Save up to 95% on Dynosend Lifetime Deal – Data-driven Email marketing, Marketing Automation, and Contact CRM.

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$49.00 $880.00 BUY NOW
Deal Score+4
$49.00 $880.00 BUY NOW

Use data to send personalized emails and create automated campaigns. Create contact lists, track activity, and measure performance with CRM tools. Get lifetime access to Dynosend today and save up to 95%!


✔ Lifetime Access. ✔ Free Product Updates ✔ 24×7 Customer Support ✔ 60-day Money-back Guarantee.

Dynosend Review at a Glance

It’s not just the amount of time you spend sending emails, it’s also the number. The average person sends over 100 per day. That means they are spending 1/3 of their workday emailing! People don’t want to be on your list if you’re not giving them something that is valuable or interesting to them every time they open an email from you. They will unsubscribe and move onto another brand who does provide value for them in their inbox.

Dynosend is a data-driven marketing automation service that helps businesses engage with customers through email marketing, marketing automation, and contact CRM services. It helps you with this by giving you tools that help you create better campaigns, track opened rates for all devices, and segment contacts based on interests.


Marketing Automation

Automate your marketing and focus on more important tasks.

Dynosend Marketing automation allows you to perform daily marketing tasks automatically from capturing leads to onboarding customers and beyond. E.g: Welcome messages, upselling campaigns, re-engagement campaigns, feedback requests and more.

dynosend Marketing Automation tool
Marketing Automation

With this Automation task, you can save hours of time. With data and event tracking, you can run advanced automations that can do what a human cannot do manually or see what your customers are doing behind the scenes.


Email marketing

Communicate with your customers by sending personalized and unique emails.

Send personalized emails in a fraction of the time it takes with other services. With Dynosend, you can build email newsletters, recurring campaigns, broadcasts and more. You can also send the right personalized emails to your customers at just the right time.

dynosend Email marketing Design
Design Email

Dynosend helps you track email opens and link clicks for all their campaigns. It also automatically captures contacts’ locations based on the email they opened or clicked. This will be helpful in segmentation, so your business can better target those customers who are more likely to buy from you in the future.

With the email marketing service, you can also track all your campaigns metrics in one and simple easy-to-use interface. The aim is to show opens, clicks, bounces, most engaged contacts, locations and everything else in order to provide you with detailed insights into how your campaign performed.


Contact management

Manage all your contacts and customer data securely in one place.

CRM tool by Dynosend is a great way to manage your contacts and their data. You can create audiences, capture new contacts, import existing ones, add custom fields and segments for advanced marketing. It’s easy to use and will help you with your business needs!

dynosend Ceate Web Form
Webform Builder

With this tool, you can create an HTML form for each of your audiences to make it easy to capture email addresses and data right from your website. Turn your visitors into leads with a form or sign-up page, engage them by collecting their email address and then following up with the most relevant content via email.

Dynosend is a tool for marketers and salespeople who want to focus on what matters most – making deals happen. It gives you access whenever, wherever your customers are!

You can nurture relationships by building trust through intelligent automation of marketing processes like email campaigns or lead generation services; then drive those conversions into revenue with powerful scoring features built right in.


