100% Software Giveaway on The Ultimate 2020 Mac Freebie Bundle – for Mac OS X

$0.00 $74.00 BUY NOW

Today we have a fun bundle of seven Mac utilities worth $73.95, available for the price of FREE!

Get 7 Mac Utilities (Worth $74.00) IncludingClipsy ClipBoard Manager, CoverDesk, WiFi Signal Strength Status, Mission Control Plus, AirRadar 5, Data Guardian 5, and Workspaces 1.5 for Productivity, Security, Efficiency, & More All for Free.

What you get with The Ultimate 2020 Mac Freebie Bundle

  • Clipsy ClipBoard Manager – $9.99 Value
    • Remembers 9,999 clipboard records
    • Displays type of file w/ thumbnails
    • Allows you to search from clipboard history
    • Edit copied text & url from the menubar
    • Can exclude apps to restrict Clipsy to record clipboard history
  • Cover Desk – $4.99 Value
    • Hide all desktop icons w/ just a click
    • Focus only on the display window for better visibility
    • Get a healthy display color temperature based on the day or night
    • Get Retina capability on any of your internal or externally conencted monitors & projectors
  • WiFi Signal Strength Status – $2.99 Value
    • Monitor real-time WiFi signal strength & show the WiFi strength in percentage w/ connected network name
    • Auto connect to the strongest signal available
    • Get all details of other available networks around
    • See the strength, IP address, & speed of connected network
    • Get Mac address, open or secured, channels, BSSID, RSSI, Noise, Transmit Rate, PHY, interface mode, security type, & more network information
  • Mission Control Plus – $3.99 Value
    • Close windows straight from Mission Control
    • Press ⌘W to close a window
    • Use ⌘M to minimize a window
    • Press ↵ to open a window
    • Use ⌘Q to quit an app
  • AirRadar 5 – $12 Value
    • Connect to any Wi-Fi network type
    • Identify the best location of a network’s signal w/ the GPS integration feature
    • Automatically join the best network when it comes into range
    • View incredibly detailed information including encryption types, beacon intervals, vendor, channel bands, spec & more
  • Data Guardian 5 – $30 Value
    • Save & reuse data presets
    • Synchronize w/ Mac OS X’s keychain to always have your passwords with you when you need them
    • Create regular collections to sort records or have Data Guardian automatically manage that for you w/ Smart Collections
    • Specify a format and generate fresh random passwords on the fly
    • Quickly browse your database w/ the floating Quick Browser
    • Easily import from common formats like text, CSV, vCards, Address Book & more
  • Workspaces 1.5 – $9.99 Value
    • Drag & drop all the important files and folders
    • Press ⌘D or Duplicate in the contextual menu to work on similar Workspaces
    • Click Advanced button when editing the resource & choose the app you need
    • Archived unused workspaces & restore them anytime
    • Easily navigate the Menubar window using only your keyboard

This collection of seven killer apps is just what every Mac needs, each offering enhancements, inoculations and added protection against security threats, connectivity worries and even a hitch in your own productivity. And it’s all completely, totally, 100% free. Got your attention now, right?

9.5 Total Score

Every once in a while, you’ve got to let a doctor take a look at you and maybe even hit you with a flu shot or some extra vitamins before deeming you a-OK. Well, your Mac is just like you. So consider The Ultimate 2020 Mac Freebie Bundle a trip to the doc for your Mac.

  • Free 7 Mac Apps
  • A total of $74 value
  • Not for Windows Users
  • Limited Time Offer
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100% Software Giveaway on The Ultimate 2020 Mac Freebie Bundle – for Mac OS X
100% Software Giveaway on The Ultimate 2020 Mac Freebie Bundle – for Mac OS X
$0.00 $74.00
User Rating: Be the first one!
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