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Deal Score+43
$62.10 $300.00 BUY NOW
Deal Score+43
$62.10 $300.00 BUY NOW

Spreadsheets, Databases and No-code APIs in one platform. Create, customize, and automate your team’s workflows. Get lifetime access to Stackby at a 77% Discount and exra 10% off exclusively for THE SOFTWARE SHOP visitors.


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Stackby Review at a Glance

Look, I love a good spreadsheet. But the fact of the matter is: there is no easy-to-use spreadsheet interface that gives you complete control of the functionality…. until now. What if I told you that you could level up your spreadsheet game so that it works for you instead of limits you? If that makes you want to crack your fingers and get down to work, then Stackby is for you!

Stackby is an online spreadsheet that lets you create databases and connect them to the best business APIs. It combines the best of spreadsheets, databases, and business APIs to enable you to create your own tools, your way.

Stackby provides a fully customizable platform where you can build your own database, manage it with ease, and integrate it with third-party applications. It offers a wide range of features such as: real-time data updates from external sources; powerful filtering capabilities for complex datasets; live collaboration on shared spreadsheets; easy sharing of work across teams or departments; automatic formatting to make tables easier to read.

The company’s mission is to make every aspect of your life more productive. And they do this by making it easier for people to collaborate on documents together in real time, share their work with others easily, and keep track of their projects all in one place.

How does Stackby Work

Alright, let’s get into how to master your Choose Your Own Adventure game for the workplace. Start off by adding a workspace, i.e. your department, a client, or even your company. Then, within each workspace is a Stack, or an individual database that you can customize to fit your needs.

Stackby Dashboard

Your team members can be added at the workplace or Stack level. Once you’ve got them added, you’re ready to start creating!

Stackby lets you create your own collaborative database from scratch by importing data directly from a spreadsheet, choosing from their pre-built template selection that spans 25 categories, or get started on your own in just a few clicks.


With more than 20 different column types, like short and long text, phone numbers, link across tables, lookup and aggregate, and even third-party APIs like YouTube and, plus waaaay more, you can create the workspace that works for you. And voila! Here’s what a database can look like!

Stackby Database

You can make edits in their individual fields or go ahead and open up the row. All the data you need is right at your fingertips, minimal scrolling required :). Expand the view again to add comments on the row, chat with your team, view the edit history, create a checklist, and set reminders. It’s a one-stop-shop for all of your project information!

Edit Column
Edit Individual Field

But here’s where it gets even better. By hitting this button up on the left hand side, you can change the way you visualize your data. For example, view your work in a drag and drop pipeline, or get a handle on your deadlines in the calendar view. This is also where you’ll create customizable forms that are easy to send off to your clients.

visualize data

Now, I want to dive a little deeper into Stackby’s integrations. You can view all the options —and there are many! — in the Integrations tab.

Stackby Integrations
Stackby Integrations

Now let’s see what happens when you add a YouTube video ID, for example, by connecting your Youtube API to your database. In seconds, Stackby populates the table with all the data you need, like the title, description, likes, dislikes etc. etc., and lets you configure your columns from API data. Click on refresh to get updated data in real-time. It’s so easy!

Stackby Youtube Api
Stackby Database with Youtube Api

Stop trying to keep up with your spreadsheets and countless other applications, and trulyget yourself a new way to create, customize, and automate your workplace with Stackby.


