89% Off Coupon on NEWOLDSTAMP 5-Signatures Package – Lifetime Access – The Professional Email Signature Creator for Team

Deal Score+4
$29.00 $276.00 BUY NOW
Deal Score+4
$29.00 $276.00 BUY NOW

Stay true to your brand identity, run banner campaigns and add a personal touch to revitalize your business email communication. Get a lifetime access to the NEWOLDSTAMP with a 5-Signatures Package with 89% Off coupon.


You save $247.00 USD | Lifetime Access | 60-day Money-back Guarantee | Secure Payment | 24×7 Customer Support


89% Off Coupon on NEWOLDSTAMP 5-Signatures Package – Lifetime Access – The Professional Email Signature Creator for Team

NEWOLDSTAMPReview at a Glance

Just when you think you’ve exhausted all of your marketing channels a new one emerges one that you’ve probably been overlooking each and every day. if you’re in sales or marketing or if you’re a support professional you should check this NEWOLDSTAMP out!

NEWOLDSTAMP is an email signature platform, but it is so much more than an email signature. NEWOLDSTAMP gives you a whole new marketing channel. NEWOLDSTAMP makes it possible to create eye-catching email signatures in minutes. You can turn your email signature into a marketing machine with custom banners. Design master templates and manage your team’s signatures. Best for brand building and marketing.

How many emails do you get a day? NEWOLDSTAMP lets your emails stand out of the crowd. If you have an email pretty boring right, standard email, boring signature, and no call to action, now take a look at an email that features the NEWOLDSTAMP. It’s more compelling, more visually appealing, and best of all it has a call to action.

How does NEWOLDSTAMP work?

So, let’s dig into the backend of the NEWOLDSTAMP dashboard. How will you create a unique email signature? The first thing you have to do is click on ‘add signature’. From here, you can choose to create a signature from one of their templates or from scratch. You can fill out the custom fields that you would like to appear on your email signature. You can fill in your name, your company position, email, and phone number. You can also add a photo and social links just to jazz up your signature a bit. Now your signature looks just like you want it, then you can save it. It looks awesome, right!

How you can turn this into a brand new marketing channel? NEWOLDSTAMP allows you to attach a call-to-action with your signature. For example, You want your potential clients to set up a demo with you, so, Select the demo banner and the URL link and boom!!! You’ve got a new way to market to your customers now that we’ve got the signature looking all fancy and ready to drive leads.

Let’s go ahead and install it on your email client. If you are connecting to Gmail, you will copy and paste the HTML into your Gmail email signature form. However, if you’re using another mail client, they’ve provided instructions for you to install it.

The real power of NEWOLDSTAMP comes with its ability to allow you to create custom templates for your different departments and teams as well as bulk upload contact info and automatically create signatures for several people at once. NEWOLDSTAMP also gives you analytics on your signatures so you can see how many times your links have been viewed and clicked on so at a glance you can see how your marketing efforts are performing.

If you are ready for a new signature marketing program then you’ll definitely want to check out NEWOLDSTAMP.

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Key Features of NEWOLDSTAMP:

  • Flexible Email Signature Generator. No coding and design skills are required
    • Premium Email Signature Templates. Create a stunning business email signature by choosing one of 18+ beautifully designed templates.
    • Customizable Fonts. Choose your corporate colors and fonts to turn your business email signature into a powerful branding tool.
    • Image Editor. Fine-tune an uploaded image by cropping, changing shape or resizing it
  • Central Management. You can create different signatures with custom templates for each department of your organization and share personalized email signatures with your team members in one click.
    • Departments. Create unique email signature layouts for each division to meet all your marketing and sales requirements.
    • Department Layout. Preset a department layout to quickly duplicate email signatures for each team member.
    • Email Signature Distribution. Create and share the ready signature directly from the dashboard or send to your team a link to email signature generator with the pre-set layout to fill in their personal information.
    • Email Signature Implementation. Use the simplicity of Copy and Paste method. No IT department or additional software required.
    • Autoupdate. Don’t bother your team with reinstalling the signature but still keep it up to date.
  • Email Signature Marketing. Use email signature as a new marketing channel
    • Track Analytics. Track the brand awareness activities of your email signature and measure the performance of banner campaigns.
    • No NEWOLDSTAMP Ads. Use this space to place your own promotional banner or additional social icon to turn your email signature into a professional email marketing tool.
    • Customizable Promotional Banners. Use email signature banners as an additional marketing channel to promote your business, content, and other activities.
    • Customizable Social Icons. Choose color, size, and shape of 150+ social icons in your email signature to create trust and grow followers.
  • No Additional Software. Create, manage, and share email signatures online. No extension, no additional software, no problems.
  • Hosting Of Your Email Signature. Host your email signature banner, logo, photo, and other elements to make you user experience the best one there is out there.
  • 24/7 Email/Chat Support. Have a question or want to share feedback? We are always ready to help!
  • Powerful Apps:
    • Disclaimer. Add a disclaimer to your email signature to cover any legal issues
    • Green Message. Care about nature? Ask them not to print your emails.
    • Marketplaces’ Buttons. Add links to your apps at Apple Store, Google Play, and Amazon.
    • Call-To-Action Buttons. Convert more by adding a CTA in the email signature.
    • Additional Text. Add specific text at the bottom of your email signature.
    • Promote Events. Add individual icons and links to a calendar.
    • Social Media Buttons. Add Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram to grow followers of your business pages.

