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Deal Score+257
$69.30 $99.00 BUY NOW
Deal Score+257
$69.30 $99.00 BUY NOW

All-in-one OCR software for everyday work with PDFs and scans. Edit, convert and compare documents. Get ABBYY FineReader PDF: 1-year subscription with a 30% discount coupon now, The discount is also valid for upgrade license!


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ABBYY FineReader PDF Review at a Glance

ABBYY FineReader PDF is an all-in-one OCR and PDF software application for increasing business productivity when working with documents. This all-in-one OCR and PDF software provides powerful, yet easy-to-use tools to access and modify information locked in paper-based documents and PDFs.

ABBYY FineReader PDF is the next version of its flagship desktop software that combines award-winning optical character recognition (OCR) with advanced capabilities for working with PDFs and document comparison. With the latest version, business professionals can easily manage and accomplish all kinds of daily tasks – editing, converting, commenting, and comparing documents – using one, intuitive application.

ABBYY FineReader PDF comes with the main functionality required to work with any paper-based document and PDFs, whether scanned or digitally created.

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  • ABBYY FineReader PDF - Read Mode
  • ABBYY FineReader PDF - Compare Documents
  • ABBYY FineReader PDF - Navigations
  • ABBYY FineReader PDF - Main Windows
  • ABBYY FineReader PDF - Form Editor

ABBYY developed FineReader PDF in response to the needs of modern business professionals who require new capabilities for rapid document processing at the highest quality. Key areas of functionality and notable improvements include:

Highly accurate conversion of PDFs and scans into actionable formats

Ongoing improvements to ABBYY’s OCR technology ensures that ABBYY FineReader PDF continues to deliver exceptional results for converting scans and PDFs to editable and searchable formats such as Word, Excel®, PowerPoint®, and PDF, while retaining all the original features that FineReader is renowned for, such as extended OCR capabilities and automated conversion.

PDF editing and collaboration

ABBYY FineReader PDF is an all-in-one solution for working with PDFs and scans, with built-in advanced editing and collaboration tools for managing pages, content editing, reviewing, commenting, searching, filling forms, signing and protecting files. Cross-format document comparison: An all-new “compare documents” feature detects and highlights any relevant textual changes between two versions of the same document, regardless of whether their format is PDF, Word, JPG, etc.

Deep OCR integration into PDF tools

ABBYY FineReader PDF is the product of choice for those who work with scans and paper-based PDFs on a daily basis due to its ability to automatically apply OCR to PDFs when required.

Over 190 OCR languages in ABBYY FineReader PDF

New version supports text recognition in more than 190 languages, including some difficult-to-digitize languages such as Korean, Chinese, Japanese and Arabic. It also comes with support for simple math formulas and English phonetic transcriptions.


  • Productivity and Ease of Use
    • All-in-one software application for OCR, document conversion, working with PDFs and document comparison •
    • Easy-to-use task-oriented interface designed for different tasks — from quick document conversion to convenient PDF editing and advanced OCR •
    • Quick execution of the most common tasks by handily organized shortcuts in Start window (“New Task”) •
    • Direct scanning of paper documents for editing or conversion with built-in scanning interface •
    • Multiple user-interface and help system languages up to 24 interface languages
    • High-speed conversion of multi-page documents with productive multi-core processing •
    • Compliance with accessibility standards•
  • Working with PDF
    • Read and search
    • Review and comment
    • Text extraction and quotation
    • Edit and modify
    • Form filling
    • Security
    • Prepare document for digital archiving
    • Create and merge
    • Batch PDF processing
  • Document Conversion
    • Quick conversion
    • Convert to editable formats
    • Convert to PDF
    • Convert to other formats
    • Batch conversion
    • Advanced conversion capabilities
    • Recognition areas detection
    • Results verification and correction
    • Scans and photos pre-processing
    • Customize recognition for specific tasks
    • Set up import and export options
    • Benefits of OCR project
    • Automate conversion
    • Hot Folder tool
    • Customizable automated user tasks
  • Compare documents
    • Compare two documents (BETWEEN: PDF, TIFF, JPEG, JPEG 2000, JBIG2, PNG, BMP, PCX, GIF, DjVu, XPS, DOC(X), XLS(X), PPT(X), VSD(X), HTML, RTF, TXT, ODT, ODS, ODP)
    • Review changes
    • Save and share results
  • Technologies
    • OCR (Optical Character Recognition)
    • Exceptional OCR accuracy — up to 99.8% recognition accuracy2 •
    • Support of multiple OCR languages including a variety of languages with Latin and Cyrillic alphabets,Armenian, G reek, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Hebrew, Arabic and more (48 with dictionary support) 192 OCR languages
    • Multilingual document recognition •
    • Automatic detection of document languages: all languages with dictionary support except Asian languages
  • Document layout and structure retention
    • Retention of document layout including text, images, tables, background images, barcodes •
    • Font and font style retention •
    • Recognition of non-standard paragraphs such as vertical, color and inverted text •
    • Preserving the structure of multi-page documents, including headers, footers, footnotes, text columns, numbered lists,
    • heading structure, text flow between pages, etc. — thanks to ADRT® (Adaptive Document Recognition Technology®) •
    • Re-creation of bullet points and numbering, converting to native Microsoft® Word lists •
    • Retention of hyperlinks — detects links and converts them into hyperlinks •
    • Recognition of 1-D and 2-D Barcodes
  • ABBYY Screenshot Reader (bonus for registered users)
    • Take screenshots and recognize texts on any area of your desktop •
    • Various screen capturing options: select custom area, a window, whole screen or timed screen •
    • Recognize multilingual texts on screenshots •
    • Save recognition result as text, table or image file •
    • Send the recognition results to clipboard, Word, Excel®, or as an e-mail attachment

