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Deal Score+311
$14.90 $39.90 BUY NOW

Radio Player, Internet Radio Recorder, Podcatcher, Music TV, ID3 Tagger, and More. Records audio tracks quickly and without any loss of quality. Enjoy your media on all your devices. Get the lifetime license of Audials Radio 2023 full version with a 62% discount coupon!


Don’t compromise on recording quality thanks to 64-bit power. There are many radio recorders out there, but only Audials delivers top-quality sound reliably and at lightning speeds. Experience a wide range of new features and improvements – massive media pleasure for little money.

Buy now at a special discount! If you don’t like it, you’ll get your money back.

Audials Radio 2023 Review at a Glance

Audials Radio 2023 is the successor to Audials Radiotracker,  the leading radio player since 2005 where you can listen to over 100,000 of the best radio stations all of which can be easily navigated through more than 120 genres. It features what is probably the largest integrated index of hundreds of thousands of radio stations, podcasts, and television shows.

Audials Radio 2023 Countries Radio Station

You can browse through stations in a conventional way according to music genres, countries, languages, or locality. Or alternatively, you can find suitable radio stations quickly by entering your favorite artist into the dynamic search function. The service is not restricted by location allowing you to tune in to local national and even international stations that are easy to find the radio station you’re looking for.

With unprecedented flexibility, you can choose how you would like your tracks to be organized. You can specify virtually any rules for folders and file names, and Audials will quickly rearrange your music collection, of course making sure that any new files are also added accordingly.

Audials Radio 2023 can also record only music tracks automatically that belong to the desired genre from the best radio stations for that genre. You can set a recording limit by using the radio timer for recording duration or by limiting the total number of recorded music tracks. You can record all tracks from any number of radio stations automatically and have them saved as individual music files. The songs are recorded perfectly from the radio streams, enriched with ID3 tags, album images, and song lyrics, and then saved as music files.

Audials Radio 2023 Radio Recording

As a bonus, Audials Radio 2023 provides you with massive amounts of podcasts and the Internet´s best music TV stations. Audials Radio manages your music collection, regardless of size, independently and visually on your PCs, clouds, and mobile devices with its music universe.

Screenshots of Audials Radio 2023

What’s New

The brand-new and massively improved Audials Radio 2023 is even more efficient when it comes to helping you discover, save and enjoy your music! A lot has changed in the new Audials Radio 2023 to make it even easier and faster to enjoy more music and your radio stations in top quality. Here are something new in this version:

  • Precise radio recordings
    • The Audials software now records songs from the radio with even greater accuracy. Having Audials sort your tracks by genre is super easy to manage.
  • New Podcast player and recorder
    • Audials provides you with all the latest podcasts and episodes, sorts your saved podcasts by date and with a overview of the content, and displays your favorites at a glance.
  • Powerful combination: audio and tag editor
    • New: Efficiently editing recordings has never been easier! Edit your tracks at the beginning and end with pinpoint precision down to the microsecond and add fade-ins as well as fade-outs.
    • Thanks to the new tag editor, you can edit all the information to your files more easily than ever before. It even gives you suggestions and fills in missing tags.
  • Audio entertainment in top quality
    • Preset music genres for the best order in your music collection.
    • Audials automatically adds the original album tags to every track for you.
    • Thanks to the increased mass recording, your music collection will create itself in a short time.
  • 64-bit for better performance
    • Audials Radio 2023 is a native 64-bit application, which means that it uses the entire RAM and is therefore much more performant.


Key Features of Audials Radio 2023:

