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Deal Score+214
$49.00 $420.00 BUY NOW

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Scalenut Review at a Glance

Content is the King and it’s getting more competitive. You need to get your content out there, but you can’t afford a writer or don’t have time to create content yourself? Meet Scalenut!

Scalenut is a unique solution that combines artificial intelligence with human expertise to deliver top-notch results. It uses a powerful algorithm that allows it to find relevant data from millions of sources online within minutes!

Scalenut offers an AI-Powered Content Research & Writing Platform that helps you create high-quality blog posts, articles, web pages, and copy for your business. The platform will help you save up to 50% of your time spent on writing new content by using Artificial Intelligence-powered research tools.

  • Why do you want it?
    • AI will make your content research and writing life easy
    • Find information about any topic without researching it
    • You can grow your SEO like never before
    • Quickly create well-written copy for your business
    • Generate Long Form Copy
    • Write high converting copy/content on autopilot
    • Save time and increase ROI on marketing campaigns

Don’t waste your time, energy, or money on content research and writing. Scalenut offers AI-powered content that costs less than what you’re already paying for just one writer and can produce up to 3 times as much automatically on an ongoing basis.

Imagine scalability: You send 2 articles to your new assistant, and they’ll come back with 5 – all of them world-class quality! Now imagine the same thing but in Unique Visitors instead of articles – it would be like having 10 girls at a club greeting every man who enters the room.

Screenshots of THESOFTWARE


Key Features of Scalenut:

  • AI Copywriter – Keep the ball rolling for you with instantly generated copy at the click of a button.
    • Blog Topics/ Ideas – Start content generation with the most promising and relevant ideas.
    • Product Description – Get product descriptions that make visitors press that ‘Buy now’ button.
    • Social Media Post – Create a buzz around your product and business with social posts that stir emotions.
    • Google Ads Copy – Dramatically improve conversion rates with attention-grabbing Google ad copies.
    • Landing Page Hero Text – Get the most impactful starts on your landing pages with captivating hero text.
    • Landing Page Sub Header Text – Never lose the reader’s attention with sub headers that guide them through to the CTA.
    • Google Descriptions – Snippets that help you leverage those search engine rankings and drive traffic to the website.
    • LinkedIn Ads Headline – Attract the best match for your business with sublime LinkedIn headlines.
    • Facebook Primary Text – Deliver so much value through content that readers can’t help but click on the CTA button with targeted Facebook text.
    • LinkedIn Ads Description – Generate on-brand LinkedIn ad descriptions that amplify your brand voice and presence.
    • Facebook Headlines – Tap into Facebook’s large audience pool with headlines that stop the scrolling at your posts.
    • Google Headlines – Stand out from the crowd with Google headlines that capitalize on customer pain points.
    • Email Subject Lines – Never go unread with email subject lines that ignite curiosity in the reader’s mind.
    • Blog Intro – Hook readers from the get go with emotional and relevant blog introductions.
  • SEO Assistant – An end-to-end content research and writing tool which covers all the ranking factors and provides you actionable insights with real-time tracking of SEO parameters.
    • Competition – SEO Assistant grades, checks the length, quality of writing, number of H Tags and number of images used in the top ranking blogs for your target keyword.
    • Keywords – Powered by AI and NLP, see the related terms and keywords that competition ranks for and how often they use the words in the content.
    • Intent – Figure what people are looking for, from the questions on Quora, Reddit. Also, get related questions, themes and AI powered questions.
    • Quality – The inbuilt Editor grades the article in real time and displays target keywords, and competitive intelligence in the sidebar.
    • Content – Use Write with AI, AI Operators, AI Connectors and templates to automatically create content
  • Marketing Content
    • Blog/ArticleGet SEO friendly blogs and article that improve your internet visibility.
    • Case StudyWell researched case studies that highlight your business’ expertise
    • Landing PageImprove conversion rates with compelling landing pages
    • Brochure / MenuInform and engage with well designed and organized brochures
    • Product DescriptionGet your product added in the cart more often with compressive product descriptions
    • Email NewsletterNurture and convert leads with smart and relevant email newsletters
    • InfographicAttract and impress with beautiful infographics
    • PosterGet more eyeballs with smartly designed posters.
    • Website CopyConvey your business values better with crisp website copies.
    • PresentationImpress clients and customers with stellar presentations
    • LogoMake your business stand out with beautifully designed logos.
    • Business CardWow your network with business cards that promote action.
    • Social Media copyEngage more with the audience using on-brand social media copies.
    • Ad CopyMake every cent count with high-converting ad copies.
    • Product PackagingGive your product an edge with beautiful packaging design and copies.
    • Carousel AdDelivery value in exchange for engagement with smart carousel ads
    • EbookMake your gated content impressive with our ebooks and convert leads easily.
    • Script WritingBreathe life into visual storytelling with impressive video scripts.
    • Web & App BannerGet banners that can win you the internet
    • Motion GraphicsStep up your game with attractive motion graphics
    • WhitepaperShine out your expertise with detailed whitepapers
    • Press ReleaseCover the what, when, who, where, and how of every event with detailed press releases
    • Product LabelMake your product distinct on the shelf with beautiful product labels
    • Video EditingVideos that stamp your business on the viewer’s mind.
  • Powerful AI Technology – Scalenut’s AI Copywriter uses a deep learning model to write like humans.
  • No Word Length Restrictions – The tool is trained to create short-form as well as long-form content.
  • Best in class Content Research – Backed by NLP algorithms, get the industry best content research.
  • Powerful Content Editor – Get longform AI copywriting, real time grading, free stock images and more.
  • Collaboration with unlimited sharing – Share with your teams and collaborate with ease. Never lose a copy with version control.
  • Plan Content – It gives full-fledged content reports (powered by industry best NLP) out of your single targeted keyword, that serves you the winning SEO recipe each time
  • Generate ideas – Get unlimited content ideas for blogs, product descriptions, ad copies, email headers, blog intros, and more at the click of a button.
  • Write Content – Create long-form content using AI with their smart AI tool that produces long-form content pieces in a matter of seconds. Use it to build authority, boost SEO, and close more deals.
  • Produce High Quality Content – Get real-time feedback on the quality of your writing in SEO Assistant. It tells you the NLP terms you have included (and the ones you haven’t), the readability score, word count and many more.
  • Work with professional creators – At Scalenut, you get Professional Creators who have experience writing in your industry. A Scalenut Expert is available for help, should you need it.
  • Copywriting templates – Improve the speed 10x with predefined templates. Writing was never easier
  • Access to Marketplace – A fully managed marketplace for 40+ content services
  • Top 2% Content Creators – With over 5,000 creators and 40+ different categories. Get the best creators for your projects.
  • On-time Delivery – On Scalenut, you get engaging and high-quality content, on-time, everytime.


