83% Off Lifetime Access to Vectera with All Add-Ons – The Best 1-on-1 and Small Group Online Meeting Software

Deal Score+4
$69.00 $396.00 BUY NOW
Deal Score+4
$69.00 $396.00 BUY NOW

Improve communication with your new clients by using Vectera. Let clients schedule meetings directly on your calendar and host said meetings inside of always-accessible video meeting rooms that store communication, forever. And Now, you can get a lifetime access to Vectera at 83% Discount.


You save $327.00 | Lifetime Access | 60-day Money-back Guarantee | Secure Payment | 24×7 Customer Support

83% Off Lifetime Access to Vectera with All Add-Ons – The Best 1-on-1 and Small Group Online Meeting Software

83% Off Lifetime Access to Vectera with All Add-Ons – The Best 1-on-1 and Small Group Online Meeting Software

Vectera Review at a Glance

Who doesn’t love the convenience of an online meeting room? I know I do, especially when it means I get to stay in my pajama pants! But typically, once you hit END, all of the communication either goes out the window or is scattered across documents and notepads. Well, what if I told you that there’s a program that works fundamentally different? That’s right. Now you can get yourself video meeting rooms for each of your clients that keeps all of your content and communication in a single and always-accessible place with Vectera.

Vectera is an online meeting program that lets you create unique video meeting rooms for each of your clients that never disappear! That’s right: upload as many docs and take as many notes as you feel like, and trust that it will always remain available to you and your client.

Clients can use Vectera’s powerful scheduling tool (which integrates with Google Calendar, Microsoft Office 365, iCloud, and more) to find time on your busy calendar to book online or offline appointments.

Within a video meeting, you can share your screen, co-browse with your client, get visual with a touch-friendly whiteboard, and directly upload documents.

All notes, documents, and recordings remain available in the virtual meeting room forever so you can always pick up where you left off.

How Vectera works

Now let’s jump into Vectera. Getting started with a video meeting room is waaayyy easy. Simply create the room on your dashboard and hit Launch —no downloads, no frustration.

Once you select audio and video settings, you’re good to go! And of course, Vectera keeps a list of all your meeting rooms and those shared with you, so everything you need is only ever one click away.

Within a video meeting, you can share your screen or co-browse with your client, upload and share documents, record the conversation, and use the Whiteboard to jot down notes and draw on any of your screenshots and uploads. You’ll also be able to keep private notes available for your eyes only.

But here’s where Vectera really shines: All notes, documents and meeting recordings remain available in this virtual meeting room. Forever. You and your clients can return to the virtual room any time to revisit the previous conversations. And next time you meet the client, you can pick up the conversation right where you left off.

Vectera also features a powerful scheduling tool so you and your clients can find time on your busy calendar with zero effort. First, you’ll create as many appointment types as you need. You can set up the meeting duration, buffer times, and reminders for each. Next up, determine your availability on your calendar by dragging the bars on each day. And finally, send your universal URL to your clients! All they have to do is click Book Appointment to schedule meetings with you.

A meeting URL is automatically generated and shared with the client and host in an invite. For returning clients booking a new meeting, the meeting URL is reshared and they’re directed to their trusted meeting room. The possibilities with Vectera are endless! I

Bottom Line

Vectera is a zero-hassle solution that lets you instantly meet with your clients using just a meeting room URL and a browser. If you want to improve online client conversations with meeting scheduling and persistent meeting rooms, then you better check out Vectera. (No downloading required!)

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  • Vectera Shared Content
  • Vectera 1 On 1 Online Meetings
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  • Vectera Recordings
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Key Features of Vectera:

  • Meeting rooms
    • Secure peer-to-peer audio & video conferencing
    • Unlimited meetings and meeting rooms
    • No downloads and updates to install
    • Persistent meeting rooms
    • Waiting room for clients
    • Screen sharing
    • Co browsing
    • Sharing and downloading shared files
    • Document co-annotation
    • Recording (add-on)
    • Whitelabel (including CNAME, logo and custom waiting screen) (add-on)
    • Presenter mode including private meeting notes (add-on)
    • API access (add-on)
    • Integrations (add-on)
  • Scheduling (add-on)
    • Broad calendar support (Outlook, Office 365, Google, Exchange)
    • Custom booking pages
    • Real-time calendar synchronisation
    • Time zone detection
    • Add the scheduler to your website
  • Support
    • Email support
    • Help center access
    • Live chat

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To run #THE SOFTWARE with optimum reliability and performance, your system should match the following requirements:

  • Required software
    • Web browser
    • Google Chrome to use more advanced features.
    • Recommend using the latest version of Google Chrome or Mozilla FireFox for an optimal experience.
    • Internet Explorer will never be supported (abort that sinking ship!)
    • Microsoft Edge in the second half of 2019.
  • Required hardware
    • A recent computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone that is not older than 4 years to optimise your experience.
    • You can use your tablet, of any brand, to easily make notes on whiteboards and documents.
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Vectera Free Trial

Not sure if #THE SOFTWARE does what you need? Try it out now. Please feel free to grab Vectera free trial here. This online meeting software by has been tested professionally and we are assured that no viruses, Trojans, adware or malware contained.


Try 14 days for free, no credit card required

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Buy Now

Vectera with all add-ons retails for $396.00/year for 1 Meeting Host, But, through our website, THE Software Shop, you can Vectera with all add ons for 1 meeting hosts for just $69 for a lifetime! This lifetime price is the 83% off yearly price. Enjoy! Don’t miss it! This offer is available for a limited time! Get it now!

