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Dissect and understand the nuances of any text with remarkable ease. Get Vovsoft Text Statistics Analyzer 3.7 full version with a license key for free!


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Vovsoft Text Statistics Analyzer Review at a Glance

Are you seeking a reliable tool to unravel the intricacies of textual data? Look no further than the Vovsoft Text Statistics Analyzer. This versatile software utility empowers users to delve deep into character, word, and line frequencies, offering invaluable insights for linguistic studies and beyond.

Streamlined Analysis Process

Experience efficiency like never before with the Vovsoft Text Statistics Analyzer. Its intuitive graphical user interface (GUI) boasts two primary buttons, simplifying the process of text analysis. Whether you’re loading text from a file or pasting it directly into the main window, initiating analysis is a breeze.

Quick Statistical Insights

With the ability to generate quick statistics from any text, this tool transcends mere convenience, emerging as a potent educational aid. Teachers can leverage its word frequency computation feature to identify and quantify repetitions effortlessly. This capability not only streamlines curriculum planning but also enhances students’ comprehension and writing skills.

Comprehensive Data Visualization

Navigate through the results of your analysis seamlessly, thanks to the software’s organized interface. The “General” section presents a comprehensive overview, detailing the total number of characters, words, and lines in your text. Furthermore, it sheds light on the utilization of unique elements and provides insights into character, word, and line frequencies. By expressing frequency in both absolute numbers and percentage points, users gain a nuanced understanding of their linguistic patterns.

Export and Synonym Display

For enhanced convenience, the Vovsoft Text Statistics Analyzer allows users to export data to a CSV file, facilitating further analysis or integration with external platforms. Additionally, synonyms can be displayed effortlessly by right-clicking any word in the results window, empowering users to enrich their vocabulary effortlessly.

Visualize with Ease

Beyond textual statistics, the Vovsoft Text Statistics Analyzer enables you to quickly generate pie charts. This feature is perfect for visual learners and those presenting their findings, allowing for an easy-to-understand representation of data.

10Expert Score

Vovsoft Text Statistics Analyzer is a comprehensive solution for anyone involved in linguistics or educational fields. Its simplicity, combined with its powerful analytics capabilities, makes it an invaluable asset for enhancing your understanding of texts and linguistic patterns. Whether you’re a teacher looking to improve your students’ writing skills or a linguist conducting detailed textual analyses, this software is sure to become an essential part of your toolkit.


Key Features of Vovsoft Text Statistics Analyzer

  • PDF Support: Seamlessly analyze textual content across various formats, ensuring compatibility and versatility.
  • Char Frequency: Gain profound insights into the frequency of individual characters, fostering a deeper understanding of textual nuances.
  • Word Frequency: Identify commonly used words and quantify their occurrences, empowering users to optimize content and refine their writing style.
  • Line Frequency: Assess the distribution of text across lines, enhancing readability analysis and formatting assessment.
  • Batch Processing: Boost productivity by analyzing multiple texts simultaneously, streamlining workflow and efficiency.
  • N-Word Phrases: Explore the occurrence of multi-word phrases, uncovering deeper insights into language usage and context.


To run Vovsoft Text Statistics Analyzer with optimum reliability and performance, your system should match the following requirements:

  • Windows
  • Mac OS X

System Requirements for Windows OS:

  • Supports Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP (64-bit)

System Requirements for Mac OS:


Explore how Vovsoft Text Statistics Analyzer works according to your needs. Download the trial version of Vovsoft Text Statistics Analyzer for free to test the software by clicking the button below.

Installer, Windows Portable, Windows


Vovsoft Text Statistics Analyzer is priced at $19.00. However, you have the option to acquire Vovsoft Text Statistics Analyzer with a lifetime license that includes complimentary updates and support through our exclusive 30% discount coupon. This promotion is currently available for a limited duration!

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