Key Features of Stackby

  • Organize
    • GridIt’s not the ordinary spreadsheet tables, it’s much more.
    • KanbanConvert to Kanban and drag and drop cards to get things moving.
    • CalendarVisualize data in a calendar, with start-end dates on each row.
    • GalleryCreate mood boards, directories and much more, with the powerful Gallery view.
    • FormsCreate custom forms to collect responses from anywhere and even embed it in your webpage.
    • Updatable FormsNot only create forms, but also make it internally updatable. Best for teams that are on field.
  • Create
    • Date/TimeSelect date and time (optional) through a powerful date-picker on cells.
    • TextThe good old text to give identity to your rows.
    • Long TextExpand the text into a long text, that supports rich text formatting and more space.
    • AttachmentsAdd your files, images, documents etc. in cells or bring it via your favourite cloud storage provider.
    • Single OptionsAdd single tag to your cells to determine categories, statuses and much more, via a dropdown.
    • Multiple OptionsAdd multiple tags on each cell and take it up a notch.
    • CheckboxGet things done, and notch it up with that satisfying checkbox.
    • RatingsYes, customize your icons and rate anything.
    • ProgressTrack your row checklist’s progress right in your cells.
    • NumberFormat your number in decimal, currency or percentage.
    • URLAdd any URLs and make it clickable to open in a new tab.
    • EmailAdd anyone’s email, and click it to send them an email.
    • PhoneAdd anyone’s phone numbers, validated by individual country codes.
    • BarcodeScan any barcode via our iOS or Android App, and assign the barcode automatically to any row.
    • CollaboratorsAdd single and multiple collaborators, and notify them of any task or a project.
    • FormulasUse one of the 100+ formula operators and functions, it’s as simple as a spreadsheet.
    • Created, Updated ByTrack automatically who created or last updated a particular row.
    • Auto NumberAuto assign IDs to each row via this super easy auto-number field.
    • Link across tablesMake your tables relational, with this powerful link column type. Create one-to-one, one- to-many and many-to-many relationships.
    • Lookup, CountLookup columns from any table in other table or even auto count the linked rows on that table. You can also make it conditional.
    • AggregationSummarize the linked rows from any linked table, and make it truly relational. Also make it conditional.
    • ButtonCreate a custom button to send SMS or WhatsApp message via Twilio right from your cells.
    • Connect to APIConnect columns to one of the 40+ API connectors and bring rich data from services you love and use.
    • DurationAdd duration to any row, to track time and progress.
  • Automate
    • Connect columns to APINo more manually updating your sheets, just connect columns to popular services and bring rich data in your tables.
    • In-built Data ExplorerSelect which data you’d like to see in your columns, via an in-built JSON data explorer for the different APIs.
    • Bring data directly in tablesConfigure your columns from the data explorer and populate all your cells, automatically.
    • Refresh cells to bring dataIt’s magic! Hit refresh on each cell or cells to bring the updated data in your rows.
    • 40+ Popular API ConnectorsMore than 100 pre-built API functions from the best Marketing, Sales and Product APIs you’d ever find..
    • Time Triggered AutomationsSetup time triggered schedule, to automate your API columns and sit back & relax, while you get the updated data periodically.
  • Collaborate
    • Advanced FilterFilter rows and set different views with different filters. Slice your data, your way.
    • SortSort the data according to the different columns and configure your way, all in real-time.
    • ColorsAdd conditional color formatting on your tables & views and make it visual.
    • Synced ViewsCreate different synced views and share it with different team members according to your workflow.
    • Row HeightFit your data in different row heights, not limited to just one width.
    • Hide ColumnsSo down there, some ten feet below the level of the deck, the poor harpooneer flounders about.
  • Customize
    • Real-time CollaborationWork in tandem with your team, all in a single table at the same time..
    • Commenting on RecordsComment on individual rows, and take your collaboration to the next level.
    • @Mentions
    • Even mention your team members while you’re chatting.
    • Checklists on rowsCreate sub-tasks and checklist on individual row, and stay on top of your todo list.
    • RemindersSet individual reminders on each row, and get it In-App or on Slack or Microsoft teams channels.
    • NotificationsNever miss your notifications, whether you’re added on a row, on a reminder or even mentioned on a record.
    • Advanced PermissionsSetup different access permissions on Workspaces, Stacks or even on an individual view within a table. It’s as deep as it can get.
    • Revision History
    • Records all the activity history on each row, so you’re always on the loop of any changes.
    • Share & Embed StacksDon’t use it alone! Share and embed your databases, anywhere – in your blog, webpage or even in another app that you use.

