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Deal Score+38
$99.00 $4000.00 BUY NOW
Deal Score+38
$99.00 $4000.00 BUY NOW

Manage projects more efficiently with boards, calendars, to-dos, assignees, and more on one project management platform. Get lifetime acess to Bloo with a discount of up to 95%!


✔ Save up to $3800.00. ✔ Free Product Updates ✔ 24×7 Customer Support ✔ 60-day Money-back Guarantee.

Bloo Review at a Glance

All growing businesses meet the same problems like email threads that are way too long, chaotic group chats, and files all over the place. How do you get any work done? if you are ready to retire from the juggling life and get yourself an all-in-one platform for everything you need to manage your projects then Bloo is for you!

Bloo is a simple & affordable Project Management Software that includes boards, calendars, to-dos, files, assignees, and more to keep everything organized and efficient. It’s easy for anyone to use the intuitive interface in order to keep everything on track.

You can collaborate with your team members easily by adding them as a collaborator or giving them access just for the day. It has everything from time tracking to task lists so there are no excuses for missing deadlines or forgetting important events when using Bloo!

Bloo provides users with the tools they need to stay organized by letting them create projects for their business or personal needs. When creating a project in Bloo it is easy to see where everything is found because each tab has its own scheme which makes it easier for the user to find what they are looking for. Bloo also offers features like board collaboration which allows team members from separate locations to work on one project together through chat – this is perfect if your team members do not always have access to email or skype because then they can still collaborate without any difficulty! Lastly but not leastly Bloo offers unlimited storage!

If you’ve been running your business on group chat or emails, we think you will find Bloo a much calmer, more organized way to do things. Running a company or team does not have to be crazy, and theyre there to support you each step of the way as you transform the way you work and collaborate.

How does Bloo work?

Let us get right into it! When you log in you will land on the activity dashboard which gives you an at a glance view of your recent activity across all projects and the recently active members of your team. As we cruise down, the menu on the left side, we will see all activity tabs that catalog your personal activity within Bloo, and my Todo’s which keeps track of all of your tasks within a list and calendar view.

Next up is the projects tab, here you will find a Kanban board that allows you to drag lists and tasks to create the perfect workflow for your projects. Heads up, there are project templates for several use cases like goal tracking sales, CRM’s, recruitment, and many more. Filter your boards with tags, keywords, and assignees to find exactly what you need. Plus create automations based on rule sets. Say whenever a to-do list is moved to under review it will be auto assigned to a project manager with a due date within two days. Keeping everyone and everything organized and on point, then click on an item to see what is happening with it. All changes to the item are tracked in an activity feed and you can customize the cards to have any information you want.

Thanks to checklists and custom fields, the discussions tab in Bloo will replace email correspondence and with unlimited uploads and no storage limit, the files tab is a new hub for all your files. notifications can be set up on a project-by-project basis.

Finally conduct real-time searches across the entire Bloo platform, it could not be easier to get work done. so, what are you waiting for make project management a breeze for seamless cross-team collaboration with Bloo.


Key Features of Bloo

  • Projects – Create unlimited projects to separate your work and keeps things private.
  • Boards – Use the board view to create simple and efficient processes in your team.
  • Calendars – Each project has a calendar, and we have cross-project calendars for planning.
  • Activity Feed – Know what is happening, with a live activity feed that shows you everything.
  • @Mentions – Ping a colleague by mentioning them in any comment.
  • Smart Notifications – Choose how, when, and where we let you know. You are always in control.
  • Import & Export – Get data in (or out) in minutes with our CSV import and export.
  • Dark Mode – Working late? No problem, reduce glare and eye strain with dark mode.
  • Files – Upload an unlimited number of files to any projects.
  • Custom Fields – uild your own data structure with over 15 diverse types of custom fields.
  • Automations – Automate common workflow actions that happen repeatedly.
  • Forms – Have form data jump directly into Bloo! Great for field work, tickets, and sales.
  • Lists – Filter and sort lists to get the precise data set you are looking for, every time.
  • Maps – Add geo-location data and visualize your items on an interactive map.
  • Search – Make all your data searchable in seconds, and always find what you need.


To run #THE SOFTWARE with optimum reliability and performance, your system should match the following requirements:

  • Supported OS:
    • Windows: All (via Web Browser)
    • Mac: All (via Web Browser
    • Android: Android 6.0 and up
    • iOS: Requires iOS 12.0 or later.


Not sure if #THE SOFTWARE does what you need? Try it out now. Please feel free to try Bloo for free here. This simple project management system tool by Bloo, Inc. has been tested professionally and we are assured that no viruses, Trojans, adware or malware contained.

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Bloo is available for $50.00/month. But, through THESOFTWARE.SHOP, you can get the lifetime access to Bloo with our exclusive 95% discount coupon. This offer is available for a limited time!

