Software Giveaway: Steganos Password Manager 21 – Free License Key – Full Version for Windows

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Back up all of your passwords in a digital safe. Get Steganos Password Manager 21 Full Version with a serial number for free!

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Do you leave your apartment door unlocked? Do you have the same keys for your house, car and office? Would you blindly entrust your keys to complete strangers? Hardly likely!

Passwords are the keys to your digital life. The difference and quality of your passwords is crucial for online security. Thinking up and remembering more and more passwords for more and more accounts is next to impossible.

Steganos Password Manager is a product that can help you manage your passwords more efficiently. It has a granular display, which allows you to show the password on the screen of your phone or PC and then use it immediately. In addition, it’s easy to keep track of your passwords with this program because tags allow you to sort them by topic. This program also synchronizes between devices (phone/computer) so that if one device runs out of battery power, all of your data will still be available on another device.

Special Offers

Steganos has stood for reliable protection against data spies and hackers for over 20 years. The encryption in Steganos programs has not been cracked since the company was founded. There are no back doors, master passwords or duplicate keys.

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Steganos Password Manager is available for $24.95. Now, you can get Steganos Password Manager 21 full version with a 1-year license key for free.

To get the license key:

  • Click on the big GET NOW button above this post and you will go to the deal page of Steganos Password Manager 22.
  • On the deal page, go to the BUY NOW section and open the Giveaway tab.
  • On the Giveaway tab, enter your email address to unlock the offering box.
  • Once unlocked, read the hints on the offering box for the next instruction.

Steganos Password Manager is a reliable administrator of usernames and passwords as well as other sensitive data that you store in its encrypted database. The product has an intuitive interface with an automatic password generator, which makes it easier to create strong passwords for your various accounts.

For those who are forgetful or have a hard time remembering their passwords, the program can be set up so that it will automatically log you into websites after entering just one keystroke!

Software Giveaway: Steganos Password Manager 21 – Free License Key – Full Version for Windows
Software Giveaway: Steganos Password Manager 21 – Free License Key – Full Version for Windows
$0.00 $24.95
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