Free Plan

Not sure if #THE SOFTWARE does what you need? Try it out now. Please feel free to get the Stackby free plan here. This collaboration tool has been tested professionally and we are assured that no viruses, Trojans, adware or malware are contained.


Buy Now

Stackby is available starting at $5/month/user. But, through THESOFTWARE.SHOP, you can get lifetime access to Stackby with 77% discount, plus extra 10% Off Coupon. This offer is available for a limited time!

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Stackby Lifetime (80% off)</p><p>
Stackby Lifetime (80% off)

Stackby offers automated collection & organization of data in real-time from your favorite apps & services.

  • Use the coupon: SMS10 to get the last discounted price ($62.10)
  • Lifetime access to Stackby
  • 1 User
  • Unlimited Guests
  • 15 Stacks
  • 3,500 Rows per Stack
  • 4GB – Attachment Space per Stack
  • 5MB – File Upload Limit
  • 3 Month Revision History
  • Support included
  • All future plan updates
  • 30-day Money Back Guarantee

$62.10 $69.00 $800.00
Last day


Stackby Personal - Annually (20% off)</p><p>
Stackby Personal - Annually (20% off)

Stackby offers automated collection & organization of data in real-time from your favorite apps & services.

  • Yearly Subscription
  • 1 User
  • Unlimited Guests
  • 15 Stacks
  • 3,500 Rows per Stack
  • 4GB – Attachment Space per Stack
  • 5MB – File Upload Limit
  • 3 Month Revision History
  • 5 Total API integrations per workspace
  • Manual Refresh cells update method
  • Support included
  • All future updates to Personal Plan

$48.00 $60.00
Last day

Stackby Economy - Annually, Starting from 3 Members (69% off)</p><p>
Stackby Economy - Annually, Starting from 3 Members (69% off)

Stackby offers automated collection & organization of data in real-time from your favorite apps & services.

  • Starting from 3 Members for just $99.00/year for the Economy Plan
  • Fixed Renewal Price Forever
  • Unlimited Guests
  • 25 Stacks
  • 7,000 Rows per Stack
  • 6GB – Attachment Space per Stack
  • 10MB – File Upload Limit
  • 26 Weeks Revision History
  • 10 Total API integrations per workspace
  • Automatic Refresh cells update method
  • Exclusive Stackby Economy Plan features:
    • Stackby Powerups
    • All 50+ native column level API connectors
    • 500 Automatic API runs per month per stack
  • Support included
  • All future updates
  • Additional users starting at $2/user/month
  • Access to all new features; weekly updates.
  • Great Customer Support
  • 14-day Money Back Guarantee

$99.00 $324.00
Last day

Stackby Business - Annually, Starting from 3 Members (69% off)</p><p>
Stackby Business - Annually, Starting from 3 Members (69% off)

Stackby offers automated collection & organization of data in real-time from your favorite apps & services.

  • Starting from 3 Members for just $199.00/year for the Business Plan
  • Fixed Renewal Price Forever
  • Unlimited Guests
  • 50 Stacks
  • 50,000 Rows per Stack
  • 20GB – Attachment Space per Stack
  • 25MB – File Upload Limit
  • 52 Weeks Revision History
  • 15 Total API integrations per workspace
  • Automatic Refresh cells update method
  • Exclusive Stackby Business Plan features:
    • Stackby Powerups
    • All 50+ native column level API connectors
    • 1000 Automatic API runs per month per stack
    • Additional color and styling options.
    • Custom Branded Forms
    • Password restriction on Update Forms
    • Two-factor Authentication
    • Priority Support Response
    • One-to-one training
  • Support included
  • All future updates
  • Fixed Renewal Price Forever
  • Additional users starting at $2/user/month
  • Access to all new features; weekly updates.
  • Great Customer Support
  • 14-day Money Back Guarantee

$199.00 $648.00
Last day

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User & Media Reviews

What are their users saying about #THE SOFTWARE? Why they loved it?

