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  1. It froze up and wouldn’t load Caughting my PC and other apps to freeze up.
    I restarted my pc then tried to uninstall it only to find the uninstall exe.
    had gone missing, so i had to use a restore point i had created to get rid of it.
    Use this at your own risk…Might work for you.But Keep in mind that some apps
    don’t play well with others.

    • Dear Mike,

      I’m sorry to hear about the difficulties you’ve been experiencing. Here’s a possible solution for your problem:

      1. **Restart your PC in Safe Mode**: In many cases, starting your PC in Safe Mode can help solve issues. To do this, press the Windows key + R, type “msconfig” in the command box that appears, and press Enter. Go to the ‘Boot’ tab and check the box for ‘Safe Boot’, then click ‘OK’. Restart your PC.
      2. **Look for the uninstaller in the program’s folder**: If you can’t find the uninstall.exe file, it might still be in the program’s folder. Go to the program’s installation folder, which is usually in the Program Files folder on your system drive. The uninstaller might be named something different like ‘unins000.exe’.
      3. **Use a Third-Party Uninstaller**: If the above solutions don’t work, try third-party software like Revo Uninstaller or IOBit Uninstaller to remove the problematic application.
      4. **Check for Conflicting Software**: Some applications might not work well together. Check if you recently installed any new software that might be conflicting with the application in question.
      5. **Reinstall the software**: If nothing else works, try reinstalling the software. Download the most recent version from the official website to ensure compatibility.

      Remember, always create a system restore point before making any major changes to your system. This will allow you to restore your system in case anything goes wrong.

      I hope these steps help you resolve your issue. Please let me know if you need further assistance.

      Best regards,

  2. Activation does not work. Invalid Activation key

  3. code can not activate!

    • Dear Sophia,

      We apologize for the earlier inconvenience. The issue with the activation code has been resolved. Please try activating your software again using the new code.

      Should you encounter any further issues, do not hesitate to contact us. We’re here to assist you.

      Best regards,

      THE SOFTWARE SHOP /Giveaway team

  4. AVG states infected with virus

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