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In Anti-Spy, you will find dozens of commonly unavailable presets that will curb Microsoft’s desire to retrieve data from Windows 10 computers. Get SecuPerts Anti-Spy for Windows 10 with a license key for free in today’s software giveaway!


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SecuPerts Anti-Spy Review at a Glance

How well do you know your Windows 10 operating system? Surely, you have already heard that Microsoft has integrated numerous “snooping and spy features” into its latest operating system. Their function is to analyze your behavior and collect personal data at every presentable occasion – i.e. your data!

Microsoft regularly is in contact with head office and sends your data to servers in Redmond, Washington, where Microsoft is headquartered. And it is only this US company that knows what goes on here.

> Don’t you think it is a bit of a cheek?

We do too, but it is entirely legitimate, unfortunately. This is because more than 80 preset features integrated into Windows 10 allow Microsoft to precisely do that.

If these presets are still activated, your Windows 10 program will spy on you. Or, as Microsoft would like to put it: collect your data to offer you an “even better service”.

> Would you like Microsoft not to assess your data?

If so, go through your installed programs, your Edge browser settings and your operating system, looking for these presets.

Would you like it easier?

In that case, use this offering. For the first time, you can obtain from us SecuPerts Anti-Spy for Windows 10. Take advantage of a situation and stop Microsoft from spying on you. Deactivate more than eighty snooping features in Windows 10 –with just a single click.

With more than eight dozen Windows 10 settings preferences in SecuPerts Anti-Spy, you can not only dramatically reduce the amount of data sent from your computer to Microsoft servers, but also increase the protection of your privacy if someone else works with your computer. The main preferences will disable various Windows 10 diagnostic features, but also synchronize settings, passwords, or browsing history between different computers where you work under the same user account.

Anti-Spy also ensures regular removal of various remnants after working in Windows and with common programs. One may also welcome the option to stop Windows 10 from updating automatically or turn off the Microsoft Defender security tool. Of course, only if the computer is secured in another way.

One of the main advantages of Anti-Spy over the competition is the ability to create and save various Windows 10 settings profiles. These profiles can be useful not only for switching settings on one computer, but also for quickly transferring settings to another machine. This allows you to quickly configure the operating system on your desktop and laptop computer, or on any computer in your home.

4 out of more than 80: this is how Secuperts Anti-Spy protects you

You can deactivate all the Windows presets that send your personal data to Microsoft servers in Redmond, California, by using SecuPerts Anti-Spy. This puts an end to Microsoft collecting your data.

You can use Secuperts Anti-Spy to withdraw from Microsoft permission for the “pleasure” of receiving personalized ads (based on assessing your surfing behavior).

Windows knows where you are and creates movement profiles. If you do not want this to happen, deactivate this setting using Secuperts Anti-Spy.

Other helpful information

Did you know that the regular updates for Windows 10 are no longer distributed centrally but via peer-to-peer networks? In other words: the updates come from private PCs. Your PC too will therefore be part of this network.

This procedure reduces the bandwidth that you pay for every month. Secuperts AntiSpy will let you remove your PC from this network.

Prevents spying in more than eighty ways

Just remember these are just four of more than eighty spy or disruptive presets that you can deactivate using the Secuperts Anti-Spy for Windows 10 with just one click.

A clearly presented software manual describes all the options in detail. This means that, if you want, you can also decide in detail which information Microsoft can receive and analyze.

How exactly am I being spied on by Microsoft?

Here are a couple of examples:

  • Your personal data are sent very freely to Microsoft servers in Redmond, Washington.
  • Permission to hassle you with personalized advertising (ads based, for instance, on assessments of your personal surfing habits) is given by you, based on presets.
  • Windows and other programs know exactly where you are. They are allowed by you to do this via a preset.
  • Everything that Cortana knows is also shared with Microsoft: Personal data, such as location history, contacts, information from emails, browser history and far much more are all available for Cortana to grasp. This is because these data are collected and analyzed by Microsoft using its virtual speech assistant.

How Anti-Spy helps you combat this

  • Sorted according to categories, more than 80 annoying and, to some extent, very presumptuous spy settings are listed in Windows 10, the Edge and
  • Explorer browsers, in Windows Media Player, and network services.
  • You can deactivate them all with a single click. And that puts a stop to spying at once.
  • Do you want personalized ads? If you do, you can also check all the settings individually and deactivate only the ones that are bothering you.
  • With a view to helping you with this, an easy-to-understand help file comes with the software to explain to you what all the spy presets are.
  • Using the program help file and the list in the Anti-Spy, you will have configured your system the way you want it in next to no time.


Key Features of SecuPerts Anti-Spy:

  • Deactivate more than eighty annoying and, to some extent, very presumptuous spy features in the Windows operating system, in browsers and media players.
  • The Anti-Spy for Windows 10 makes sure that you know exactly what you are doing.
  • You can deactivate all (or only some, if needed) spy settings from Microsoft.
  • You do not need to know where exactly this preset is hidden in your operating system. Clear categories list all the options that you have.
  • Each of them is described precisely in the help file.
  • Most importantly of all: you are preventing spying in more than 80 cases.


To run #THE SOFTWARE with optimum reliability and performance, your system should match the following requirements:

  • Windows 10: either 32- or 64-bit (Doesn’t work on Windows 11)
  • at least 1 Gigabyte RAM
  • .NET 4 Framework (will be installed automatically if needed)
  • A connection to the internet is needed to activate the software!

SecuPerts Anti-Spy Download

Not sure if #THE SOFTWARE does what you need? Try it out now. Please feel free to download SecuPerts Anti-Spy for Windows here. This antispy by Engelmann has been evaluated professionally and we are assured that no viruses, Trojans, adware, or malware contained.



SecuPerts Anti-Spy retails for €19.99 or $21.99, But, through our website, THE Software Shop, you can get SecuPerts Anti-Spy for Windows 10 full version with a license key for free in the GIVEAWAY Tab below!. This offer is available for a limited time!

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Deactivate more than 80 preset snooping features with just a single click

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  • 30-day Money-back Guarantee

Only for Windows 10

€9.99 €19.99

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