61% Off on EaseUS Partition Master Professional 16: Lifetime Upgrades – Professional Partition Manager Software for Windows

Deal Score+694
$23.38 $59.95 BUY NOW
Deal Score+694
$23.38 $59.95 BUY NOW

One scalable solution of disk management, partition recovery, and clone, optimize computer performance while keeping data safe. Get EaseUS Partition Master Professional 16 includes lifetime free upgrades with 61% discount coupon


EaseUS Partition Master Professional Review at a Glance

EaseUS Partition Master Professional is an award-winning disk partition software that combines simplicity with high efficiency on disk management to easily reorganize all partitions without causing data loss and achieve maximum disk space usage. Only take simple steps to resize your partitions.

EaseUS Partition Master Professional Screenshot

This disk partition management software partitioned hard disks under Windows and improves the performance of your hard drives with just a few clicks. A well-organized hard drive works faster than if all the data is on a large partition. Keep your data well organized and accelerate your PC.

Clone HDD to SSD? Transfer system and data to another disk? Clone MBR disk to GPT disk? Migrate OS to fast SSD? Copy dynamic volume? Replace old hard drive with new? HDD to SSD clone? Transfer data from one partition to the other? Remove damaged drive? Even in these cases, EaseUS Partition Master Professional can help you. The wizard can clone an entire hard drive or individual partitions and transferred to another. To transfer all data from one source and can edit it with no problem or replace it. So your data is always on the safe side.

Adjust Partition
Adjust Partition

EaseUS Partition Master Pro offers a complete set of features for managing hard disks and partitions. When installing a new disk, the tools for creating new partitions and formatting them will come in handy, while during normal computer use you will use the functions for defragmentation, secure deletion of unnecessary data by rewriting them or resizing existing partitions according to current needs. Backup tools ensure the security of your data by copying data from entire disks or their partitions to backup disks. Crisis situations will help solve functions for checking and repairing errors and bad sectors of the disk.

For example, you can use the features of EaseUS Partition Master Professional to resize existing partitions or to merge and partition them. The “Merge partition” function is used to merge partitions, but when using it, keep in mind that the contents of the partition by which you will enlarge another disk will be completely erased. If you have unallocated disk space, you can also use the “Resize / Move partition” function, which is used to increase the capacity of an existing partition or move the physical location of its data to another part of the hard disk.

Merge Partition
Merge Partition

In order to be able to expand one of the partitions on a fully partitioned disk, the “Delete partition” function will be useful, which will delete one of the existing partitions and thus gain unallocated space. With the “Change drive letter” function, you can change the letter indicating the partition in File Explorer. Sometimes this may be the only way to mount a disk – if the currently assigned letter is blocked by another disk drive.

Clone Partition
Clone Partition

EaseUS Partition Master Pro is also equipped with features to help you back up your data or install a new hard drive. The “Clone partition” function creates an identical copy of the contents of the selected partition, so that for a system partition, a complete backup of the operating system installation, as well as all applications, user settings, and data, is created. With such a backup, you can then get your computer up and running very quickly in the event of a hard drive crash or easily return to a functional configuration of your machine in the event of any problems. The features of EaseUS Partition Master will help you even if you buy a new hard drive, typically a fast SSD, and you want to install it on your computer with the least effort. You can use the “Migrate OS to SSD / HDD” function to do this,

Migrate OS HDD SSD
Migrate OS HDD SSD

The latest version of Partition Master for partition management brings support for the upcoming Windows 11 operating system (in which it can convert partitions with the MBR file system to GPT without data loss), handles the management of BitLocker encrypted partitions, fixes problems with the use program on computers with very high-resolution monitors and also allows the computer to shut down or hibernate automatically after the set operations are completed.

Screenshots of EaseUS Partition Master Professional


Best Features of EaseUS Partition Master Professional:

  • Partition Management
    • Resize/Move function to extend NTFS system partition without rebooting and maximize PC performance.
    • Merge partitions into a single one without data loss.
    • Add unallocated space to an existing partition and fully use disk space.
  • Partition Recovery
    • Recover partitions that were accidentally deleted or damaged due to a hardware failure, even if your operating system fails to boot.
  • Disk/Partition Copy
    • Copy disk to a small or large one for hard disk replacement /upgrade, no need to re-install operating system and applications.
    • Copy the selected partition to other partition or other disks.
  • Migrate OS to SSD/HDD
    • Migrate OS to Solid State Drive (SSD) or traditional hard disk drives (HDD) without reinstalling everything, like Operating system, applications, etc.
  • Convert Function
    • Convert disk between MBR and GPT disk (System disk is supported).
    • Convert primary partition to logical and vice versa.
    • Change file system from FAT to NTFS.
  • Dynamic Disk Management
    • Convert dynamic disk to basic disk with all data protected.
    • Resize dynamic disk to extend or shrink volumes in an easy way.
    • Copy dynamic volume to basic disk.
  • Additional Key Features
    • Clean and optimization tools to keep your computer high-performance.
    • Support up to 16TB GPT disk.
    • Wipe disk or wipe partition to permanently wipe sensitive data on disk.
    • Create WinPE rescue disk.
    • Easy to resize, create, format, delete and hide partitions with a few simple steps.
    • Linux partition management.
    • Support removable storage device, like USB flash drive etc.
    • Support FAT, NTFS, EXT2 & EXT3 partition recovery.
    • Fast rollback protects data when move/resize processes are interrupted.
    • Create WinPE bootable disk in any supported language.


To run EaseUS Partition Master Professional with optimum reliability and performance, your system should match the following requirements:

  • Operating System: Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP
  • CPU: at least with X86 or compatible CPU with main frequency 500MHz
  • RAM: equal or larger than 512MB
  • Disk space: hard disk drive with 100MB of available space


Please feel free to download EaseUS Partition Master Professional here. EaseUS Partition Master Professional has been tested professionally and we are assured that no viruses, Trojans, adware, or malware are contained.


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EaseUS Partition Master Professional - Lifetime Upgrades (61% Off)</p><p><em>Single License, Lifetime Upgrades</em></p><p>
EaseUS Partition Master Professional - Lifetime Upgrades (61% Off)

Single License, Lifetime Upgrades

Extend system partition, settle low disk space problem, manage space easily for Laptop, PC and Workstation.

  • Enjoy the Pro features
    • Resize/clone/merge/format/delete/wipe/check partitions
    • WinPE bootable disk
    • Partition Recovery
    • Disk & Partition Clone
    • Supports Windows Storage Spaces
    • Manage Dynamic Volume
  • Enjoy the latest version
  • 1 Lifetime License for 1 PC
  • Free All Minor Updates/Maintenance
  • Free New Major Upgrades for a Lifetime
  • Free All Future Feature Updates
  • Instant Delivery by Email
  • 24*7 Free customer service:
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Platform: Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP

$23.38 $59.95
Last day

EaseUS Partition Master Professional - Current Version (69% Off)</p><p>Single License</p><p>
EaseUS Partition Master Professional - Current Version (69% Off)

Single License

Extend system partition, settle low disk space problem, manage space easily for Laptop, PC and Workstation.

  • Enjoy the Pro features
    • Resize/clone/merge/format/delete/wipe/check partitions
    • WinPE bootable disk
    • Partition Recovery
    • Disk & Partition Clone
    • Supports Windows Storage Spaces
    • Manage Dynamic Volume
  • Get the latest version
  • 1 Current Version License for 1 PC
  • Free All Minor Updates/Maintenance
  • New Major Upgrades with 50% Upgrade Discount
  • All Future Feature Updates with 50% Upgrade Discount
  • Instant Delivery by Email
  • 24*7 Free customer service:
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Platform: Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP

$12.13 $39.95
Last day

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User & Media Reviews

What are their users are saying EaseUS Partition Master Professional?

The best tool to resize a partition. I was having trouble resizing my partition but this beauty helped me resize a partition in a matter of seconds. I would prefer a more glossy look which would make it attractive but im satisfied witth the simple yet easy look. Great job Easeus. Love the product
It was very easy to use. Everything made sense right after installation! I was having trouble with the Windows CD not giving me all the hard drive space I paid for and could not figure out why. An online friend suggested this program and it worked flawlessly! This one is an easy program to use people.
I recently petitioned a new hard drive using this software, this company that has always produced good solid programs in my experience.
Fred JoyFred Joy
9.5 Total Score

EaseUS Partition Master Professional is the most popular disk partition manager software for Windows that can easily resize, create, move, merge, delete, format, split, hide, explore and even check disk partitions to maximize PC performance.

  • Resize/clone/merge/format/delete/
  • wipe/check partitions
  • WinPE bootable disk
  • Partition Recovery
  • Disk & Partition Clone
  • Supports Windows Storage Spaces
  • Manage Dynamic Volume
  • Intelligent partition adjustment
  • Support Windows Server (Server edition)
  • Repair RAID-5 Volumes (Server edition)
User Rating: 5 (1 vote)

User Rating: 5 (1 vote)

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