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Vectera - Lifetime</p>
Vectera - Lifetime

The best cloud meeting experience that runs entirely in the browser. Get the hassle out of online meetings. Always and every time.

  • 1 Host seat(s)
  • 2 GB of storage per host. Pooled for teams.
  • Inlcudes Add Ons:
    • Scheduling
    • Whitelabel: Custom branding (email, logo & green screen)
    • Unlimited local recordings
    • Presenter mode
    • Integrations with CRM & storage (Google cloud + Dropbox)
  • Stackable up to 5 codes
    • Buy 2 Codes = Get 4 Gb Storage + 2 Host Seat
    • Buy 3 Codes = Get 8 Gb Storage + 4 Host Seat
    • Buy 4 Codes = Get 12 Gb Storage + 6 Host Seat
    • Buy 5 Codes = Get 16 Gb Storage + 8 Host Seat
    • All Stacked codes will get exclusive features:
      • Team Management (for host seats)
      • CNAME custom domain (coming soon)
  • Private notes during the meeting
  • No downloads or installations to join a meeting
  • Each host can use 1 room simultaneously
  • Virtual persistent meeting rooms
  • Powerful whiteboard with document annotation support and infinite canvas
  • Screenshare & cobrowse without downloads
  • All future plan updates
  • 60-day money back guarantee, no matter the reason

Platform: Online Application

$69.00 $396.00
Last day

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User & Media Reviews

What are their users saying? Why they loved it?

e-Meetings Done Right

I was looking for a platform to make e-meetings more convenient. I know there is a lot of FREE alternatives out there, but I see one distinct advantage of Vectera over these. It is easy to remember your Meeting room URL and it works on ALL devices including a mobile phone without having to install any additional software! Maybe I just have one small request that hopefully is or would be in your roadmap. Allow us to brand the URL like under our subdomain (i.e. meet.mrdzyn.studio/meetingroom). That would be super awesome and another differentiator from the rest of the competition!

Also tried the Salesflare integration, just wish you can add more integration (Hubspot maybe?).

I haven’t tried recording yet. But i am imagining it to be available in the meeting room (forever? unless deleted)

Aside from the CNAME / Custom Domain, I would also like to see:
* Booking page that is much more sexier than the current one, maybe like BLAB that doesn’t need to be embedded, with custom domain of course
* Agency /Whitelabel plan in the future? I can see the potential
* Email notifications / integration with auto responders like Mailchimp, etc. so an e-meet will be triggered off the platform

Should you wish to contact me, I am always available at my website:

mikelester.rosales ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐mikelester.rosales ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Just awesome!

Just had a call with a client and this is awesome. Why?

1. The call was flawless, 0 issues.
2. The UI is excellent, very clean and user-friendly.
3. The whiteboard worked really well.
4. You have private notes, and because it’s persistent, you can use it as todo-list, plan the meetings, or keep track of the meeting minute.
5. Chat is persistent too, nais 😀
6. You can choose the mic, so it works with Krisp. Now my clients won’t freak out when my cats start doing weird noises.

This is incredible to anyone that have online meetings with clients (agencies, freelancers, coaches, etc.), I would even dare to say that it’s a MUST.

Thank me later,



josesotelo ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐josesotelo ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Hi, yes, question for the Devs…

Please answer this one simple question, I promise it’s not challenging or difficult by any stretch of the imagination.
When you woke up this morning, did you say “Self, I’m going to make a Zoom and GoToMeeting killer, ensure it’s super awesome, easy to use and feature jam packed, with one caveat that the competition doesn’t have (no downloads needed) and then offer it to the greatest LTD community on the internet before we really blow up?”
If you answered yes to the above, then you are one tenacious group of people who I will fully support.
What you have created here is such an amazing tool that spares no expense.
I don’t know who found you, where you came from, or even where you were conceived, but thank you. Thank you for showing us that with the right attitude, a great set of team members, and a product that actually does something that its major competition doesn’t do (too many times people just make pitiful clones that fall way too short).

Everyone. Just buy this darn product already. Even if you think you have no need for it, you do. And you will kick yourself all night and day if you don’t snag at least one code right now while they’re here.

th3doorMATT ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐th3doorMATT ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Incredibly Fast Video Consulting With Interactive Awesomeness

Legit bought and used this within the past hour and compared to something like 24Sessions which I bought and NEVER used because of all the gated ridiculousness…

GET VECTERA because it’s ultra simple to use and PACKED with useful features…

The features WORK and the person I was interviewing nearly freaked out during Cobrowse haha!

That is an awesome feature, though it seemed a bit laggy, not sure if that was due to HD sharing settings or his connection specifically, but there was noticeable lag…

Screen share is solid and comes with infinity overlay so you don’t get wacky windows for eternity…

The rest? If I could give 7 tacos instead, I would! This is a MUST have for any consulting/training/meeting needs!

P.S. A 33 minute meeting at HD recording specs came out to 200MB for those curious about sizes and such.

P.P.S. I don’t see Vectera going away anytime soon because of the simplicity and providing exactly what you need without downloads. So buy it before all the tacos are eaten!

JoshOrionMedia ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐JoshOrionMedia ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
If you love Zoom, you’ll love Vectera even more!

I love love love Zoom, but Zoom doesn’t have an easy way to schedule meetings with an in-built scheduler, doesn’t have great annotation options, and doesn’t have extensive personalization options such as uploading a logo. Plus Zoom’s premium features costs more.

With Vectera, you get tons of premium features, self scheduling options, great annotation options, and quite a few personalization options. I see Vectera one day being as successful as Zoom. Love love love.


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