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Originally priced at $1001, Interesting Collection Font Bundle features 70 exceptional fonts by Wankriss, perfect for any project. Plus, it comes with a commercial license. Claim this bundle free today!

Interesting Collection Font Bundle Discount Sale
Interesting Collection Font Bundle Discount Sale

What is the Interesting Collection Font Bundle?

The Interesting Collection Font Bundle is a premium set of 70 high-quality fonts, originally priced at $1001 but now available for free. Curated by the talented designer Wankriss, this bundle provides a vast array of fonts, from elegant scripts to bold displays, all complete with a commercial license. This collection is perfect for designers, marketers, and creatives looking to elevate their projects with unique typography.

Premium Fonts included in the Interesting Collection Font Bundle:

  • Wild Dogs Decorative Font
  • Happily Christmas Script & Handwritten Font
  • Luxury Christmas Display Font
  • Love Star Dance Script & Handwritten Font
  • Chubby Unicorn Script & Handwritten Font
  • Rough Cement Fontes de Exibição Fonte
  • Spooky Legend Display Font
  • Aerial Photography Script & Handwritten Font
  • Change Night Display Font
  • Merina Sweetie Script & Handwritten Font
  • Graded Display Font
  • Prosperous Village Script & Handwritten Font
  • Waiting Christmas Decorative Font
  • Love Webian Serif Font
  • Waltz Relax Polices d’Affichage Police
  • Flashe Display Font
  • First Lesson Display Font
  • Nice Retro Display Font
  • Lodger Friend Script & Handwritten Font
  • Oude Stad Display Font
  • Cute Paper Display Font
  • School Christmas Decoratieve Fonts Font
  • Melyan Lover Decorative Font
  • Love Nelvin Fuentes Decorativas Fuente
  • Cute Lalova Display Font
  • Love Heart Decorative Font
  • Ready Lover Display Font
  • Enjoy Chocolate Display Font
  • Cold Chocolate Fontes de Exibição Fonte
  • First Love Decorative Font
  • Love People Display Font
  • World Star Decorative Font
  • There Always Decorative Font
  • Christmas Smiling Script & Handwritten Font
  • Keep Cool Display Font
  • Laughed Happily Display Font
  • Love Cindia Decorative Font
  • Monica Claudia Serif Font
  • Good Rest Font Display Font Di Wankriss
  • Dream Snow Decorative Font
  • Simple Courage Script & Handwritten Font
  • Relax Alone Czcionki Skryptowe Czcionka
  • Love Serlin Fontes de Exibição Fonte
  • Magic Stary Display Font
  • Snow Falls Decorative Font
  • Scary Love Script & Handwritten Font
  • Rakigae Script & Handwritten Font
  • Sweet Promises Display Font
  • Spooky Spam Display Font
  • Kaylin Display Font
  • Bigg Coin Display Font
  • Hello Anessca Script & Handwritten Font
  • Pine Forests Display Font
  • Zebra Nias Decorative Font
  • Gather Together Script & Handwritten Font
  • Winter Danced Script & Handwritten Font
  • Briella Kailey Script & Handwritten Font
  • Saving Book Script & Handwritten Font
  • Shopila Display Font
  • Former Beach Display Font
  • Open Sheet Display Font
  • Star Gazing Decorative Font
  • Strong Woman Script & Handwritten Font
  • Boost Growth Script Fonts Font
  • Flower Beauty Decorative Font
  • Polite Remind Script & Handwritten Font
  • Step Notes Display Fonts Font
  • Happy Giberny Display Font
  • Living Together Display Font
  • Christmas Event Display Font

Features of the Interesting Collection Font Bundle

Variety of Fonts

One of the standout features of the Interesting Collection Font Bundle is its extensive variety. With 70 different fonts, you’ll find the perfect typeface for any occasion. Whether you need a whimsical script for a wedding invitation or a bold display font for a promotional poster, this bundle has you covered. The range includes:

  • Script and Handwritten Fonts: Ideal for adding a personal touch to your designs.
  • Display Fonts: Perfect for headlines and attention-grabbing elements.
  • Decorative Fonts: Great for unique, themed projects.

High-Quality Design

Each font in the bundle is crafted with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring high-quality design and functionality. The fonts are not only visually appealing but also highly legible and versatile. This quality makes them suitable for both digital and print media, ensuring your projects look professional and polished.