Key Features of DynoSend

  • Marketing automation
    • Workflows for the whole customer lifecycle
      • Welcome – Introduce your company by sending a series of welcome emails.
      • Onboarding – Help users discover your product value faster and
      • Email marketing – Communicate with your customers by sending personalized and unique emails.
      • Contact management – Manage all your contacts and customer data securely in one place.
    • Different triggers for better automations
      • Added contacts – Trigger a campaign when a contact joins your selected audience.
      • Joined a segment – Trigger a campaign for contacts who join a certain segment during their time with you.
      • Performed an event – Trigger a campaign for users who performed a specific action in your product.
      • Birthday message – Trigger a campaign for your contacts based on a birthday date field.
      • Contact field value – Trigger a campaign when a contact’s field matches the given value (e.g. plan name).
      • Date/time scheduling – Schedule your campaign to run on a specific date, time and timezone you choose.
      • Contact is tagged – Trigger your campaign when a contact is tagged with a specific tag you choose.
      • Contact is blacklisted – Trigger a campaign when a contact gets blacklisted for any reason.
      • Contact has reported spam – Trigger a campaign when a contact reports any of your emails as spam.
      • Contact has subscribed – Trigger a campaign when a contact opts to receive emails from you.
      • Contact has unsubscribed – Trigger a campaign when a contact unsubscribes from an audience.
      • Contact adding date message – Trigger a yearly campaign on the day your contact was added.
      • Monthly recurring – Run your campaigns on specific days and time every month for all existing and new contacts.
      • Weekly recurring – Run your campaigns on specific days and time every week for all existing and new contacts.
    • Easy workflow builder
      • Send messages such as emails and SMS, send webhooks, add logic, delays, internal communication with Slack and many more.
  • Email marketing
    • Design beautiful and responsive emails
      • Drag & drop builder
      • Rich text & code editor
      • Template library
      • Unlimited storage
    • Track all your emails and links
      • Open & click tracking
      • Open & click location
      • Location on map
      • Link & campaign ranking
    • Get insights and reports for your campaigns
      • Show opens, clicks, bounces, most engaged contacts, locations and everything else.
    • Personalize your messages with liquid tags
      • Add a personal touch to your messages (email, sms, Slack and webhooks)
      • Customize your subscription pages (thank you, double opt-in …etc) to create a better experience.
  • Contact management
    • Capture email addresses and data right from your website.
      • Generate an HTML form for each of your audiences
      • Turn your visitors into leads with a form or sign-up page
      • Add custom fields like checklists and other data fields (e.g. handing demo requests).
    • Manage contacts in multiple audiences
      • create segments, campaigns and messages for each audience.
    • See individual customer profile
      • data fields, events, tags and segments in one place.
    • Segment your contacts
      • Contact fields
      • What they do in your product
      • Email engagement
      • Open/click location
      • Subscription status
      • Email validation result
      • Contact adding method
      • Tags
  • More Key Features
  • Multi-channel messaging – Send emails and SMS messages (Telnyx), you can also use webhooks and send messages on Slack for different cases (e.g. internal communication).
  • Insights and reports – Compare broadcasts, audiences and general metrics across your dashboard in seconds, and export campaign logs at any time.
  • Attachment hosting – Unlimited attachment hosting to send files with your emails without using a third party hosting service.
  • Template management – Design, code, import and manage responsive, beautiful and mobile-ready templates for all your marketing needs.

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Not sure if #THE SOFTWARE does what you need? Try it out now. Please feel free to download Dynosend here. This marketing tool has been tested professionally and we are assured that no viruses, Trojans, adware or malware contained.

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  • Lifetime Access to Dynosend
  • Unlimited Users (team members)
  • Unlimited Events and Custom Fields
  • Send SMS, Webhooks and Slack
  • Unlimited Email Validation
  • All Features and Updates to Dynosend
  • Support from Dynosend
  • 60 Days Refund Policy

Dynosend - Lifetime Access, Plan A</p><p>
Dynosend - Lifetime Access, Plan A

Data-driven email marketing, marketing automation and contact CRM.

  • 10 Audiences
  • 5,000 Contacts
  • 20,000 Emails Per Month

$49.00 $880.00
Last day

Dynosend - Lifetime Access, Plan B</p><p>
Dynosend - Lifetime Access, Plan B

Data-driven email marketing, marketing automation and contact CRM.

  • 20 Audiences
  • 20,000 Contacts
  • 50,000 Emails Per Month

$97.00 $2600.00
Last day

Dynosend - Lifetime Access, Plan C</p><p>
Dynosend - Lifetime Access, Plan C

Data-driven email marketing, marketing automation and contact CRM.

  • 50 Audiences
  • 50,000 Contacts
  • 200,000 Emails Per Month

$197.00 $5290.00
Last day

Dynosend - Lifetime Access, Plan D</p><p>
Dynosend - Lifetime Access, Plan D

Data-driven email marketing, marketing automation and contact CRM.

  • UNLIMITED Audiences
  • 75,000 Contacts
  • 500,000 Emails Per Month

$397.00 $9980.00
Last day

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10Expert Score

Dynosend is the best marketing software that helps you automate your lead generation and sales process, so you will spend less time trying to find new leads and more time closing deals. And with its CRM integration, it helps you keep track of all your customers’ information in one place – which is really helpful when they call or email you back.

It’s a lot better than Mailchimp and because it has more features, like the ability to create custom landing pages and email templates, as well as the ability to track how many people open your emails or click on links inside them.

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