To run #THE SOFTWARE with optimum reliability and performance, your system should match the following requirements:

  • Internet Browser
  • Internet Connection


Not sure if #THE SOFTWARE does what you need? Try it out now. Please feel free to Try Scalenut here. This AI Copywriting tool by SCALENUT TECHNOLOGIES PRIVATE LIMITED has been tested professionally and we are assured that no viruses, Trojans, adware, or malware are contained.

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Scalenut is available starting at $35/month. But, through THESOFTWARE.SHOP, You can get Scalenut Lifetime Deal and save up to 95% today! This offer is available for a limited time!

Included in All Plans

  • Features
    • SEO Assistant
    • Write With AI Copywriter
    • Collaboration Features
    • Powerful AI Technology
    • NLP Algorithm
    • Content Editor
    • Copywriting Templates
  • Terms
    • Lifetime Access
    • Product Updates & Supports
    • 60-day Money-back Guarantee

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Scalenut Plan A (Individual)</p><p>
Scalenut Plan A (Individual)

Perfect for individual creators and consultants

  • 1 User Seat (Coming Soon)
  • 15 Document Credits/Reports /month
  • 25k Short Form AI Words/month
  • 10k Long Form AI Words/month
  • All Features & Terms above included

$49.00 $420.00
Last day

Scalenut Plan B (Individual PLus)</p><p>
Scalenut Plan B (Individual PLus)

Perfect for individual creators and consultants

  • 2 User Seat (Coming Soon)
  • 50 Document Credits/Reports /month
  • 100k Short Form AI Words/month
  • 50k Long Form AI Words/month
  • All Features & Terms above included

$149.00 $840.00
Last day

Scalenut Plan C (Growth)</p><p>
Scalenut Plan C (Growth)

Ideal for budding startups and growing businesses

  • 3 User Seat (Coming Soon)
  • 100 Document Credits/Reports /month
  • Unlimited Short Form AI Words/month
  • 250k Long Form AI Words/month
  • All Features & Terms above included

$299.00 $1188.00
Last day

Scalenut Plan D (Ultimate Agency Pro)</p><p>
Scalenut Plan D (Ultimate Agency Pro)

Ideal for large teams, businesses, and agencies

  • 5 User Seat (Coming Soon)
  • Unlimited Document Credits/Reports /month
  • Unlimited Short Form AI Words/month
  • Unlimited Long Form AI Words/month
  • All Features & Terms above included

$1095.00 $1788.00
Last day

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User & Media Reviews

What are their users saying about #THE SOFTWARE? Why they loved it?

