Save 60% on PSTProfiler – Search. Find. Convert.

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Deal Score+7
$37 $97 BUY NOW

Secure Your Copy of Your Ideal Customer and Take Control of Your Customers with PSTProfiler. Get its license key with Discount coupon

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Save 60% on PSTProfiler – Search. Find. Convert.

PSTProfiler Review at a Glance

PSTProfiler helps you to identify your customer’s profile so you can understand their needs and wants, their problems and frustrations and therefore you can create sales letters, ad-campaigns emails, and products that address directly to them. In this way, you can increase your Conversion Ratio and become more profitable.

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Key Features of PSTProfiler

  • Create/Select your niche market – Create the niche market you are in, enter the main keyword you think suitable for this market, get its Search Volume and the Cost Per Click for this keyword and start gathering information for the people who are interested in this market.
  • Customer’s Demographics – Find the sex, age, nd income of your targeted customers. Are they well established? Are they seeking for an extra income or a fresh beginning?
  • Customer’s Psycographics – What are your potential customer’s beliefs, feelings, and desires? What do they want? What are their problems and their frustrations? Now you can know them better.
  • Competitors Analysis – Who are they? What do they offer? What frustration, problem or need they try to solve? Knowing all these you can offer a better solution to your targeted customers.
  • Related Keywords – Discover more keywords you can use in your ad campaigns and SEO. Also, you can find more competitors and more information about your ideal customers.
  • Search forums and similar products for reviews – Gather all the information that your potential customers want or need in order to find out their true desires, feelings, and beliefs.
  • Search Q&A Sites for questions and answers about your niche – Put them all together with answers that interest you in order to develop a better idea about your potential customer, their beliefs, their feelings and their desires.
  • Build your ideal customer’s profile – Have a complete profile of your customers, their demographics (age, sex, and income) and their psychographics (beliefs, feelings and desires) in order to approach them better.

Key Benefits of PSTProfiler

  • Better Sales Letter – Create better sales letters targeted specifically to your customers and increase your sales ratio.
  • Better Ad Campaigns – Create more efficient and successfuil ad campaings with much better conversion ratio.
  • Better Products – Develop better products specifically optimized to the real needs and wants of your customers.
  • Marketing Success – Everything you do on internet marketing level will be more efficient and successful.
  • Make More Profits – Create a more targeted sales page that can strike directly at the point of your customers’ needs and increase your sales ratio.
  • Lower Your Budget – Create the right ads that will be just for them decreasing the cost of ad campaigns by increasing your conversion ratio.
  • Gain The Trust Of Your Customers – By gaining their trust as being one of them you can increase your sales and you will become a successful entrepreneur.
  • Become An Authority For Your Niche – You can become an authority for your niche since you are speaking directly to each one of your customers and not to a broad audience.

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Get the Easy Survey Generator as a Free Bonus ($27 Value) whe you purchase a PSTProfiler. The secret most million dollar companies use time and time again is they are constantly ASKING their customers using surveys scripts and that is where Easy Survey Generator comes in. Not only a great bonus but also an important incentive in order to know your customers better.

PSTProfiler Software
PSTProfiler Software
Discover Your Customer's Profile.

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  • Includes unlimited niches License
  • FREE: Easy Survey Generator ($27 Value)

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