100% Software Giveaway: Wise Care 365 Pro V5.6.3 (Free Full Version) – Lifetime License – for Windows (Lespeed Technology Ltd.)
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Optimize and clean up your PC automatically, protect your privacy, uncover weak points in the Windows system and ensure an optimal system start of your computer. Get Wise Care 365 Pro V5.6.3 full version with a lifetime license for FREE!

Wise Care 365 Pro v5 - 1-click PC Checkup Dashboard
1-click PC Checkup Dashboard

With Wise Care 365 Pro, you get a comprehensive tuning suite that helps Windows perform better. The one-click optimization “PC-Check” analyzes your computer and lists data garbage, performance breaks due to incorrect system settings, data protection problems, and errors in the registry.

If desired, the tuning tool automatically corrects problems in the background at the desired intervals (silent mode). Real-time system protection also works invisibly and ensures that the set standard browser is not changed or that unsolicited entries are created in the system start.

“Care” means care – and you can add it to your operating system with just a few clicks. This works by deleting garbage data both in the file system and in the registry. You defragment the latter, which even makes sense when installing Windows on an SSD. Extras are not neglected, including reading out basic hardware data. This provides assistance when upgrading PC components. A password generator creates secure passwords.

It is possible to automate maintenance work so that you don’t have to lift a finger in the future: You can either use one-click maintenance or configure a scheduler.

With “Wise Care 365 Pro” you can also improve the startup speed of your PC via the integrated “Startup Manager”. You can also switch start programs or services on and off.

The free version of “Wise Care Pro” also pays attention to your privacy. With the system tool, you can not only clean the cache or history folder of popular browsers from Google Chrome to Firefox, but also delete information from films and videos viewed on the Internet, file downloads or websites visited.

The tools for clearing out and defragmenting your hard drives, the password generator, a file shredder, and a context menu manager are useful.

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Wise Care 365 PRO v5

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Stabilize, Secure & Speed Up your Windows PC with just One Click


For a limited time, you can get the full version of WC365 Pro for free of charge, off the regular price of $69.95.


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Also, remember to get Wise Care 365 Pro includes a lifetime license with a discount up to 81%!

100% Software Giveaway: Wise Care 365 Pro V5.6.3 (Free Full Version) – Lifetime License – for Windows
100% Software Giveaway: Wise Care 365 Pro V5.6.3 (Free Full Version) – Lifetime License – for Windows
$0.00 $69.95
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