      • World’s largest database with more than 100,000 Internet radio stations
      • Support for all main stream types (MP3, AAC, WMA etc.)
      • Optimized navigation with sidebar: select personal favorites, all of the world’s countries and regions or more than 100 genres
      • Display and filter based on editing quality, bitrate or stream type
      • Current songs and cover art displayed in all station lists
      • Station list view either with “live tiles” in various sizes or in list form
      • High-powered instant search function for radio stations by genre, country, artists played, stream quality
      • Top artists by genre deliver matching radio stations
      • Overview of “similar stations and matching categories” for every radio station
      • Automatic suggestion feature finds stations that match your personal music taste
      • Location-based station navigation by countries, regions, cities or local radio stations
      • Live radio player displays currently played track with cover art
      • Frequently played artists displayed for every radio station including artist photo
      • Displays songs played on current station (playlist)
      • Option to open websites for every radio station
      • Social news (Facebook, Twitter) from radio stations and artists
      • Enjoy shows and podcasts related to radio stations
      • Create as many favorites lists as you want
      • Conveniently edit favorite lists in sidebar via drag & drop
      • Pin various radio views to quickly navigate to your favorite categories
      • Synchronization of all favorites on smartphones/tablets via Audials apps
      • Add as many of your own radio stations as you like via URL
      • Blacklisting feature removes unwanted stations from view
      • Make individual song recordings from any Internet radio station in MP3, WMA or AAC format
      • Make automatic and parallel mass recordings of numerous stations based on genre, country and artist
      • Automatic mass recording by genre (record matching stations + music filtering)
      • Recordings edited to the millisecond via PerfectRadio technology, fingerprint-based editing of individual songs
      • Display stations that do not require post-editing after recording (diamond stations)
      • Adjustable quality: only songs that meet your requirements for editing accuracy, bitrate etc. are saved
      • Timer for time-controlled radio recordings allows you to program unlimited recording sessions
      • Job function: assign track count and data quantity
      • Song history retroactively saves songs you have previously listened to
      • Internet meta-search automatically adds ID3 tags and cover art to radio recordings
      • Song lyrics automatically added by meta-search
      • Normalize the volume of all radio recordings to a uniform level
      • Fading features can be set at the end of recordings
      • High-performance editing enables fine-tuning of radio recordings
      • Automatic categorization of recordings by genre
      • List of wishes (consisting of songs, albums and artists) automatically “fulfilled” (i.e. added to your music collection) in the background
      • Monitor thousands of radio stations simultaneously based on your desired music
      • Automatically record a station as soon as it plays your desired music
      • Bolster search database with plugins from the community
      • Wishlists fulfilled either as audio files or music videos
      • Identifies studio versions via lexical analysis and comparisons with the discography database
      • Define precise criteria to determine which search results are recorded automatically
      • Option to only record radio stations with perfect recording quality (no post-editing required)
      • Option to download several versions of each song and only display the best version (duplicate management, see also: Media Center). Can be toggled on or off.
      • Option to display and search for versions of songs you already have
      • Create as many wishlists as you like
      • Comprehensive music database helps you define your music wishes
      • Search for an artist, song or compilation with smart suggestion feature
      • Artist catalog sorts album results into a discography for easy access
      • Option to sort by the most popular tracks of a particular artist
      • Music Universe enables visual browsing of similar artists with artist photos
      • Supports compilations, samplers and ‘best of’ albums
      • Enter your music taste by choosing an artist, song or genre
      • Receive suggestions based on your music taste. Suggestions can also be filtered by time period (e.g. latest hits or evergreens)
      • Suggested compilations based on your music taste
      • Over 100 genres with hundreds of the best artists for each genre
      • Complete your collection with suggestions based on your own music
      • Visually appealing presentation of wishlists including album covers and artist photos
      • Use wishlists from the Audials community (
      • Fulfill several wishlists at the same time
      • Create and edit wishlists while others are being fulfilled
      • Option to choose only top hits, complete discography or all search results for your artist wishes
      • Process many files at the same time (number of files can be adjusted)
      • Display detailed information on progress and status of every music wish
      • Choose either a visually detailed or compact display (e.g. for larger wishlists)
      • Detailed job settings: specify number of desired versions per song, artist, album or total number of versions
      • High-performance filtering helps to avoid unwanted recordings
      • Option to limit number of files, data quantity (megabyte/gigabyte), song length
      • Automatically create smart playlists which contain all result files from your wishlists

