86% Off on Beacon – Lifetime Subscription: Automated Lead Generation Software

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$69.00 $490.00 BUY NOW
Deal Score+6
$69.00 $490.00 BUY NOW

Create sexy & professional lead magnets in seconds with one click. Get lifetime access to Beacon at 86% discount!


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Beacon Professional Review Video - How to make ebook lead

86% Off on Beacon – Lifetime Subscription: Automated Lead Generation Software

Beacon Review at a Glance

Marketers, you know that lead magnets are a gamechanger for collecting email addresses from potential customers. But who has the time to make a lead magnet for each opt-in form!?

What if you could quickly turn all your best blog posts into professional-looking eBooks without spending all your lunch money? eBooks are an awesome way to add credibility to your work and make it easier for your audience to consume. The problem is that it can be expensive and time-consuming (editor, cover designer, etc).

What you need is a tool that handles everything from designing the lead magnet to creating the opt-in form, so you can kick back and watch those leads roll in. And that’s exactly what we’re bringing you in today’s product showcase! Meet Beacon, a lead generation app that creates sexy looking lead magnet software from your blog in seconds!

Beacon Professional is a tool that handles every stage of the lead magnet process from start to finish. That’s right – you can stop juggling various tools to create your lead magnet, make your opt-in form, and deliver it to your audience. Beacon’s all-in-one platform has you covered.

With one click, you can automatically convert your blog content into a professionally designed eBook. It even has a WordPress plugin so you can load your posts instantly!

You can use this tool to:

  • Create authority guides using your best content – (don’t let your best writing hide in the archives!)
  • Turn your eBooks into lead magnets to grow your email list (Beacon says opt-in rates go up 785%!)
  • Sell your eBooks and finally monetize your blog!
  • Download the PDF’s and host them anywhere you’d like!

And since Beacon takes content you’ve already written and automates the design process, you’ll have your first eBook in seconds!

So if you’ve always wanted to add some more power to your site and give your readers an impressive-looking ebook of your best material, grab this Beacon Professional now!

  • Beacon Editor
  • Beacon Lead Magnet
  • Beacon Template
  • Beacon Import Web Post
  • Beacon Lead Capture

How Beacon Works

Level up your lead generation! Get started with Beacon by choosing a format for your lead magnet. You have more than a few to choose from, including a workbook, email template, and resource guide.

For the purposes of this demo, let’s go with the most popular option: an eBook. Beacon lets you recycle blog posts into a lead magnet format, so you don’t even have to start from scratch! Paste the URL of the blog and hit import as many times as you want. Afterward, you’ll choose a template for your eBook for a wide range of industries. Beacon will retain the images, headers, and text of the imported content, but not the fonts or colors. Those will be consistent with the template, so everything looks cohesive and professional.

Beacon Professional will also include a cover page, table of contents, about the author page, and other pages that complete an eBook. Easily reorder the pages by dragging and dropping the page anywhere in the list. All of the content can easily be customized with a click, and of course you can add your logo and change the colors to match your brand. You can also turn your eBook into a template so you don’t have to redo all of these custom changes in the future.

Once you’re happy with your eBook, it’s time to publish! Beacon gives you the option to publish in a number of formats, including as a PDF, a Smart PDF, or Lead Capture Tool. There are also a few awesome ways to capture leads, like the horizontal and inline bars or a popup delay.

The Smart PDF is unique to Beacon, and while it looks like a PDF, don’t be fooled: it’s a live web link that shows your changes in real-time, and unlike the standard option, a Smart PDF is automatically optimized for mobile devices. You can also hook up Google Analytics to get stats on how the content is being consumed.

Beacon’s most popular option is the content upgrade, which is super easy to create. All you have to do is create an opt-in form from one of the templates. And here’s what the call to action will look like in a blog post. Go ahead and make your changes and set up the Thank You page and confirmation email. Bonus! Beacon Professional integrates with a number of email providers, including SendFox.

And last but not least, copy and paste the code into your blog. And you’re all set! You can finally create professional lead magnets without hiring a designer or wrestling with Photoshop. Congrats!

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Key Features of Beacon Professional

  • Content
    • Blog Post Recycle: Automatically convert your blog posts into the lead magnet format.
    • Helper Content: Recommend what content to include for your chosen format.
    • Multiple Formats: Ebooks, Resource guides, checklists, worksheets, and fact sheets are often more suitable and they’re faster to create!
    • Auto Table of Contents: Automatically generate a table of contents for your lead magnet so readers can click directly through to individual sections.
    • Personal Image Library: Upload an image once and Beacon will store it in your own personal image library.
    • Team Accounts: Invite colleagues and clients to create and edit lead magnets within your account. Set permissions on a per user basis to retain privacy.
  • Design
    • Pre-Made Templates: Pre-loaded with dozens of professionally designed lead magnet templates.
    • Template Builder: Cut down on repetitive tasks by creating your own templates and reusing them whenever you start a new project.
    • Drag and Drop: Add and remove elements at the touch of a button so you can make sure the templates suit your needs.
    • Brand Styles: Set up your own color and font preferences so our templates will be instantly customized to your brand.
  • Publishing
    • Traditional PDF: Download a PDF of your lead magnet and use it wherever you need – on your site, attached to an email, or upload it to Dropbox.
    • Smart PDF: Smartphone optimization, multimedia friendly, and analytics-enabled. It’s like a PDF but better.
    • Custom Domain Name: Available on your own domain name that Good for branding, good for Search Engine Optimization.
    • Social Sharing: Easy to share. Integrates with all major social networks so you can make sharing easy.
    • Analytics: Analyse the content in your lead magnet actually performing.
    • Password Protection: Make your content stays private until you’re ready.
  • Lead Capture
    • Content Upgrades: Make sure that your blog posts are optimized for conversions by offering your lead magnet with an inline form right there on an individual post.
    • Link Lock: Share your lead magnet with a single link. People will have to enter their email address before they can read it.
    • Cover Images: Beacon automatically generates a cover image of your lead magnet. Choose from multiple formats.
    • Optimized for Mobile: All opt-in forms and lead magnets are automatically optimized for smartphones so your audience will always have an enjoyable reading experience
    • Double Opt-In: Make sure that you fully comply with email spam laws by enabling double-opt-ins on your forms.
    • Integration Friendly: Integrated with the most popular blogging and email marketing platforms so you can keep your existing workflows in place.
    • Export .CSV File: Export your contacts/leads from Beacon at any time.

