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✔ 130 Premium Fonts by Keithzo (7NTypes). ✔ Commercial License Included. ✔ Lifetime Access to the Bundle

Add a touch of fun and creativity to your work, making it more engaging and appealing to your audience. Get Playful Font Bundle that includes 130 Premium Fonts with Commercial License for free!

Fonts play a crucial role in setting the tone and mood of any design project. Playful fonts, in particular, can add a touch of fun and creativity to your work, making it more engaging and appealing to your audience. In this article, we’ll introduce you to the Playful Font Bundle, a fantastic collection of 130 high-quality fonts that you can use to elevate your designs.

What is the Playful Font Bundle?

The Playful Font Bundle is a carefully curated collection of 130 superb fonts, perfect for a wide range of crafting projects. These fonts have been handpicked for their unique and playful styles, ensuring that you have a diverse selection to choose from.

Premium fonts included in this bundle:

  • Beautiful Fairytale Display Font
  • Lovely Children Script & Handwritten Font
  • Nilky & Miky Script & Handwritten Font
  • Lovely Notes Display Font
  • Lovely Mermaid Display Font
  • Curly Funky Script & Handwritten Font
  • Beautiful Farmhouse Serif Font
  • Gabriel Childish Display Font
  • Quirky Crafts Script & Handwritten Font
  • Yoshephin Script & Handwritten Font
  • Cirquesa Script & Handwritten Font
  • Gloria Jessica Serif Font
  • Rainbow Florist Script & Handwritten Font
  • King Dino Display Font
  • Joyful Family Display Font
  • Frosthina Sans Serif Font
  • New Year Holiday Display Font
  • Romantic Mermaid Fuentes Caligráficas Fuente
  • Young Mom Journal Script & Handwritten Font
  • Family Friendly Polices de Caractères Police
  • Lovely Princess Display Font Font
  • Kings Comic Display Font
  • Christiany Polices de Caractères Police
  • Morina Rosella Polices de Caractères Police
  • Richela Kids Script & Handwritten Font
  • Creative Crafter Display Font
  • Beautiful Butterfly Script & Handwritten Font
  • Funky Swirly Script & Handwritten Font
  • Daily Note Script & Handwritten Font
  • Milenials Mother Afficher Polices Police
  • Attracted Tuesday Afficher Polices Police
  • The Story of Valentine Script & Handwritten Font
  • Greater Works Script & Handwritten Font
  • Royela Script & Handwritten Font
  • Super Marion Duo Polices de Caractères Police
  • Chicken Dinner Polices Sans Serif Police
  • Prettyla Script & Handwritten Font
  • Bearly Chubs Polices de Caractères Police
  • Delvito Rusco Script & Handwritten Font
  • Beauty Fashion Polices de Caractères Police
  • Tweety Birds Polices Serif Police
  • Beelova Script & Handwritten Font
  • Childisko Polices de Caractères Police
  • Playful Notes Display Font
  • Frostela Polices de Caractères Police
  • Lovina Unicorn Display Font
  • Theola Kids Afficher Polices Police
  • Boys Story Polices de Caractères Police
  • Kindness Heart Script & Handwritten Font
  • Wonderful Memories Script & Handwritten Font
  • Attracted Monday Afficher Polices Police
  • Adorable Princess Afficher Polices Police
  • Creative Children Polices de Caractères Police
  • Lighthearted Pleasure Script & Handwritten Font
  • Squeezy Lemons Afficher Polices Police
  • Story in Friday Display Fonts Font
  • Potato Spice Script & Handwritten Font
  • Go Young Caplow Afficher Polices Police
  • Aprilio Farm Polices de Caractères Police
  • Sherlyna Polices de Caractères Police
  • Superior Handcraft Display Font
  • Jolahope Polices de Caractères Police
  • Calm Down Beibeh Polices de Caractères Police
  • Joyful Mother Script & Handwritten Font
  • Sunny Glows Script & Handwritten Font
  • Lovely Crafts Display Font
  • Beautiful Sunday Fontes Sans Serif Fonte
  • Story in Sunday Script & Handwritten Font
  • Lovely Rainbows Display Font Font
  • Nathals Polices de Caractères Police
  • Eitaro Sans Serif Font
  • Story of Super Boys Polices de Caractères Police
  • The Gredy Cute Polices de Caractères Police
  • Totally Childish Polices de Caractères Police
  • Sweaty Heart Script & Handwritten Font
  • Valineta Script & Handwritten Font
  • Struggle Stories Czcionki Indeksowe Czcionka
  • All Season Polices de Caractères Police
  • Romantic Kissing Polices de Caractères Police
  • Swirly Easter Polices de Caractères Police
  • Chrisye Polices de Caractères Police
  • Quarantine and Chill Polices de Caractères Police
  • Sumber Jaya Script & Handwritten Font
  • Vanilla Creams Sans Serif Font
  • Malove Script & Handwritten Font
  • Attractive Slender Afficher Polices Police
  • Valenfy Polices de Caractères Police
  • Dinomiko Polices de Caractères Police
  • Borjuis Script & Handwritten Font
  • Barlyn Octavia Afficher Polices Police
  • Enjoys Easter Polices de Caractères Police
  • Sweet Unicorn Skript-Schriftarten Schriftart
  • Extra Ordinary Gang Polices de Caractères Police
  • Play Fairy Polices de Caractères Police
  • The Funny Ghost Display Font
  • Playful Children Polices de Caractères Police
  • Ruko Script & Handwritten Font
  • Comeback to Hometown Script & Handwritten Font
  • Chubby Boys Skript-Schriftarten Schriftart
  • Lovely Strawberry Display Font
  • Fidato Font Corsivi Font
  • Beautiful Christmas Serif Font
  • Dream Comes True Display Font
  • Beauty Momsky Polices de Caractères Police
  • Guten Morgen Dear Polices de Caractères Police
  • Lovely Poetry Script & Handwritten Font
  • Reborn Revolt Script & Handwritten Font
  • Wishpy Willuck Script & Handwritten Font
  • Rowlink Story Polices de Caractères Police
  • Sparkle Love Display Font
  • Love You Forever Serif Font
  • Funky Gurls Afficher Polices Police
  • Sunshine with You Polices de Caractères Police
  • Pinky Love Script & Handwritten Font
  • Kuproy Polices de Caractères Police
  • Lovely Easter Polices de Caractères Police
  • Marigold Flowers Script & Handwritten Font
  • Silkia Polices de Caractères Police
  • Steaming Grill Fontes Script Fonte
  • Aprilio Bomber Script & Handwritten Font
  • Arini Nadiya Script Fonts Font
  • Avelyn Script & Handwritten Font
  • Lemontea Squash Polices de Caractères Police
  • Barbie Keilla Polices de Caractères Police
  • Gokha Polices de Caractères Police
  • Rhigen Polices de Caractères Police
  • Well Hello Easter Script & Handwritten Font
  • Lovely Christmas Script & Handwritten Font
  • Christed Polices de Caractères Police
  • Blithe Soul Polices de Caractères Police