      • Comprehensive database with more than 150,000 international podcasts
      • Around 20,000 video podcasts, many in the highest possible quality
      • Millions of podcast episodes
      • News, interesting facts, technology, sport, music – over 25 different themes
      • Flexible navigation enables sorting by category, language, popularity etc.
      • High-powered instant search by podcasts, categories, and episodes
      • Multiple view modes available: tile view, list view
      • Immediately watch or listen to all episodes via streaming
      • Subscribe to podcasts, monitor new episodes and download them automatically
      • Additional podcast information: author, description etc. as well as detailed topic descriptions for all podcast episodes
      • Download all episodes with just a click and convert them into your chosen format automatically
      • High-performance video converter features are ideal for video podcasts. See “Converter”
      • Specify your own favorite podcasts for easy access
      • Subscribe to favorites to download them automatically
      • Pin podcast categories to quickly navigate to your favorites
      • Synchronize podcast favorites to smartphone/tablet via Audials apps
    • Includes all major music TV channels with a selection of top channels
    • The live player enables simple, quick channel surfing
    • Adjust picture to any size or use fullscreen mode
    • Clearly arranged with channel logo, country info and music genre
    • Add additional channels and streams at any time
    • The database automatically updated with new channels
      • The convenient player with playlist management functions and display of song lyrics
      • Music Universe enables visual browsing (via artist photos) of similar artists in your own collection
      • Various displays are available according to the artist, genre, etc.
      • Configured information columns for beginners and experts in media collection view
      • Automatic reloading and display of artist photos
      • The high-powered search of the entire media collection
      • Playlists of similar artists and genres generated automatically
      • Manage media other than music, video podcasts, radio show recordings, audio podcasts, and many more
      • Choose between the visual display (thumbnail) and column view which displays all file properties
      • An automatic online search for missing ID3 tags and album art
      • An automatic online search for song lyrics
      • High-performance tag editor, easy drag-and-drop tagging available
      • The audio editor enables post-editing of music files
      • Ringtone editor creates ringtones from songs
      • High-performance management of duplicate files. Only the best version is displayed by default – alternate versions can be shown at any time
      • Clean-up mode: find all files with multiple versions – ideal for deleting duplicates
      • Work with as many music collections as you want
      • Dual music collection’ display enables flexible transfer to and from a wide variety of file locations
      • Optional display of physical file structure for the media collection
      • Flexible rule-based fine-tuned control of file names/folders for all created files
      • Flexible rule-based re-sorting of file names/folders for individual files or the entire music collection
      • Optimized for ‘filling up’ Android smartphones & tablets as well as Apple iPhone™ & iPad™
      • Dual-device display enables flexible transfer to and from a wide variety of devices and file locations
      • Copying in the background, status bar displayed for devices
      • Audials Anywhere enables remote access to PC music collection (with transfer function) from an Android smartphone
      • Pre-configured for all major cloud services. Upload, download, synchronize, use in playlists
      • Audials Anywhere enables remote access to the media collection of another PC or smartphone (i.e. use a PC as a private media cloud)
      • Import and export playlists in .pls and m3u format
      • Conveniently create and wirelessly upload individual ringtones for cell phones and smartphones
      • Directly export to media player software (iTunes, Winamp, VLC, Windows Media Player)


To run Audials Radio 2023 with optimum reliability and performance, your system should match the following requirements:

  • Windows
  • Mac OS X

System Requirements for Windows OS:

  • Supported OS: Windows 11, 10, 8, 7
  • CPU: 1 GHz
  • RAM: 2 GB
  • 1 GB Hard Drive Space for Installation
  • Broadband Internet Access

System Requirements for Mac OS:


Not sure if Audials Radio 2023 does what you need? Try it out now. Please feel free to download Audials Radio 2023 Trial for Windows here. This internet radio tool by Audials AG has been tested professionally and we are assured that no viruses, Trojans, adware, or malware are contained.

Windows 11,10, 8, 7

Buy Now

Audials Radio 2023 retails for $39.90, But, through our website, THE Software Shop, you can get Audials Radio 2023 full version with a 75% discount coupon. This offer is available for a limited time!

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Audials Radio 2023 - Full Version (62% Off) Promo 1</p><p>
Audials Radio 2023 - Full Version (62% Off) Promo 1

Get the freedom to keep music permanently, flexibly, according to your ideas, to share, to store cross-device, to use creatively.

  • Enjoy the full features software
  • Full-Service benefits
    • Maintaining and updating the predefined recording methods of music streaming services
    • Technical adjustments for using music sources
    • Regular updating of the database of internet radios and podcasts
    • Constantly expanding and updating the music database
    • Updates of the recording components for recording movies, series, and videos
    • Regular maintenance of the contents of live TV streams
    • Free updates of the software itself with improvements and bug fixes
  • Updates the Windows software installed on the customer's PC free of charge during an Audials generation.
  • Audials AG provides free support during the paid period of use.
  • 14-day Money-back Guarantee

Platform: Windows

$14.90 $39.90
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  • Enjoy the full features software
  • Full-Service benefits
    • Maintaining and updating the predefined recording methods of music streaming services
    • Technical adjustments for using music sources
    • Regular updating of the database of internet radios and podcasts
    • Constantly expanding and updating the music database
    • Updates of the recording components for recording movies, series, and videos
    • Regular maintenance of the contents of live TV streams
    • Free updates of the software itself with improvements and bug fixes
  • Updates the Windows software installed on the customer's PC free of charge during an Audials generation.
  • Audials AG provides free support during the paid period of use.
  • 14-day Money-back Guarantee

Platform: Windows

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Only Audials searches through the best music sites such as YouTube, Soundcloud, Vimeo, Dailymotion etc. and simultaneously monitors thousands of radio stations throughout the world using the Audials Radio 2021. You will be provided with the music you want lightning-fast, legally and with targeted searching! You get the singles, albums or the complete discographies of your favorite stars by using the wishlist. With 3,000,000 musicians and 12,000,000 pieces of music Audials Artist Directory offers you a whole world of music.

  • Find and download music from Internet radios
  • record radio station with automatic song separation
  • Download podcasts
  • Create your own music styles
  • Manage music collection
  • Audio file converter
User Rating: 5 (2 votes)

User Rating: 5 (2 votes)
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