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$29.00 $246.00 BUY NOW
Deal Score+55
$29.00 $246.00 BUY NOW

Keep a constant look for your website and servers online including Domains and SSL Certificates expirations. Get Lifetime Access to Netumo Plus which allows you to monitor 100 domains for just $29. Forever!


✔ Save up to $1131.00. ✔ Lifetime Access. ✔ Free Product Updates. ✔ 24×7 Customer Support. ✔ 60-day Money-back Guarantee.

Netumo Review at a Glance

You spend all your time growing your business (Sales, Marketing, Content, Finance, etc.). What about your domain renewal, SSL Certificates, Website downtime, etc.? Who checks your public IT infrastructure while you are off duty? Netumo does that for you 24/7 so that you will be the first to know if there is an issue.

Netumo is your one-stop shop to manage all your domains, and your clients’ domains too + monitor websites for lifetime. tI keeps a constant look for your website and servers online. It notifies you via Email, SMS, Twitter, Slack, Microsoft Teams, Slack, and Telegram if something is wrong.

Offline websites result in loss of business, loss of Ad Revenue. Make sure you are properly equipped to take action Now! Netumo also monitors Domains and SSL Certificates for expiry!

Improved SSL Certificate Reporting and Notifications

With the increased use of Let’s Encrypt, the chances of your certificates expiring has increased since they are issued 3 months at a time. So it’s more important than ever to make sure you know when a certificate is about to expire.

You can now set the number of days you would like to be notified before your certificate expires, giving you a heads up so that you can plan and take the steps that you need to make sure that your site remains secure.

Start sharing the Netumo benefits between a whole IT Team today!

Sharing the responsibility of monitoring a group of websites is common practice in IT Teams. Netumo is now allowing you to link multiple team members to a single organization account.

This will give administrators the possibility to have multiple users linked to the same account, choosing one of three different roles – Viewer, Admin or Editor.

Check out our multi-user account setup guide and start adding users to your organization now!

Start getting all those important Netumo notifications on Telegram today!

Netumo keeps watch over your sites and devices so you don’t have to. Get notified immediately when your site goes down on Telegram with Netumo. Netumo also monitors domain and ssl certificate expiry.

By integrating Netumo with your Telegram account, you will get instant notifications from the Netumo Bot on Telegram when one of your sites goes down or when one of your domains is about to expire.

You can receive free UNLIMITED notifications on Telegram with any of our packages including the FREE tier.

For more information on how to set up Netumo with Telegram check out:

Screenshots of Netumo


Key Features of Netumo

  • Simple Monitor – Just enter URL and other simple configurations to start monitoring your website.
  • Advanced Monitor – If you have considerable knowledge of websites when it comes to HTML, you can add a new advanced monitor
  • Dashboard – Netumo Dashboard serves as an overview of the status of your whole monitors. It consists of the following:
    • A record of how many websites, certificates, domains, and RESTful APIs you have.
    • Availability of all websites monitored given as a percentage, status, average response time, and average incorrectness in all websites being monitored.
    • Any recent failures are listed.
  • REST Endpoints – RESTful monitoring in Netumo is similar to website monitoring such that RESTful URLs are created. However, RESTful URL monitors take different parameters than Website monitors.
  • SSL Certificates – Monitor and see the issuer of the SSL Certificate and who it is issued to together with the issue date and the expiration date.
  • Domain Names – Domain names, registered in any registrar, are monitored by Netumo. When a domain is nearing its expiration, you will receive a notification so that you are aware.
  • Importing Domain Monitors – Bulk adding domain names by uploading the CSV files. The monitor information on the CSV files should be entered in this format: Domain, notes, registration date, expiry date.
  • Verifications – checks that do not need to monitor uptime but are needed to verify that something is ok and valid.
    • Keyword Check -Verify that a URL returns several keywords, which can also include simple OR and AND matching as well as Negation.
    • Advanced Check – The advanced check is similar to the keyword check, but takes a regex expression as input.
    • Site Indexability Check – Ensure that your website can be accessed by bots such as Google Bot and Bing Bot. It will check the robots.txt file, the X-Robots-Tag header and the HTML meta robot tags
    • FTP Check – Check that the FTP server is up and the credentials actually work. FTP, FTPS and SFTP are supported.
    • Sitemap Check – Confirm that the sitemap XML file is valid and also that the links within are also valid.
    • Change Check – Ensure that a section of a URL is identical between verification checks.
    • Links Check – aVlidate links on a particular page, by sending a HEAD request.
  • Reports – Generate reports about every single monitor individually so that you can analyse the uptime of your website over time.
  • Export Report – Reports can be exported to CSV or PDF depending on their nature. All graphical reports can be exported to PDF, whereas tables to CSV.
  • Report White label – PDF Reports can be generated with your custom logo instead of the standard Netumo logo.
  • Status Pages – a public portal where users can have a public view of the Netumo monitors state and get a visibility in the infrastructure availability.
  • Tools – Netumo also contains other tools which you might find useful.
    • Page Source – see the HTML of the website you have entered.
    • Country of IP Address – enter any IP address and check the country it belongs to.
    • WHOIS – enter a domain and retrieve the public available WHOIS record concerning the domain entered.
    • NSLookup – output the IP Addresses concerning the domain entered by querying the Domain Name System (DNS)
    • Website Speed Test – measures the speed of the website located at the address you enter.
  • Notifications Integrations – Send notifications to various channels when an alert is triggered such a website is down, up or content does not match the expected result. Get notified on, either by email, Slack, Microsoft Teams, Telegram, or Twitter.
    • Email Integration – Receive notification on your email by entering your Email address. This is the same email address used for all communications to your user.
    • SMS Integration – Receive notification on your phone by entering the Mobile phone number. Use the full mobile number including country codes and area codes respectively.
    • Twilio Integration – Integrate Netumo with your own Twilio account so that you have no restrictions on the amount of SMS messages sent and received.
    • Twitter Integration – Receive notification on your Twitter by entering your Twitter username (@name). Netumo sends you twitter notifications as primate messages.
    • Slack Integration – Receive notification through your slack account.
    • Microsoft Teams Integration – Microsoft Teams is another way how you can receive unlimited notifications even when using the free plan.
    • Telegram Integration – If you are a Telegram user, you can also set up Netumo to send you unlimited notifications on Telegram.
    • Webhook Integration – Webhooks are used to integrate with Netumo and then from there run additional automations for integration in different systems.
    • Manage Notifications 63
  • Manage Organizations – Netumo also offers clients the option to create an organisation consisting of multiple user accounts. This option allows an organisation to share a number of monitors to multiple
  • Dark Mode – If you are a dark mode fan, we’ve got you covered. Press the button underneath and the screen will turn to dark mode. You can also turn the screen back to light mode.
  • Dashboard refresh – rate You can change how frequent you want the dashboard to automatically refresh.
  • Default Settings – You can define default settings for when creating new monitors for common properties.

Free Plan

Not sure if #THE SOFTWARE does what you need? Try it out now. Please feel free to get Netumo free plan here. This website monitoring tool has been tested professionally and we are assured that no viruses, Trojans, adware or malware contained.

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Netumo is available starting at $100/year. But, through THESOFTWARE.SHOP, you can get lifetime access to Netumo plus at an 88% discount. Today, it is starting at $29.00/lifetime, instead of $100/year. This offer is available for a limited time!

All Plans get:

  • Unlimited Email Notifications
  • Unlimited Domain Registration Expiry Notifications
  • Unlimited Instant Alerts (Slack, Microsoft Teams, Telegram & Twitter)
  • Detailed Reporting
  • Certificate Expiry Verification
  • HTML / Keyword Content Verification
  • False Positives & Timeouts
  • Log Data & Reports
  • Netumo Flood Protection
  • Network Tools
  • Webhooks (Coming soon)
  • Rest API (coming soon)
  • All integrations are included
  • Email & Phone Support
  • 60 days refund policy

  • Order Here!
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Netumo Lifetime - Tier 1 (88% Off)</p><p>
Netumo Lifetime - Tier 1 (88% Off)

Start monitoring your website for a lifetime!