What’s even better is that this amazing font bundle, which is normally worth $1806, is now available for FREE! That’s right, you can download and use these fantastic fonts without spending a dime. The free download also includes a commercial license, allowing you to use the fonts in your personal and commercial projects without any restrictions.


The Playful Font Bundle offers a wide variety of fonts, making it suitable for various design projects. Whether you’re working on name tags, greeting cards, posters, book covers, or t-shirt print designs, you’ll find the perfect font to match your creative vision.

PUA Encoded Fonts

Most of the fonts in the bundle are PUA encoded, which means you can access all of the special characters with ease. This feature allows you to fully utilize the fonts’ potential and create unique, eye-catching designs.

Value for Money

Considering the high-quality fonts included in the bundle and the fact that it’s available for free, the Playful Font Bundle offers exceptional value for money. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a better deal on such a diverse and high-quality collection of fonts.

Applications of Playful Fonts

The possibilities are endless when it comes to using the Playful Font Bundle. You can use these fonts to create custom name tags for your business or event, design eye-catching posters for your next marketing campaign, or even create your own unique t-shirt designs. The only limit is your own creativity.

  • Name Tags: Create fun and personalized name tags for events, parties, or even your kids’ belongings using the playful fonts in this bundle.
  • Greeting Cards: Design unique and heartfelt greeting cards for birthdays, holidays, and other special occasions with the help of these charming fonts.
  • Posters: Make your posters stand out with eye-catching typography that captures the essence of your message.
  • Book Covers: Design captivating book covers that draw readers in with the perfect combination of playful fonts and engaging visuals.
  • T-Shirt Print Designs: Create one-of-a-kind t-shirt designs that showcase your personality and style using the wide variety of fonts in the Playful Font Bundle.

Using the Playful Font Bundle is a great way to add personality and uniqueness to your brand. By incorporating these fonts into your branding materials, you can stand out from the competition and create a more memorable brand image.

10Expert Score

The Playful Font Bundle is an incredible resource for designers and crafters alike, offering a diverse collection of high-quality fonts for free. With its versatility, PUA encoded fonts, and unbeatable value, this bundle is a must-have for anyone looking to add a touch of fun and creativity to their projects. Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity to elevate your designs with the Playful Font Bundle.


  1. Q: Can I use the Playful Font Bundle for commercial projects?
    • A: Yes, the commercial license included in the free download allows you to use the fonts for both personal and commercial projects.
  2. Q: How long is the Playful Font Bundle available for free?
    • A: The bundle is available for free for a limited time. Make sure to download it as soon as possible to take advantage of this amazing offer.
  3. Q: Are all the fonts in the bundle PUA encoded?
    • A: Most of the fonts in the Playful Font Bundle are PUA encoded, allowing you to access special characters with ease.
  4. Q: Can I use the fonts in the bundle for print and digital projects?
    • A: Yes, the fonts in the Playful Font Bundle can be used for both print and digital projects, making them highly versatile.
  5. Q: How do I install the fonts from the Playful Font Bundle on my computer?
    • A: After downloading the bundle, simply extract the font files and install them on your computer following the standard font installation process for your operating system.
Font Giveaway – Playful Font Bundle: Free 130 Premium Fonts with Commercial License – for Windows & Mac
Font Giveaway – Playful Font Bundle: Free 130 Premium Fonts with Commercial License – for Windows & Mac
$0.00 $1,806.00
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