What’s New in ABBYY FineReader PDF

  • Editing PDFs
    • Editing text within paragraphs: Now, editing text in PDFs of any kind – including scanned documents – can be done within a whole block of text. 
    • Reformatting text: You can also change the text formatting (font type and size, typeface, color, line spacing, text alignment, and direction) either for the whole paragraph or for only a selection of text.
    • Editing page layout: You can even change the layout of any page in a PDF. Add or delete paragraphs, change their positioning or order, and make them wider, narrower, higher, or lower to align them with rest of the page. Throughout the process, the text will automatically flow into the layout to fit with the changes you make.
    • Editing table cells: Each cell in a table can now be edited individually, as a separate paragraph, and it will not affect content in the other cells in the same row.
  • Viewing PDFs
    • Faster viewer: FineReader’s PDF viewer has become 1.5x faster. Opening any kind of PDF is now as quick as you would expect.
  • Creating PDFs
    • Creating interactive PDF forms: Create your own fillable PDF forms from a blank document or by adding fields to an existing PDF. Choose from fillable fields, drop-down lists, multiple-choice questions, action buttons, and more. Edit and rearrange the forms as needed.
  • Converting PDFs
    • Detecting text-layer quality: Detect the quality of a text layer when working with digital PDFs. If the text layer in a page is problematic (corrupted, encoding problems, etc.), FineReader applies OCR to convert the whole page rather than extracting the text layer. This allows for the most accurate results when converting digitally-created PDFs into editable formats.
    • Detecting text in fields and annotations: When converting an interactive PDF form or a PDF with annotations into an editable format, FineReader ensures that the text from fields and certain kinds of annotations (such as a Text Box or Typewriter) is accurately and reliably extracted.
    • Improved layout retention: Reconstructing paragraphs when converting digital PDFs into editable formats has been improved as well.
  • Comparing documents
    • Export in Track Changes mode: Now, you can export the comparison results as a Microsoft Word document highlighting the differences in Track Changes mode, the mode commonly used in organizations, particularly in the legal field.
    • Even more accurate comparisons: Thanks to the improvements in converting digital PDFs, you can compare such documents with any other type of supported format even more precisely than before.
    • New comparison language: Comparing documents in Armenian is now possible, with 38 comparison languages in total.
    • Improved OCR: ABBYY’s latest OCR technology provides improvements to a variety of features in ABBYY FineReader PDF : more reliable detection of headers and footers; more accurate document conversion in Japanese and Korean; improved retention of table structure when saving to Excel in languages written from right to left; and better automatic tagging when saving to tagged PDFs (including PDF/UA).
  • Improvements for organizations
    • Remote User licenses: Based on access for named users, Remote User licenses allow organizations to use FineReader with desktop and application virtualization solutions, such as Microsoft Remote Desktop Services (RDS), Citrix XenApp, and Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops. Please refer to FineReader’s Administrator Guide for detailed information.
    • Improved product customization with GPO: The list of possibilities to customize FineReader for specific users/workstations using GPO (Group Policy Objects) has increased to include the following options:
      • Define the maximum number of workstation CPUs used by FineReader.
      • Set a user inactivity timeout to force the release of licenses for workstations that use concurrent licenses.
      • Take advantage of ADMX/ADML templates.


