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Deal Score+37
$95.90 $159.88 BUY NOW

Easily generate breathtaking custom patterns with just a few clicks. Grab Repper Pro at a 25% discount with our annual subscription, and during our Black Friday sale, apply the additional 50% off coupon for even greater savings!


✔ Free Product Updates ✔ 24×7 Customer Support ✔ 30-day Money-back Guarantee.

Repper Review at a Glance

Creating original patterns is not an easy task. Repper brings method to the creative madness with their simplified pattern generator.

Repper helps you to make seamless patterns like a pro. With over 30 tiling templates and gorgeous 3D product previews, get ready to be inspired by the endless pattern possibilities.

Repper Pro Tilings

Choose your starter image and tiling style, and adjust the colors, variations, and overall effects as needed to dial in your perfect pattern.

Once you’re pleased, easily download the individual tile or entire wallpaper (or both!) for use in your own design work. Repper adds new effects to their library regularly, so the creative possibilities never stagnate.

Screenshots of Repper Pro


Key Features of Repper

  • Pixel-perfect precision: Have fun designing while we handle the repetitive work.
  • More than 30 tilings: A diverse range of geometric templates with endless possibilities.
  • Live preview: Get instant feedback while you design, in 2D or 3D.
  • View your patterns in 3D: Bring your patterns to life on photo-realistic products: T-shirt, Dress, Pillow, Scarf, Notebook, Fabric, Cushion, Coffee Cups, Sport Shocks, Leggings, Mug, Blanket.
  • Access from anywhere: Runs in the browser from any computer or tablet — no installation needed.
  • Auto backup: Keeps your patterns safely stored, in case you ever lose an export.
  • Free upgrades: Membership gives you instant access to the latest features.
  • Great Effects: Need to simplify colors or add complexity to the motif? You can do that right in the app: No effects, Duotone, Black & White, Gradient, Halftone, Metamorphosis.
  • Bitmap and Vector Support: Works with pixels and paths, No matter if you prefer designing in bitmap or vector, this app can work with it.
  • Edge Blending: Fuse the edges of seamed tilings together. Perfect for photographic patterns where you want to avoid mirroring.
  • Snapshots: One-click snapshots keep you in the flow when you are on pattern safari. Store them until it is time to select, tweak and export.
  • Projects: Keep it organized, Projects bring method to the creative madness.
  • Image Search: Choose from a million photos from Unsplash, free to use for hobby and commercial alike.


This is a paid app, but it starts with a free trial, and includes demo projects to test before even signing up. Go play!

Make your own pattern for free
Free for personal and commercial use with attribution.

Repper has a free pattern library. It’s a growing collection of pattern sets that are 100% free to use—also commercially!


Repper Pro is available for $12.99/month. But, through THESOFTWARE.SHOP, you can get Repper Pro includes a 1-year subscription at a 25% discount, plus a 50% Discount Coupon during this Black Friday offer. This offer is available for a limited time!

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Membership includes:
  • Unlimited commercial license
  • Bitmap and vector
  • Export up to 35k × 35k pixels
  • 3D preview and export
  • Unlimited collections
  • Auto-sync and backup
  • Instant access to new features
  • Email support from app creators

Repper Pro - Yearly Subscription (25% Off + 50% Off)</p><p><em>Only <s>$12.99 <strong>$9.99</strong></s> <strong>$4.99</strong> /month when you subscribe for a year</em></p><p>
Repper Pro - Yearly Subscription (25% Off + 50% Off)

Only $12.99 $9.99 $4.99 /month when you subscribe for a year

Expand your pattern potential

  • 1-Year Subscription
  • Only $12.99 $9.99 $4.99/month

You can cancel your membership any time via the account settings in the app.

$59.94 $119.88 $155.88

Repper Pro - Monthly Subscription (20% Off)</p><p><em>Only <s>$12.99</s> $10.39/month</em></p><p>
Repper Pro - Monthly Subscription (20% Off)

Only $12.99 $10.39/month

Expand your pattern potential

  • 1-month Subscription
  • Only $12.99 $10.39/month

You can cancel your membership any time via the account settings in the app.

$10.39 $12.99
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More Repper Discount Coupons

Extra 20% Off on the Yearly Subscription (25% Off + 20% Off)
Extra 20% Off on the Yearly Subscription (25% Off + 20% Off)

Opt for the Repper annual subscription to maximize your savings and receive an additional 20% discount by applying this exclusive coupon code.

Extra 20% Off

20% Off on the Monthly Subscription
20% Off on the Monthly Subscription

No problem if you still prefer the Monthly Subscription! You can still take advantage of our exclusive 20% discount coupon.

20% Off

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User & Media Reviews

What are their users saying about Repper Pro? Why did they love it?

“I love the playfulness in Repper. The path from start to reward is short and satisfying.”
Madeleine Bengtsson -<br />
Pattern designer and color freak⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Madeleine Bengtsson -
Pattern designer and color freak⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
“Repper is super helpful to create different patterns within the same family of style.”

Liana Nigri - Fashion designer⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Liana Nigri - Fashion designer⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
“I’ve made all colouring books in the ‘For My’ series using Repper.”
Tania Yager -<br />
Coloring book artist⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Tania Yager -
Coloring book artist⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
“Repper allows my students to create brilliant patterns from their own work in record time.”
Erica Lindberg -<br />
Artist and workshop organizer⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Erica Lindberg -
Artist and workshop organizer⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
“I create new patterns from traditional Romanian motifs, print them on leggings and sell via Shopify.”
Adrian Mirel - Urban Kiz instructor⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Adrian Mirel - Urban Kiz instructor⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
10Expert Score

Repper is a great design tool for when you need to make repeat patterns. It takes care of all the technical details so I can focus on the creative part. There are over 30 tiling templates and a new 3D preview that makes it easy to see how my design will look in different mediums. This is really helpful when designing something like wallpaper or patterns for clothes.

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