User-Friendly Formats

The fonts in the Interesting Collection Font Bundle are provided in user-friendly formats compatible with most design software. This means you can easily integrate them into your workflow without any hassle. Whether you’re using Adobe Creative Suite, Microsoft Office, or various online design tools, these fonts will seamlessly fit into your projects.

Types of Fonts in the Interesting Collection Font Bundle

Script and Handwritten Fonts

The bundle includes a variety of script and handwritten fonts, such as Happily Christmas Script and Love Star Dance Script. These fonts are perfect for adding a personal, elegant touch to your designs. They work beautifully in invitations, greeting cards, branding materials, and more. The natural flow and intricate details of these fonts give your text a handwritten feel, making your designs more relatable and unique.

Display Fonts

Bold and eye-catching, display fonts like Spooky Legend Display Font and Kaylin Display Font are designed to stand out. These fonts are ideal for headlines, posters, banners, and any project where you need to grab attention. Their strong visual impact makes them perfect for creating memorable and effective marketing materials.

Decorative Fonts

Decorative fonts add a unique flair to your designs. Fonts such as Love Heart Decorative Font and Magic Stary Display Font offer intricate details and creative elements that can make any project pop. These fonts are excellent for themed projects, holiday cards, and special events where you want to add a touch of creativity and charm.

Why You Need the Interesting Collection Font Bundle

Boosts Creativity

Having access to a wide range of fonts can significantly boost your creativity. The Interesting Collection Font Bundle provides an extensive palette of typography styles that can inspire new ideas and help you experiment with different design approaches. Whether you’re working on a professional project or a personal one, these fonts can spark your creativity and help you create something truly unique.


Originally priced at $1001, getting the Interesting Collection Font Bundle for free is an incredible deal. This bundle offers immense value by providing high-quality fonts without the hefty price tag. It’s an excellent resource for designers on a budget, allowing you to access premium typography without breaking the bank.

Versatile Applications

The versatility of the Interesting Collection Font Bundle ensures that you have the right font for any project. From branding and marketing materials to personal projects and web design, this bundle covers all your typography needs. The diverse range of styles and formats means you can use these fonts across various mediums and applications, ensuring consistency and professionalism in your designs.

How to Use the Interesting Collection Font Bundle

In Graphic Design Projects

Enhance your posters, brochures, business cards, and other graphic design projects with unique fonts from this bundle. Fonts like Graded Display Font and Nice Retro Display Font can add a professional and polished look to your designs. Experiment with different fonts to create visually appealing compositions that capture your audience’s attention.

For Branding and Marketing

Create memorable logos, branding materials, and marketing campaigns with fonts that capture the essence of your brand. Use Monica Claudia Serif Font for a classic, timeless look or Keep Cool Display Font for something more modern and edgy. The right typography can convey your brand’s personality and values, making your marketing efforts more effective.

In Web Design

Incorporate these fonts into your web design to improve readability and aesthetic appeal. Fonts such as Aerial Photography Script and Rakigae Script can make your website more engaging and visually appealing. Use different fonts for headings, subheadings, and body text to create a hierarchy and guide your visitors through your content.

For Personal Projects

From scrapbooking to personalized gifts, these fonts can add a special touch to your personal projects. The playful Chubby Unicorn Script and the festive Christmas Smiling Script are perfect for such endeavors. Customize your projects with unique typography to make them more personal and meaningful.

Commercial License

The commercial license included with this bundle allows you to use the fonts in any commercial project without restrictions. This is a significant advantage, as it provides you with the freedom to monetize your creations while staying within legal boundaries. Whether you’re designing for clients, creating products for sale, or working on marketing materials, the commercial license ensures you can use these fonts without any legal concerns.

How to Download the Interesting Collection Font Bundle

Downloading the Interesting Collection Font Bundle is straightforward. Click the GET NOW button above, sign in / sign up, then download the bundle for free. Since it’s free, you won’t need to enter any payment information. Once the download is complete, unzip the file and install the fonts on your computer. Detailed installation instructions are usually provided, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free process.

Font Giveaway – Interesting Collection Font Bundle: Free 70 Premium Fonts by Wankriss | Commercial License
Font Giveaway – Interesting Collection Font Bundle: Free 70 Premium Fonts by Wankriss | Commercial License
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