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Deal Score+34
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An encryption tool that provides fast, reliable, and failure-resistant protection of sensitive data using industry standard AES 256-bit encryption. Get Kryptel Enterprise 8.2.5 full version with a license key for free!


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Kryptel Review at a Glance

Kryptel is a reliable and easy-to-use software, designed to help you encrypt and decrypt your files and folders, along with the ability to shred data to make it vanish forever. Files can be encrypted by a single mouse click within the Windows Explorer, and the application makes use of strong cryptographic algorithms to make sure your data is safe and secure.

Kryptel includes all the major features you’d expect from top-notch encryption software. Besides basic encryption/decryption operations, this edition can do encrypted backups and script-driven encryption jobs. this encryption tool includes powerful Kryptel Browser for inspecting and modifying encrypted containers and can be run from a USB drive.

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Kryptel Edition

Kryptel is available in three editions covering a wide range of user requirements.

  1. Free Edition (Kryptelite) is excellent choice for those users who use encryption only occasionally. While it lacks bells and whistles of the more advanced editions, it still does the job perfectly and provides the same highest level of security.
  2. Standard Edition includes all the major features you’d expect from top-notch encryption software. Besides basic encryption/decryption operations, this edition can do encrypted backups and script-driven encryption jobs. The Standard Edition includes powerful Kryptel Browser for inspecting and modifying encrypted containers, and can be run from a USB drive.
  3. If security and reliability is a priority, Enterprise Edition is what you need. In addition to the Standard Edition’s features, Kryptel Enterprise offers command-line interface for automated processing and can work in FIPS 140-2 -compliant encryption mode. In case of a hardware failure its Data Recovery feature will help you minimize damage by recovering data from the corrupted container.


Key Features of Kryptel:

  • Easy single-click encryption
  • Unlimited number of files and folders in single operation
  • Unlimited file size
  • Strong encryption using industry-standard 256-bit AES cipher
  • Effective ZIP and BZIP2 data compression
  • Integration with Windows Explorer’s right-click menu
  • Integrated file shredder with manual shred option
  • Graphical interface to the shredder
  • Includes best classic and contemporary ciphers
  • Includes a portable version to be run from a USB drive
  • Advanced password dialog with a password strength meter
  • Secure Password Manager for easy handling of passwords and keys.
  • Virtual keyboards for a large set of languages
  • USB as Key (binary media-based keys)
  • Support for hardware Yubikeys
  • Powerful Kryptel Browser for inspecting and modifying encrypted files
  • Multi-pass shredding for reliable file deletion
  • Can create and maintain encrypted backups
  • Backup to Interner storage (Dropbox, GoogleDrive, and OneDrive)
  • Can define sets of files or folders to be encrypted in a single operation (encrypted filesets)
  • Command-line interface for automated encryption tasks
  • Native 64-bit processing
  • Utilizes multi-core processors to speed up encryption
  • Advanced Data Recovery allows restoring data from corrupted containers
  • FIPS 140-2 compliance mode


To run the software with optimum reliability and performance, your system should match the following requirements:

System Requirements for Windows OS:

  • Supported OS:
    • Windows 11
    • Windows 10
    • Windows 8.1
    • Windows 8
    • Windows Server 2012
    • Windows 7
    • Windows Vista
    • Windows Server 2008
    • Windows XP
    • Windows Server 2003
    • Windows 2000


Not sure if Kryptel does what you need? Try it out now. Please feel free to download Kryptel for Windows here. Kryptel by Inv Softworks LLC has been tested professionally and we are assured that no viruses, Trojans, adware or malware contained.


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Kryptel retails for $29.95 for Standard version, But, on our website, THE Software Shop, you can get Kryptel Standard Includes Portable Version for free in the “Software Giveaway” section below. This offer is available for a limited time!

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