PC Requirements for ABBYY FineReader PDF

  • Operating System: Microsoft® Windows® 11 / 10 / 8.1 / 8 / 7; Microsoft Windows Server® 2016 / 2012 / 2012 R2 / 2008 R2
  • For working with localized interfaces corresponding language support is required
  • PC with 1 GHz or higher
  • 1 GB of RAM (4 GB is recommended)
  • 1.2 GB of hard disk space for typical program installation and 1.2 GB free space for optimal 
 program operation
  • Video card with 1024×768 resolution or higher
  • An Internet connection is required to activate your serial number.
  • Keyboard, mouse or other pointing devices

ABBYY FineReader Download

The FineReader PDF trial version of ABBYY allows you to:

  • Process 100 pages in total
  • Try the program within 30 days counting from the installation date
  • Convert and export only 3 pages in one time

Buy Now

ABBYY FineReader PDF is available starting at $99.99. But, through our website THE SOFTWARE SHOP, you can get ABBYY FineReader PDF license with a discount coupon of up to 30%.

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ABBYY FineReader PDF Standard: 1 Year Subscription (30% Off)</p><p>
ABBYY FineReader PDF Standard: 1 Year Subscription (30% Off)

All-in-one OCR software for everyday work with PDFs and scans.

  • Collaborative editing of PDFs
  • Protect and sign PDFs
  • Create and convert PDFs
  • Digitize paper documents and scans with OCR
  • Microsoft Office integration
  • Create and convert documents directly from Microsoft Office applications.
  • Bonus : FREE - ABBYY FineReader PDF for Mobile (1 year)

Platform: Windows

$69.30 $99.00

ABBYY FineReader PDF Corporate: 1 Year Subscription (30% Off)</p><p>
ABBYY FineReader PDF Corporate: 1 Year Subscription (30% Off)

All-in-one OCR software for everyday work with PDFs and scans.

  • Collaborative editing of PDFs
  • Protect and sign PDFs
  • Create and convert PDFs
  • Digitize paper documents and scans with OCR
  • Automate digitization and conversion processes
  • 5,000 pages/month ¹ , 2 processor cores
  • Compare documents in different file formats
  • Microsoft Office integration
  • Create, convert and compare documents directly from Microsoft Office applications.
  • Bonus : FREE - ABBYY FineReader PDF for Mobile (1 year)

Platform: Windows

$209.30 $299.00

ABBYY FineReader PDF for Mac: 1 Year Subscription (30% Off)</p><p>
ABBYY FineReader PDF for Mac: 1 Year Subscription (30% Off)

All-in-one OCR software for everyday work with PDFs and scans.

  • View PDFs
  • Protect PDF ²
  • Create and convert PDF ³
  • Digitize paper documents and scans with OCR
  • Advanced image editing tools
  • Brightness & Contrast, Photo Correction, and Eraser tools are now included in the built-in image editor.
  • Bonus : FREE - ABBYY FineReader PDF for Mobile (1 year)

Platform: Mac

$48.30 $69.00

30% Off on ABBYY FineReader PDF for Mac – The Most Accurate OCR Available for Mac OS X


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1 The monthly page limit only refers to automated page processing via HotFolder and is reset every 30 days.

2 Protect only when converting to PDF.

3 Create PDFs only from paper documents & scans via conversion.

– All prices shown here are in listed USD (United States Dollar). Your local currency will be converted automatically, You can also switch to any other currencies during the checkout process.
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– You will receive a notification e-mail from Avangate / 2Checkout/ABBYY when your order is processed which will also include your license information.
– Such promotional programs are subject to change without notice, from time to time in our sole discretion.
– Data may vary based on different systems or computers.
– All prices are for the perpetual license of FineReader PDF 15 for one user. Once you purchase the software, no annual renewal is required.

User & Media Reviews

“In terms of OCR accuracy, ABBYY FineReader Pro for Mac is the best we’ve tried. The real test of OCR software is how it performs on documents with low text/image quality or with poor lighting and ABBYY FineReader Pro for Mac seems able to read accurately whatever you throw at it.”
I have been using FineReader 12 and prior to that FineReader 11. I tried FineReader 12 and found the accuracy is absolutely amazing. I have very few, if any corrections to make to the text. I use FineReader 12 to prepare my presentations and print them out with my word processor. It does not matter how many pages I need to convert – FineReader handles them all easily and I can proof them right in the software. I would not go back to any other OCR software. FineReader 12 satisfies all my needs. I’m not sure how they can improve on Finder 12 in the next version but I’m sure that it will be something special.
Wayne Reynolds, Owner of R&A TrainingWayne Reynolds, Owner of R&A Training

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User Rating: 5 (89 votes)
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