Have Stackby Standby!

Stackby is a Spreadsheet style database platform with API’s.
It is like lego for grownups, no technical skills required. In short; you are able to make your own software using the rich feature set Stackby offers.

What really sets it apart is the column level API integrations. At the moment of writing the are integrations with, amongst others, YouTube,, SerpStat and Mailchimp. With Zapier and a Developer API on the roadmap, you will only be limited by your imagination. And just in case you have no inspiration, fear not, Stackby got your back with an ever growing set of templates in a wide variety of industries and a very extensive knowledge base.
Next to the different views like Kanban and Calendar, Stackby allows you to create custom, embeddable, forms for use on for instance your website. All data entered by your visitors, will neatly show where you want or need it to be in Stackby.
A+ customer support.

We haven’t encountered any issues using Stackby. By all
means, have a try yourselves.
We do suggest Stackby take appropriate measures to ensure their rapid growth does not affect the current solid stability of the platform.

Stackby; highly recommended.

Stackby for copy/content writers

Bit of a different take on Stackby, as I’m testing it as a copy/content writer.
So far I’m really impressed. It’s a service that has multiple use cases for me.

First, the ability to easily create forms by dragging-and-dropping columns, which then automatically pull answers into a spreadsheet is super helpful. I can send a form to a client and have them give long-form text feedback and also drop down selections. I can then link the answers to the project/task management spreadsheet I’ve set up. Or categorise potential clients based on their responses.

Second, project management is intuitive (I’m not a techy person) and, as I say, the ability to link different columns across spreadsheets helps with keeping everything organised. The different views – kanban, grid, calendar, etc. – are great for visualising your workflow in different ways.

Third, not so much for me at the moment, but the API integration got my girlfriend wanting to use Stackby. She’s a marketing manager and currently manually updates spreadsheets (and lots of them) to track social media stats, website stats, event feedback, basically everything. When I told her you could set up Stackby to automatically pull in that data for you without having to code or anything she was sold.

I understand that more integrations are coming, so I’m looking forward to seeing what they are and how I can use them for my content and copywriting.

There is also something to be said about working in spreadsheets in general. It’s a format most people are used to. It’s straight-forward, everyone knows how they work. They just probably weren’t designed to manage the volume of data we handle today.

But like Superhuman is reinventing email for the modern era, Stackby is reinventing spreadsheets, and doing a good job so far in my opinion.

Duncan ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Duncan ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Worth Stacking up , yes Stackby

This is a very innovative and interesting Deal.

I took one code. Played with it quietly and observed the interactions the Founder is having on his Facebook community. Reached out to him and spoke to him asking tough questions.

This man, even while so young, knows how to convert a challenge he faced at work into a s3xy product, monetize opportunities, carry people with him, innovate and slog like anything. All the good signs of a guy who is going to take his idea far. The DNA is worth backing. This is the most important thing to my mind.

The readiness with which he is working to provide intergration after integration reflects his will to serve and stamina to work. Have popped in few suggestions how to minimize work load from so much of avoidable development and provide open API integrations so that people can integrate to almost anything they wish and these guys minimize specific integration support hours and focus more on developoing their own niche. He has heard it out and agreed. Again a good sign of a listener who picks up that brings efficiency.

No two tools can be totally same. Some will have an apparent edge on few variables, some other will have edge on a few other variables. So even if there are similar use-cases possible between similar looking tool, each tool reflects the character of its founder and core team. I find this product backed by strong unwavering character. I do they stay this way, always.

Going now all in, to load up! Else good chances as they keep rolling out enhancements not having the max stack would hurt one day soon.

Even though this tool appears to provide the grandeur with which agencies will work well for their clients or big digital marketers work, for soloprenuers and young setups that are digitally savvy this one is a boon. Going All-In now.

