival House
80% Off – All In One InstaComposer 2 Presets: Progressive Trance, Hip Hop, Festival House
$19.90 $99.90
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