Free Signatures

Not sure if NEWOLDSTAMP does what you need? Try it out now. Please feel free to get NEWOLDSTAMP free here. NEWOLDSTAMP has been tested professionally and we are assured that no viruses, Trojans, adware or malware contained.

Free Signature Signup for free

A free signature is for those who want to add a personal touch to their emails. If you are a professional, a premium account is what you need. Premium gets you more designing options, a wider range of email signature templates and features to choose from, premium support at any time, and no NEWOLDSTAMP advertisement in your signature.

Buy Now

NEWOLDSTAMP 5-Signature Package retails for $276/year ($23/month),  But, why do you have to pay $276 yearly if through our website, THE Software Shop, you just pay $29 for a month year LIFETIME! Yes, you can get it now at 89% off for a lifetime! This offer is available for a limited time!

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NEWOLDSTAMP - 5-Signature Package - Lifetime</p><p>Lifetime Access, 5 Signatures</p><p>
NEWOLDSTAMP - 5-Signature Package - Lifetime

Lifetime Access, 5 Signatures

Grab lifetime access to NEWOLDSTAMP for just $29!

  • What you get:
    • Lifetime access to NEWOLDSTAMP's AppSumo Plan
    • Create 5 signatures
    • Access to all premium signature templates
    • Full access to email signature generator
    • Manage signatures with a master layout
    • Create signatures by uploading a file with contact details
    • Invite others to create their own signature
    • Includes updates to included features + future features added
    • Automatic updates on banners in all signatures
    • No NEWOLDSTAMP ads
    • Customizable social icons
    • Customizable fonts
    • Customizable promotional banners
    • Email signature hosting
    • 24/7 email and chat support
  • Stackable:
    • Stack up to 3 times (up to 15 total signatures)

*60-day money back guarantee. No matter the reason.

$29.00 $276.00
Last day

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User & Media Reviews

What are their users saying? Why they loved it?

The team at Newoldstamp have put a lot of thought into this, it shows, and this is a steal at $29. Here’s what I like: 1) Banners, lots of them, right out of the box. From personal to professional, the team have thought of it. Doing Ecom and want to prep for Black Friday? There’s a banner for that. Want a unique Halloween or Christmas banner for that personal je ne sais quoi? Check. 2) App signatures. Want to send people directly to a calendar event, your app on the Apple app store, or a bespoke Facebook, Instagram, or Youtube page? All of this is pre-built in anticipation of you having a specific need, with many more use cases than I could possible list here. 3) More signature templates than you can shake a stick at. 4) An intuitive, clean, easy to use interface that you’ll be able to pick up without watching any tutorials. 5) There’s more, but it’s gone 2:30am here in England and you should just buy it already….
todaysbusinessthings<br />

I suppose this tool is the simplest so far, but this showcase has definitely walked through it all… Great job Christie. Also, also, is Christie available as a spokesperson for others… 😀 So natural.

For all you’s haters out there, yeah, maybe this is nothing revolutionary, but 3 x $29 is not a bank breaking amount. If you don’t have WiseStamp (I do), or you do have it, but noticed that their site keeps crashing with every change you make, $87 bucks get you future updates too, as stated by their rep.

So, gurus, just go ahead and update the deal context for the 3 stack = lifetime updates and everyone’s happy.

actor-websites<br />
This is an amazing deal for any internet person. From pet sitters to CEO’s, we all use email, so spice it up with some taco seasoning!
Christopher_Heidlebaugh<br />
Super good service. You will receive an immediate answer to every question. Very professional. Am very happy with this deal. You can see that they are involved with their customers!
info899<br />
Not sure what the fuss is all about!?

There is a good deal from a good company with a good executive team behind it all. This is a great addon for the upsell flow as well as for one’s personal/business use.
I used to just copy and paste email signatures that would many times be faulty and I would have to manually adjust with code but it is tedious when running multiple companies. This saved the day!

I was also concerned about the update debacle however it is included 🔥

I am the #1 person to knock on the door of Appsumo companies directly to get the best deal possible but we should think big & with vision – this requires small amounts of capital where we (businessmen/women have the fortune of LTDs for peanuts that carry costs at no expense to us over time) and the company uses this upfront capital to further grow and improve the service. Most deals I’ve procured now have so much more to offer that blows me away – like Fleeq (Fleeq is on fleek)

a stack of 3 codes is very much worth it, make your clients pay for it and then some 🙂

RobbieReyes<br />

Thanks for reading NEWOLDSTAMP Review & Enjoy the discount coupon. Please Report if NEWOLDSTAMP Discount Coupon/Deal/Giveaway has a problem such as expired, broken link, sold out, etc while the deal still exists.

9.7 Total Score

Everybody in the organization can now create and edit their signature, upload and link new banners. No HTML, no FTP access, nothing! This is huge if you want to reduce the amount of dependency on your IT department for something as simple as changing your signature. So if you value your time and want to get stuff done instead of dealing with e-mail signatures, you NEED to get NEWOLDSTAMP!

  • The Most Flexible Email Signature Generator. No coding and design skills are required!
  • Email Signatures Central Management. Controlling your teams' signatures has never been this easy!
  • Top Quality Support! a super nice team that was willing to answers in no time. LITERALLY!
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User Rating: Be the first one!
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