  • 100 Domains Tracked
  • 100 Websites Monitored
  • 100 RESTful Monitors
  • 20 Organization Members

$29.00 $246.00
Last day

Netumo Lifetime - Tier 2 (88% Off)</p><p>
Netumo Lifetime - Tier 2 (88% Off)

Start monitoring your website for a lifetime!

  • 350 Domains Tracked
  • 350 Websites Monitored
  • 350 RESTful Monitors
  • 30 Organization Members

$59.00 $492.00
Last day

Netumo Lifetime - Tier 3 (88% Off)</p><p>
Netumo Lifetime - Tier 3 (88% Off)

Start monitoring your website for a lifetime!

  • 500 Domains Tracked
  • 500 Websites Monitored
  • 500 RESTful Monitors
  • 40 Organization Members
  • SEO Monitoring (Coming Soon)

$99.00 $825.00
Last day

Netumo Lifetime - Tier 4 (88% Off)</p><p>
Netumo Lifetime - Tier 4 (88% Off)

Start monitoring your website for a lifetime!

  • 1000 Domains Tracked
  • 1000 Websites Monitored
  • 1000 RESTful Monitors
  • 50 Organization Members
  • SEO Monitoring (Coming Soon)

$149.00 $1,242.00
Last day

Netumo Lifetime - Tier 5 (88% Off)</p><p>
Netumo Lifetime - Tier 5 (88% Off)

Start monitoring your website for a lifetime!

  • Unlimited Domains Tracked
  • Unlimited Websites Monitored
  • Unlimited RESTful Monitors
  • Unlimited Organization Members
  • SEO Monitoring (Coming Soon)

$229.00 $1910.00
Last day

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User & Media Reviews

What are their users saying about #THE SOFTWARE? Why they loved it?

Very nice for marketers managing Multiple Domains
If you’re one of those guys who purchases a lot of domains and runs multiple businesses, this is definitely for you. I own multiple websites, PBN’s and various small sites.

Sometimes it is really difficult to manage all those things on multiple sides. Netumo does things pretty well.

Bharat ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Bharat ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Really good way to monitor websites

I’ve just got this as I was looking for a simple way to ‘keep an eye’ on my websites (c.10). This was easy to set up and provides good information on domain renewal dates, SSL certificates and uptime monitoring. Includes many different ways to be notified if there is a problem. I hope it will mean I’ll never have another situation where a site goes down and its hours/days before I realise. Looks good to me so I’ll recommend it.

simonhogben ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐simonhogben ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Get it before it’s gone.
Netumo has impressed me, I must say. I had been looking for a good Pindom alternative for months and had been either disappointed or unable to find any. Netumo is a fantastic solution! It’s extremely simple to use, has a fantastic interface, and the best part is that it checks your domains, web hosting downtime, and even tracks when your SSL will expire.

Highly recommended.

Fernando Ortiz ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Fernando Ortiz ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Amazing and value for money

I have to say i am amazed to what netumo can do. I was looking for an alternative solution to better uptime and bought netumo to test it out. I was blown away by the power of netumo. When my sites went down, both netumo and betteruptime send me an alert to my email immediately. When my site recovered, netumo always send me the email first before betteruptime. It also have a lot of integrations with telegram etc which is worth the money. I have talk to the founder and he is in the process of redesigning the interface of netumo. I will highly recommend netumo to anyone and for those who have missed betteruptime, netumo is a very good alternative in monitoring your sites. Very well worth my money spent and is a lot cheaper compared to other similar solutions. A++++

plurkstar ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐plurkstar ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Simply great
Netumo is a great tool for anyone looking to track their website’s uptime. With Netumo, you can easily see how long your website has been up and if there were any downtime periods. I’m really happy with the way Netumo handles my domains and I am excited to keep using it!
Rüdiger Erdmann ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Rüdiger Erdmann ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
10Expert Score

Netumo is a must have app for anyone who owns domains, websites, or wants to keep any eye on their SSL certificates. The website monitoring app notifies you of failure or changes that may need to be made to your domain settings automatically. It also has a handy checklist function so you can see the status of every domain, website, server & SSL certificate you have in one

  • Monitor website, domain, ssl
  • Status page
  • Notifications on various channels form email, twitter, telegram, sms, to slack
  • Detailed Reporting

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