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OkayFreedom VPN Premium – Access to websites that are regionally restricted accessible to you

OkayFreedom VPN Premium  Review at a Glance

With OkayFreedom VPN Premium, the times of videos that are supposed „not available in your country“ are over. This program recognizes whether content like videos or even entire websites are blocked in your country, and automatically routes you through a different locale where it’s accessible.

Also on data protection and WI-FI security, OkayFreedom VPN Premium is the tool of choice. It conceals the real IP address and uses the highly secure Blowfish encryption to guard the entire connection. The software works with all browsers, and after the simple installation, there is no registration nor password needed. This is how you can surf the net anonymously!

OkayFreedom VPN Premium recognizes whether contents, videos, and entire websites are restricted in your country and automatically directs you to a server over which the contents will be accessible. OkayFreedom VPN uses a network of VPN servers for this and therefore makes not only surfing possible but is also the safest environment for privacy on the net in general.

OkayFreedom VPN Premium will automatically pick the best connection. If wanted, the server location can also be chosen freely: There are several different countries available, and with a click of the mouse, the Internet will think one is in America or Switzerland for example.

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Key Features

  • Access to blocked websites from every country
  • Use of all favorite sites when abroad
  • Anonymous and secure web access – even in public hotspots
  • Anonymity while surfing and downloading
  • Protection of privacy on the internet
  • Servers available in several different countries, including the USA and Japan
  • No registration or password needed
  • Protection of IP address even while using downloaders and torrents
  • Fully operative with all browsers
  • Combination of the highly secure Blowfish encryption with 128 bits and VPN technology for the automatic protection of IP addresses
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System Requirements

System requirements for OkayFreedom VPN Premium

  • OkayFreedom VPN has to be run as administrator
  • Microsoft Windows® XP / Vista™ / 7 / 8
  • 50 MB free hard disk space
  • Min. 1 GB of RAM
  • Internet connection
  • Current version of Chrome or Firefox for automatic unlocking (manual unlocking works with all browsers)
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User & Media Reviews

„Users faced with content on YouTube or elsewhere that they can’t view from Germany need a VPN (…) that hides their location. With OkayFreedom they have a simple solution (…)“
Chip 12/2013, Rating: Good (1,8)Chip 12/2013, Rating: Good (1,8)
“OkayFreedom is our top recommendation if you want access to certain content now and again, or just want to browse the Internet anonymously sometimes. Its ease of use and automatic routing make it a winner.”
Netzwelt 5/2014Netzwelt 5/2014
„Straightforward pricing, good functionality, multiple identities.“
Netzsieger 8/2014Netzsieger 8/2014
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