Features includes in All Plans

  • Unlimited projects
  • Unlimited Kanban boards
  • Unlimited calendars
  • Unlimited to-dos
  • Unlimited lists
  • Unlimited activities
  • Unlimited updates
  • Unlimited people settings
  • Unlimited discussions
  • Unlimited company calendar
  • Unlimited custom fields
  • Unlimited notifications

All tiers give you access to all features, the only difference is the number of team members that you can invite to Bloo. Clients and view/comment only users do not count against your limits.

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Bloo Lifetime - Tier 5 (Save 97%)</p><p>
Bloo Lifetime - Tier 5 (Save 97%)

Simple & affordable project management software that your team will actually use!

  • Unlimited Users
  • Unlimited Projects
  • Unlimited File Storage
  • All Features and Future Updates

$99.00 $200.00 $4000.00
Last day

Bloo Lifetime - Tier 5</p><p>
Bloo Lifetime - Tier 5

Simple & affordable project management software that your team will actually use!

  • Unlimited Users
  • Unlimited Projects
  • Unlimited File Storage
  • All Features and Future Updates

$200.00 $4000.00
Last day

Bloo Lifetime - Tier 1</p><p>
Bloo Lifetime - Tier 1

Simple & affordable project management software that your team will actually use!

  • 30 Users
  • Unlimited Projects
  • Unlimited File Storage
  • All Features and Future Updates

$40.00 $800.00

Bloo Lifetime - Tier 2</p><p>
Bloo Lifetime - Tier 2

Simple & affordable project management software that your team will actually use!

  • 75 Users
  • Unlimited Projects
  • Unlimited File Storage
  • All Features and Future Updates

$80.00 $1600.00

Bloo Lifetime - Tier 3</p><p>
Bloo Lifetime - Tier 3

Simple & affordable project management software that your team will actually use!

  • 150 Users
  • Unlimited Projects
  • Unlimited File Storage
  • All Features and Future Updates

$120.00 $2400.00

Bloo Lifetime - Tier 4</p><p>
Bloo Lifetime - Tier 4

Simple & affordable project management software that your team will actually use!

  • 300 Users
  • Unlimited Projects
  • Unlimited File Storage
  • All Features and Future Updates

$160.00 $3200.00


Bloo Yearly - Unlimited Users</p><p>
Bloo Yearly - Unlimited Users

Simple & affordable project management software that your team will actually use!

  • Unlimited Users
  • Unlimited Projects
  • Unlimited File Storage
  • All Features and Future Updates
  • 60 Days Refund Policy

$99.00 $600.00

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User & Media Reviews

What are their users saying about #THE SOFTWARE? Why they loved it?


i bought the maximum codes. They knew what we wanted and gave it to us. It’s a mvp – missing some features. But who cares, they satisfied the needs that we want. I have gone through so many productivity software and this one will be the king for me.

bowtiekreative ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐bowtiekreative ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Super Easy and Understandable by All!

Bought Bloo and implemented it right away. Already started onboarding clients and haven’t even had to show them how to use the app. It’s so simple and understandable. I really like everything about Bloo and will be upping my tier. Just make sure if you have multiple companies, you will need to use one code or more for each company. At 30 employees, unlimited clients, and unlimited storage, you would be completely missing out on this deal. Even if you only use it for personal use to get the unlimited storage, that will pay for itself alone. I cannot recommend it enough.

JohnHayes ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐JohnHayes ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Me and my team of 5 peolple have been using bloo for more than a month now and I can tell it’s great. It has all we need at this point and, for the price is probably the best option out there right now.

I would like to be able to have folders inside of the FILES place (amazing we have unlimited everything, even there). When you upload tons of files, even though you can search for specific files, it’s a mess when you don’t remember the name.

Otherwise, amazing software that I highly hope you guys buy too!!

Simple, but Perfect!

Currently, the features may be very simple. However, it is enough for me for project collaboration with clients. No file upload limits and can play videos directly in the app, it’s really cool and I’m happy to find Bloo!

Easy Client Management Portal!

This makes client collaboration easy!
I have a client right now and he is soooo busy…
He often forgets to reply to my emails and a lot of my emails won’t get any response lol
And I found it so annoying to constantly backtrack my emails and work that needs to get done…
So bloo really helps with this! This is just like trello but with added features but I found it easier here in bloo to manage different projects.
I’ve used and seen different apps that are similar to bloo, but I found that they are lacking some things or they complicated to use… which makes bloo perfect for me 🙂

niru ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐niru ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
10Expert Score

Bloo is a simple yet powerful Kanban Style Project management tool. While many of the project management tools are sometimes overwhelming for staff and clients both, Bloo provides a refreshing new simple and clean UI interface to manage projects. It is so easy, even one of my team member was able to perform various tasks without having to looking at the help documents.

  • Clean UI/ UX . Simple Easy to understand
  • Kanban Boards for Project Management
  • Ability to create custom forms with fields.
  • Unlimited File Storage (max 5GB/file)

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