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To run #THE SOFTWARE with optimum reliability and performance, your system should match the following requirements:

  • Internet Browser
  • Internet Connection
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Beacon Free Plan

Not sure if #THE SOFTWARE does what you need? Try it out now. Please feel free to get the Beacon Free Plan here. This lead magnet tool by Beacon Publishing Ltd has been tested professionally and we are assured that no viruses, Trojans, adware, or malware contained.

Get Free Plan

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Buy Now

Get the high conversion rates and lead generation that you’ve always wanted with Beacon Professional. Normally, unlimited access to this awesome tool would cost you a fair $49/month or $490.00/year (a fraction of the $300+ it would cost to get even one eBook professionally designed).

But we don’t do fair … that’s why, for THE SOFTWARE SHOP’ers, you’re getting LIFETIME ACCESS to Beacon Professional for just $69! (that’s less than the cost of TWO MONTHS!)

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Beacon Professional - Lifetime</p><p>
Beacon Professional - Lifetime

Grow your email list with easy-to-create professional lead magnets

  • Lifetime access to Beacon Pro
  • Unlimited lead magnets
  • All lead magnet formats
  • Blog post recycle
  • Analytics
  • Lead capture forms
  • Smart PDF
  • PDF download
  • Remove Beacon logo
  • Full template library
  • Custom brand styles
  • Custom domain name
  • Create your own templates
  • Email marketing integrations
  • You must redeem your code(s) within 60 days of purchase
  • All future plan updates
  • Stack up to 3 codes
    • Buy 2 Codes: 5 User(s), Unlimited custom domains
    • Buy 3 Codes: 25 User(s) Unlimited custom domains
  • GDPR Compliant (Partner Verified)
  • 60-day money-back guarantee, no matter the reason

$69.00 $490.00
Last day

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User & Media Reviews

What are their users saying? Why they loved it?

Life Just Got Easier with Beacon

I write 2-3 blogs for myself and always have a lot of posting to do. I have always thought of doing an e-book as a give-away, but who has time?

Now with this easy-to-use software, it will take the blogs I want and put them into one ebook, with table of contents. I can pick a theme, font, images, etc from either my files or theirs. It could not be easier. It attaches right to my blog and I can tell it what to save and where!

This is amazing!

GizelleM ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐GizelleM ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
This is NOT an eBook Creator!

People who think that Beacon is just another eBook creator, they are missing the big picture.

This is NOT an eBook Creator. Beacon is a lead generating tool, that happens to make eBook.

After eBook creation, Beacon also handle file hosting, opt-in form, analytics, and ESP integration.

If you create lead magnets for your website, you need this!

ariesz85 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ariesz85 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Game changer, with customer service to match!

I don’t usually review, as I am always a little intimidated by the level of tech professionals on here. As a newbie, old skool and slightly tech challenged entrepreneur, I am on the “make it easy” end of the spectrum……. and boy these guys have nailed that to the wall!

There have obviously been a great deal of time and passion spent on this software. Your attention to detail shows, in both the interface and the extensive knowledge base. All of this together ensures Beacon has been fantastically easy to use, right off the bat. I use designerr, so have some experience with lead magnets and desk top publishing. I have to say that I am loving Beacon, for ease of use and excellent templates, out of the box.

As a branding and marketing expert, writing courses for handmade business on how to brand consistently right up to their customers doorstep…..it would have been rather counter intuitive for me to use a software that didn’t make my branded fonts available to me. I asked support if I could import my preferred fonts and literally, within an hour, they had done this for me! In a world where everything is generic, face moving and faceless, I cannot tell you what a joy it has been to encounter real, exceptional and speedy customer service, from a company that genuinely cares about its customers.

If you need lead magnets, don’t hesitate….. you won’t be disappointed. HUGE thank you to Kevin and the team at Beacon. Your care is appreciated.

thegildedprinter  ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐thegildedprinter ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Super Product and Customer Care!

I’ve used other ‘fast’ creating products before (i.e. designrr) that are not so fast, after all. Beacon is GREAT! We had a webinar to present by 10:15 AM, and had less than an hour to pull a lead magnet together. The final result is professional, easy to change, and was a breeze to create! I can also attest to the fact that customer care is fast, responsive, and very helpful! I’m a huge fan already!

AAVEN ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐AAVEN ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
So Glad I Bought This!

I am so happy right now with the PDF I created using Beacon. Now that I’m getting into it, I’m sure this is going to have many uses for me and my clients.

For my purposes, this was not a ‘make a beautiful lead magnet in 5 minutes’ experience. I had to customize the heck out the template I chose and the blog import looked like garbage. That said, once I started creating my own design, the interface has been easy to learn and the end product is stunning. WAYYYY beyond anything I would have been able to do myself.

For experienced designers, I’d imagine you’ll find Beacon fairly limited but, for people like me who mostly do other tasks and just need a simple tool for creating lead magnets, it’s freaking magic.

And I really liked the Founder when I watched the webinar – which is always a big plus.

Joseph-SMExp ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Joseph-SMExp ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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9.5 Total Score

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