Gem AI Writing Assistant
I like the Long Form function of scalenut. The report is very useful and provides information about the top 30 competitors. The NLP function is very good. I like the UI very much. The AI response speed is fast and the output quality is high. The AI connector and AI operator are the brightness. I have used most of the AI writing software on the market. The fluency of the software is indeed commendable. But the outline is currently a weak point, and I like to integrate plagiarism checks (I have seen it in the roadmap). Short Form has few modules and average output quality. Generally speaking, the potential is very large, and I am full of confidence in it.

(Source: PG)

Ryan ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Ryan ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
This is up there already 🙂
I have collected a lot of the popular content writing tools such as Frase and Writer Zen. I have been impressed with Scalenut so far and I am sure it will only get better. The UI is sleek and easy to use. The content editor looks good and seems to work well, and the key-phrase suggestions seem on point. I like how the AI content generator is built in and the limits seem generous. The AI content itself is solid as long as you type in a good description for it to go off. So far so good and I plan to use this tool a lot going forward.

(Source: PG)

Jim Bowen ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Jim Bowen ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Top Notch AI Writer
I subscribed to Jarvis in order to alleviate the burden of my writing requirements. When I saw the Scalenut LTD offer it just made sense from a cost perspective to jump onboard. I must say, I’m impressed. The output is MUCH better than what I got with Jarvis. As with any AI writing tool, you need to give it context. When I do, Scalenut delivers the goods. Takes me about 40 to 45 minutes to produce a quality 1500 article. With more experience and as this tool will be developed, I guess I will be able to do it in 30 minutes or less. I’m very happy with this purchase.

(Source: PG)

JP Rough ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐JP Rough ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Jarvis Closest Contender
When I was told there is yet another AI writing tool coming along, I was completely jaded, especially with how many AI writing tools we have come across till date. But after the launch, I thought I’d give it a try. And boy was I shocked! Insanely impressive output. I can literally write 100 words per minute with Scalenut with minimal editing and re-generating content to hope that it spits out an output that is usable. I have even tested Scalenut side by side against Jarvis and Frase with their SEO AI Addon, and I can conclude that Scalenut is Jarvis, except without tone(for now) but comes with Google NLP. Literally a cross between SurferSEO and Jarvis right now. Highly recommended. Check out my video review of Scalenut here.

(Source: PG)

Henry Hoe⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Henry Hoe⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Potential to be one of the best
Scalenut has the potential to be one of the best SEO-based AI writers. Scalenut has helped me write some engaging long-form content. And here’s the best part-it’s Unlimited! I understand they are still young and constantly striving to add new features while upgrading the existing ones. I can only wonder where they will be in lets say next 1 year. I have, I guess, almost all the AI writers that launched on LTDs and the ones which are monthly recurring, yes including the most famous one :). So i m in a better position to judge. I would recommend you to definitely give it a try if you’re thinking about ways to improve your SEO & long-form game.

(Source: PG)

Yuvraj Ajay Singh ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Yuvraj Ajay Singh ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
10Expert Score

Scalenut is yet another AI-driven content optimization tool with NLP that allows you to write highly optimized content for your keyword. SEO assistant tools fetch the top 30 results of Google and give you a comprehensive idea of the structure of the content for these results.
You are shown the average word count, headings, images, NLP terms with their number of occurrences. It also fetches top queries questions for the same keyword from Quora, Reddit, Google Suggest.
It has a powerful AI editor which can be then utilized to write your long-form blog content. On the right sidebar, all the NLP terms with occurrences, outlines of the top 30 results, questions are available at the click of a button.
You can review the outline of each of the competitors and paste it into the editor to create a base outline for your article. Once your Outline is created, you can make use of readymade templates available in Scalenut ( Meta Description, Blog Post Intro, Heading To A Paragraph, Answer A question, Conclusion Paragraph ) to help you with writing your article. You can even use the native Write with AI, AI Connectors to write your content. As the NLP terms are always visible while you are writing in the editor – it becomes much easier to write a well SEO optimized article without the need to rely on any other tool.
My favorite part of the tool in AI operators, which allows quickly to add Questions about the content, Topics about the Content, Summaries, Conclusions. Earlier there were many repetitions when writing long-form content but when checked today after few weeks, the repetitions have reduced considerably.
Overall if you are looking for an AI writing tool that allows you to write SEO optimized content without paying highly exorbitant fees monthly, this tool is worth checking out. ~ Kaushal

  • SEO optimized auto content writing with a focus on NLP terms
  • Writing speed is better than average
  • Auto-suggest outlines &amp
  • headings
  • Optimal UI for long-form content
  • The templates for the short-form are all necessary templates
  • Google NLP Integration
  • Good Dev team and fast development

Thanks for reading Scalenut Review & Enjoy the discount coupon. Please Report if Scalenut Discount Coupon/Deal/Giveaway has a problem such as expired, broken link, sold out, etc while the deal still exists.

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