50% Off Revo Uninstaller PRO 4 – 13th Birthday Special Offer

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In celebration Revo Uninstaller’s 13th Birthday, VS Revo Group is offering you a 50% discount on any Revo Uninstaller Pro 4 license (1 Year, 2 Years, or Portable). Get The Most Exciting Version Of Revo Uninstaller Pro And Enjoy The Powerful Benefits of The Uninstall Process.

Revo Uninstaller Pro 4 - All Programs
Revo Uninstaller Pro 4 – All Programs

Revo Uninstaller Pro 4 allows you to Remove unwanted program from your PC even unused Windows apps. With the Quick Uninstall You can also save time by uninstalling any number of programs simultaneously. Let consuming removal behind!

  • Simultaneousuninstallation of several programs – forced installation 
  • Remove browser extensions and Windows apps
  • Profiscan for remnants of previously deleted programs
  • Recording system changes
  • Installation logs
  • Extensive log database
  • • Hunt mode for stubborn software
  • Backup manager
  • Manage start-up entries
  • Remove junk files
  • Easy access to Windows Utilities
  • Clean up historical data from the browser, Windows, MS-Office
  • Remove traces
  • Permanently remove files

With the Revo Uninstaller 4 Pro you can remove any unwanted program from your PC, even unused Windows apps. You can make your system faster again and even uninstall several programs at the same time.

Keep an eye on every system change

Each installed program changes your Windows registry, file associations, and more. Revo Uninstaller 4 logs these changes and can then easily go back in time during the deinstallation! This function makes it possible to monitor your own installations.

In addition, this function allows an online database with self-recorded installation logs to be published. This database now contains more than 25,000 logs, which are only saved for you. Simply call up a log and carry out the corresponding deinstallation. Thanks to this database, you can even remove programs without ever having recorded the installation. Of course, your operating system is also taken into account and only corresponding protocols are offered.

Multiple security system

The Revo Uninstaller 4 automatically creates backups of the removed registry values, keys, files and folders. The backup manager is the linchpin of this function and enables you to create: system restore points before uninstallation, full registry backups before each uninstallation process and daily full registry backups.

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User Rating: 5 (1 vote)
50% Off Revo Uninstaller PRO 4 –  13th Birthday Special Offer
50% Off Revo Uninstaller PRO 4 – 13th Birthday Special Offer
$12.47 - $22.47 $24.95 - $44.95
User Rating: 5 (1 vote)
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