10% Off Coupon on TerrainAxe – A Landscape 3D Modeling Toolkits for 3DSMax – for Windows

Deal Score+15
$195.30 $217.00 BUY NOW
Deal Score+15
$195.30 $217.00 BUY NOW

TerrainAxe was written with MaxScript and mainly contains a lot of polygon tools and some other common functions for 3ds Max (also ready for 3ds Max 2019). Save on your purchase of TerrainAxe, TerrainAxeEx, TerrainAxe_UpgradeEX, and TerrainAxeEx+License Server with discount coupon up to 10%


10% Off Coupon on TerrainAxe – A Landscape 3D Modeling Toolkits for 3DSMax – for Windows

10% Off Coupon on TerrainAxe – A Landscape 3D Modeling Toolkits for 3DSMax – for Windows

TerrainAxe Review at a Glance

TerrainAxe is one of a kind, which can save you a big amount of time, optimize your 3D models and construct excellent topology, free you from heavy work so that you can focus on your design. You can use TerrainAxe freely in various areas of 3d modeling work such as animation, virtual reality, and game, enjoy dripping fun feeling.

TerrainAxe is known to all that landscape modeling is extremely difficult, more than curved surface and creature modeling. Believe these tools will be a head turning help for those struck modelers who pay high attention to details. After watching these videos, it will surely make you find everything in TerrainAxe new and fresh!

  • TerrainAxe Screenshot


Key Features of TerrainAxe:

  • Poly Select – Small, easy and efficient selection tools, quickly select vertices, edges or polygons.
    • SelectBorder – Select the part of the border between two selected verts, if run again, which will select another part of the border.
    • RingEgs – Select all edges parallel to and between two selected edges
    • FcsToRingEgs – Extract all edges parallel to each other from selected row or column faces and select, which can go through the no-quad face.
    • Findborder – Only select the edges that bordered unselected faces.
    • InnerVts – Only select verts within selected faces.
    • ContinueEgs – Propagates a selected edge in alignment with it.
    • CoveredFcs – Select the faces covered by picked object.
    • SideEgsOfFcs – Extract two side of edges chain from selected row or column faces and select.
    • VtsToEgs – If selected verts end to end connected by edges, the resultant selection is these edges.
    • InnerEgs – Convert Selected faces to edges and select, exclude the edges bordered unselected faces.
    • SameIDFcs – Select all faces with same material ID as selected face in current polygon object.
    • AdjSameIDFcs – Expands face selection with same material ID from selected faces, until touch faces that have different MaterialID.
  • Create – Tools be used to create polygon, such as curb of a road, stairs, polygons by piece shapes
    • Crossroads – Create crossroads with overlapped faces of two roads.The radius of every corner can be changed.
    • Free Stairs – Quickly create stairs for landscape, whose work way is very simple and free, you can just snap 2 or 4 points to easily create a stair, or turn selected quad polygons to stairs with preference settings.
    • PiecePoly – Splines interlaced with each other will form many closed areas, the process extracting these closed areas as poly faces is called PiecePoly.
    • SweepEdge – the Big amount of curbstone creating tool.
  • Construct
    • RoundVerts: A RoundVerts tool with UI, you can manually input parameters such as the number of vertices and the radius of an Arc
    • Smooth Road Make road have a smooth transition from one elevation to anther elevation, at the same time keep road cross-section up-right without tilt.
    • Weld Vertex to Edge weld vertices to edges? Yes, Easy to join polygons together, eliminate the seams difficult to observe.
  • PolyCut – Easy to use and quickly cutting tools, help you rapidly construct the topology for your model.
  • Other(Poly): ClearMidVts,AdvClearMidVts/SnapZ | ZMove |SnapToP/MoveOnDir|FlattenEgs |RightAgl|ClearChaosEgs
  • Scene – Tools used to create objects for scene, such as road lines,advArray
  • Ring UVMap tools – Original, Ring UVMap tools are simply for curve road UV mapping, and then their applications extend to curb, flower terrace and wall etc.
  • Manager: AutoCAD Import; SmoothRoad; WeldToEdge; PolyToStair; AutoFillet; PickPoint; Material and UV.
  • Common Features: BlackWire; ClearSel; Copy; Paste; DelEmptyObj; DwgImport: etc.


These are the minimum hardware required to run TerrainAxe

  • Windows OS
  • Mac OS

System Requirements for Windows OS:

  • Windows Version:Win7~Win10;
  • Required 3dsmax version:3dsmax 2012 with sp2~3dsmax 2019

System Requirements for Mac OS:

TerrainAxe Download

Please feel free to download TerrainAxe here. TerrainAxe by Flyingc has been tested professionally and we are assured that no viruses, Trojans, adware or malware contained.


Buy Now

TerrainAxe retails for $217, But, on our website, The Software Shop, you can save on your purchase of its license key with a discount coupon code.

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TerrainAxe 4.0
TerrainAxe 4.0
A license of TerrainAxe works on a single computer at same time.
$195.30 $217.00

TerrainAxe 4.0 upgrade to TerrainAxe Extension
TerrainAxe 4.0 upgrade to TerrainAxe Extension
A license of TerrainAxe works on a single computer at same time.
$46.80 $52.00

TerrainAxe Extension 4.0
TerrainAxe Extension 4.0

Base on TerrainAxe 4.0, follow features are added to TerrainAxe Extension:

  • PieceShapes: Splines interlaced with each other will form many closed areas,the process extracting these closed areas as poly faces is called PiecePoly.
  • UV Paver tools: Easy and powerful tools for set map vertices with coordinates for BIG AMOUNT of polygon strips, such as ROAD & curb, which include PaveUV, PaveNoTear, PaveWall, Patch(UV).
  • PlaceMesh: build meshes from gridding capped polys (the best toolbox for terrains)

$242.10 269.00

TerrainAxeEx+License Server - 4.0
TerrainAxeEx+License Server - 4.0
Extension Version of TerrainAxe,Which append new powerful tools: UVPaver faimly tools, PiecePoly.

  • License Server is used to run TerrainAxe on multiple PCs in same local network;
  • License Server is free;
  • Please do a test with TerrainAxe Basic and License Server on your machine before purchase.

$243.90 271.00

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