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Deal Score+2
$59.99 $270.00 BUY NOW

Explore the captivating realm of the 8-Bit era with 8-Bit Madness by Sound Props, now available at an exclusive 78% discount during our limited-time sale!


✔ 600+ instruments ✔ 70+ Drum kits, and FX ✔ 200+ Classic game samples

8-bit Madness Review at a Glance

Sometimes, our cognitive minds occasionally wish to rewind time, longing for the simplicity of an age that was once ours. Imagine a tool that takes you back to the enchanting sounds of classic machines, computer systems, and gaming consoles. That tool is none other than 8-Bit Madness.

Creating brilliant music was never more accessible, convenient or innovative than with 8Bit Madness. Whether you’re a neophyte or a veteran, this world of chiptune is yours to explore and create!

What is 8-Bit Madness?

8-Bit Madness is a virtual instrument dedicated entirely to generating the ultimate chiptune music. This is more than a nostalgic collection of sounds. With a library of over 600 instruments, 70+ Drum kits, and FX, 200+ classic game samples, the tool embraces the love of retro music and takes it to new heights.

Crafting Music with 8-Bit Madness

8 Bit Madness offers an array of features that allow even the most novice users to master chiptune creation. The randomization and filter modulation features offer an avenue to create complex and dynamic compositions, while the envelope control presents manipulation options beyond imagination.

Everything from volume, pan, pitch, and dynamics controls, to independent pitch-bend range and transposition, 8-Bit Madness is designed to fulfill all your chiptune music production needs. The ‘Play a random instrument mode’ and ‘Choose a random instrument button’ features add an additional twist to your compositions, making the process more enjoyable.

Why Choose 8-Bit Madness?

One of the best reasons to opt for 8-Bit Madness is the combination of nostalgia blended with modern music-making technology. It’s accessible for beginners, with a colourful and intuitive UI, and yet provides a powerhouse of features for the more advanced users.

10Expert Score
The Perfect Blend of Nostalgia and Innovation!

8-Bit Madness is not just a tool, it’s an experience of creating, exploring, and bringing memories to life through chiptune music. It accurately recreates nostalgic sounds, thus making it a resource artists never knew they needed. So, whether it’s mixing nostalgia into a modern beat or composing a retro-inspired soundtrack, 8Bit Madness is the perfect instrument, merging past and present in a harmony of 8-Bit magic.


Key Features of 8-bit Madness by Sound Props

  • 600+ instruments: A wide variety of virtual instruments are available for use in creating chip-tune music.
  • 70+ Drum kits, and FX: Over 70 drum kits and sound effects are included to enhance the rhythm and overall audio experience.
  • 200+ Classic game samples: A collection of classic game samples that can be used to add nostalgic elements to your compositions.
  • Envelope control: Allows for manipulation of the envelope parameters such as attack, decay, sustain, and release of the sound.
  • Filter modulation: Enables users to modulate the filter settings to shape the timbre and tone of the sound.
  • Volume, pan, pitch, and dynamics controls: Provides control over various audio parameters like volume, stereo panning, pitch modulation, and dynamics for precise sound customization.
  • Independent Pitch bend range: Ability to adjust the pitch bend range independently for different instruments or sounds.
  • Transposition: Allows shifting the pitch of all notes in a composition up or down by a set interval.
  • Play a random instrument mode: Option to play a randomly selected instrument, adding an element of spontaneity to the music creation process.
  • Choose a random instrument button: Instantly selects a random instrument for experimentation and creativity.
  • Popup list of instruments for easy searching: Convenient feature that displays a list of instruments for quick and easy selection during music production.
  • Animated UI: User interface elements that are dynamic and engaging, enhancing the overall user experience.


To run 8 bit Madness by Sound Props with optimum reliability and performance, your system should match the following requirements:

  • KONTAKT full version is required v6.7.1 (for WIndows & Mac)

Sound Demo


Discover the captivating world of chiptune music with the exclusive release of “8-bit Madness” by Sound Props. Originally priced at $270.00, this unique instrument plugin is now available at an incredible 78% discount, making it yours for a limited time only! Don’t miss out on this opportunity to enhance your music collection with the nostalgic charm of 8-bit Madness.

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8-bit Madness by Sound Props: Perpetual License (78% off)</p><p>
8-bit Madness by Sound Props: Perpetual License (78% off)

$59.99 $270.00

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