Sushilkedia ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Sushilkedia ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
So far, so good!

I just purchased this yesterday so I haven’t had a chance to get everything set up, but it’s working well so far. I have about 10 stacks and will work on getting them finalized for what I need over the next few days. Here’s what I love so far:

Google Page Speed API – this is great for seeing how each page is currently scoring so I can tackle the slowest pages first
Importing Spreadsheets – I have a lot of spreadsheets, calendars, etc. in several different tools. I love that I can keep them all in one place! Just this morning I imported a master spreadsheet from a class I’m taking, and it felt great to be able to just add it to Stackby in one click.

One thing I’d love to see is API integration with all of the major social media platforms. I believe they’re in the process of doing this with Facebook, but Pinterest and Instagram would be at the top of my list for this as well. I imported the Social Media Management template, which is great, but if it had the ability to automatically track engagement it would be SO much better.

Overall, I like the software and will use it daily. I’m getting the impression that there will be a lot more features to come, many in the near future, which will only make it that much better. I’m glad I purchased and am looking forward to seeing what’s coming with Stackby!

Wow!!!! Being able to see the A-Z of your life in one place!

While I was watching the webinar, I kept saying wow… then wow… then wow again, several times. My imagination kept growing the longer I watched the webinar. The possibilities were endless, and it’s like a dream app for me to be able to put my whole life in one place without having to go from one app to another. I have so many notes, sheets, database all over the place and I used to so frustrated having to remember where, in which folder, I put anything, as my logic changed over the years and I always look for a better way and more efficient way to do things, so I can’t remember of the lists, materials, informations, contacts, projects from years past. This app enables me to do everything in one place. I watched Chris Dancy, the most connected person, organize all aspects of his life in a DB like this (he used Airtable, but I think the principle is the same).

So I bought it and started working on it, then got stuck that’s where I started communicating with Rachit after I found that I could schedule a demo with the support team. And this is why I never even bothered to check out Airtable, because what everyone said about the superb support is so true. Rachit was very friendly, personal, and he asked me ‘how are you’ and when I told him about how I really was (just had an accident and was in a cast) he was genuinely interested and empathic. And turned out he’d been to my town in Bali, and so we shared some personal tidbits before going into Stackby. For me this is a huge huge plus points, to have that personal connection so that it’s not all business.

Then the support itself. He helped me understand the things I was lost in in my project, demonstrated how things could be done, by sharing the screen back and forth. Then he offered to redo one of my stacks so that I can get a bettter idea of the full extent of the app’s potentials. Still waiting for the result, but up to this point, I’m very excited about Stackby, I think it’s going to be one of the handful AS LTD’s I’ll be using in my life.

Really great deal, you can have as many tacos as you want, Rachit!

Get it if you haven’t yet, and see the A-Z of your life: personal, business, passions, dreams, finances, self-care and anything else you could imagine, all at your finger tip, all in once place.
Highly recommended,

10Expert Score
Love it. Extremely versatile tool for any business.

Stackby is so versatile with so many uses cases. Once we started using this tool in our office, we were able to replace all our excel related procedures which I never thought would be possible. Since Stackby is a spreadsheet tool powered by a database, we are able to quickly put together systems that are needed to help our team stay organized and efficient.
For example, a CRM system was quickly put together with client information automatically imported via integration. Then, a team member fills in relevant data using a predetermined dropdown list for each field (which also ensures data uniformity). From there, we can send messages or SMS to any client using Stackby’s integration with Twillio or Whatsapp. Awesome!
I am sure we will be finding many more ways Stackby will be utilized since the list of integration is growing and the team looks to be passionate about their product

  • Easy to use just like a spreadsheet
  • Build from 25+ column types and evolve as you grow
  • Collaborate with your team in real-time
  • Visualize data in multiple data layouts – Table, Kanban, Calendar and Custom Forms
  • No coding API integrations with popular business tools. No more manual data entry

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