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✔ Free Full Version. ✔ 5 Photo Software. ✔ Windows & MAC OS X

Don’t miss to get FRANZIS Projects Complete Edition with 5 photo software – full version for free. The FRANZIS complete edition contains all 5 full versions of the projects series: HDR projects 4, COLOR projects 4, FOCUS projects professional, DENOISE projects and BLACK & WHITE projects 4.

FRANZIS Projects Complete Edition Giveaway

Although these are previous versions, they come without any runtime and functional restrictions and still cost € 227 together in regular sales. The suite contains HDR projects 4 for HDR image processing, COLOR projects 4 for image optimization, FOCUS projects professional for detailed macro photography, DENOISE projects for noise-free photos, and BLACK & WHITE projects 4 to optimize black and white images. All applications run on Windows and Mac systems and can also be used both as a stand-alone program and as a plug-in.

HDR projects 4 – for photographers and image editors

This is magic – capture all the light information for the first time. Anyone who has ever seen HDR images will often find normal photos just boring. With HDR projects 4, like an artist, you can very sensitively create very special lighting worlds that are not possible with “normal” photography or image processing.

66% Off – HDR projects 10 Professional: Full License | The Award-winning HDR Software – for Windows

HDR projects 10 Professional: Lifetime License BEST SELLER

Creates true pictures that contain all exposure information of the real world with one Click. Get HDR projects 10 ...
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COLOR projects 4 – the magic wand for your photos

Soft colors, dull shadows, cloudy skies, midday sun – in the rarest case the lighting situation is perfect. Forget everything you have heard about image editing so far, because COLOR projects 4 is the magic wand for your photos and guarantees you pleasure in photography: for images that inspire. You don’t believe how much information is in your pictures.

70% Off – Color Projects 7 Professional: Upgrade License (perpetual) | The High-End Toolbox for the Creative Photographer – for Windows

Color Projects 7 Professional: Perpetual License BEST SELLER

Transforms your photos into beautiful works of art! Get Color Projects 7 Professional with a 70% discount coupon!...
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FOCUS projects professional: completely sharp

Focus stacking – sharpness photo series – the ultimate in professional product, architecture and macro photography is now possible with FOCUS projects without barriers. FOCUS projects professional creates a single image from any range in which everything is crisp from front to back – an unprecedented depth effect in the image!

[Re-run] Software Giveaway – Focus Projects 4 Professional: Free License Key – The Sharp Macro Photography Software – for Windows

Focus Projects Professional GIVEAWAY

The only way for macros and product photoshoots that are really sharp and indeed all the way from start to finish! Get ...

DENOISE projects: Noise-free up to ISO 3200

DENOISE projects is the only software to date to remove all seven types of image noise: luminance noise, color noise, banding, color cloud, hot pixels, salt & pepper and gaps. With the completely newly developed Smart Pattern Matching noise reduction technology, you can create perfectly noisy images that retain the finest details, sharpness and color.

50% Off – Denoise Projects 5 Professional: Lifetime License | A Naturally Noise-free Image Editor – for Windows & Mac

DENOISE Projects 5 Pro: Lifetime License BEST OFFER

Revolutionary: Denoise projects Removes Even High-ISO Noise And Sharpens Your Photos. Get Denoise Projects 5 ...

BLACK & WHITE projects 4 – black and white with full expression

All photographers who are aware of the special aesthetics of black and white will find the right utility in BLACK & WHITE projects 4 to express their creativity. With the brand new spectral sensitivity engine you can access every gray value of a converted color and adjust its tone value specifically.

70% Off – Black & White Projects 7 Professional: Lifetime License | A Black White Photo Style Editor – for Windows

Black & White Projects 7 Professional: Lifetime License BEST SELLER

Transform your photos into impressive black and white photography. Get Black & White Projects 7 Professional: Full ...
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With the FRANZIS projects complete edition, you can secure all instruments to create true works of art from your pictures – let yourself be convinced like more than 1,000,000 other enthusiastic customers.

Regardless of whether you want to work with professional presets that already present you with the best results – or make adjustments to color, sharpness, depth and exposure individually and in the smallest detail: this is no problem with the intuitive software interface of the projects image processing.

100% Software Giveaway on FRANZIS Projects Complete Edition: 5 Photography Software Full Version for FREE – for Windows
100% Software Giveaway on FRANZIS Projects Complete Edition: 5 Photography Software Full Version for FREE – for Windows
$0.00 $485.00
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